wear dresses,
so pretty,
but you’d still be,
for what was meant,
to be covered,
was never.



So, Hello again! Well, I don’t know about you all, but at times when I get a lil upset, I watch these videos of lil lil cute girls! And Oh they make me want to have a daughter so bad! Oh all I can do is just close my eyes, and Oh imagine a lil girl, whom I’ll love so much. Oh how beautiful will it be? She’d be a lil ball of happiness! So cute and so sweet! I won’t even understand half of the things she might sayy! She’d stutter and stammer and oh I’ll melt! She’d give cute cute hugss to all the people and to me everydayy! I’ll love that so muchhhh! I’ve already written a lot about her, but I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon! I want a daughter so badddddd!

She’d tease me and eat breakfast w me! She’d wear Cartoon nightwear looking all cutee! Bunny slippers, and what nottttttt! She’d look so adorableeeee. Oh a girl so small, w hair so golden brown, will giggle when hugged, while I fall in love w her, just like I would when I’d hold her in my hand, for the first time! Oh every day, that I’d live w her, each night, when I’d sing poetry to her, It’d be a night, I’d live until forever!

Oh her lil lil handss, will let me feed her, while she sits on a baby chairr! Oh how her hair will grow? Only to one day remind everyone of her mom, that’d I ‘d love so much! Oh how beautiful, will it be?

I’ll write on this soon!


Wake up my love, for it’time for your eyes, to look into mine, only to see your iridescent like smile, and Oh how beautiful, you look my love, just the way you’re! I look into your eyes, only to savour the smile, that you seem to wear, and It’s exquisite. As you’d smile, Oh i’d find myself, in complete oblivion, for my love, all I would see would be nothing but you smiling, and Oh i’d love it! Like the white roses your eyes reminds me of my lady, I want you to look exquisite, just the way you’re. Oh let me hear your mellifluous voice, only to see them bloom, and Oh it’s a milagro! Your eyes were sentido, with the eye-liner on point, oh you look exquisite. I read your words, only to slowly, peek from your eyes, and Oh I see life, a bed on which you lay, and oh it looks beautiful, for you my love were laying on it, only to see you leave behind roses so many, with your name carved on them, and now I knew, the fragrance, I was to fall in love with. Good morning, my lady 🙂

Milagro – Miracle
Sentido – Deeply felt

These are Spanish words!
I was half asleep while writing thiss! Well, that’s all I have to say!



I look into your eyes, only to incessantly savour the smile, that’d make me perpetually smile, for you my love, are beautiful! Hold my hand, only to imprison yourself w me my love, as we slowly, saunter through these streets, on a twinkling, flamboyant night. A night so Caliginous, or was I still lost in your eyes, my love? For Oh these winds now would seem poetic, for I find myself writing again, but just to make you smile. Don’t let me reprieve, for my love, I maybe astray, from a heart, I felt beating, every time, your eyes, would tease me, only to decimate my fears, for my love, you look at me and smile, and Oh i’m home! Oh the paths, that you walk, my love, I saw them, souvenir you, for you my love, were always home! I see you in a dress so black, only to whisper beautiful, as later my words will echo, as people now, look through my eyes, into yours. And Oh you look exquisite. Look at these roses, comely carving you, on a canvas, that asks oyu to name your scars after me love, for I want you to smile, like you never have, for you my love, are lovely. Your dalliances w these stars, made you twinkle, while I fell in love the ingenue, you! Oh how beautiful, do you seem to be my love, for your mellifluous voice, blooms the withered, while your ineffable eyes, still lies in my mind, only to make me smile, ever after. I smelt the petrichor, after we danced on the Bengali song, for our hearts now lived, yet again, but just because you were here now, my love.


How will life be with me?

Soo, whoever the girl, I’ll end up w, I’ll go for live in, that is, I’ll live w her, and make it possible at any cost, even if the house is too small, or even if we lack a few things! I’ll work hard, for her and for us, and make it happen.

Like I said, I don’t need no girl friend. I just want a wife. So, that’s how, I’ll treat her. Like my wifeyy, and I won’t care what other people have to say about it!

So life will be amazing. atleast for me, for I’d be in love. And I’ll have everything, I want w me. A small house. the one and a future. That’s all I ask for!

I’m referring to her as you, because it’s just more romantic, for me! 

So, mornings will be v pleasant, for I’d just look at you, sleep because I wake up a lil early, and so yeah. I’d just keep gazing you, and maybe hold a hand, and pull you close to me, and just lay like this. Or will just wrap you around my arms, and I’m not leaving anytime soon, because when I wake up, I’m just full of love, so Yeah. I’m sure, I’ll do this! I’ll also, might just play w your hair, while I look at you sleep, and Oh I’m sure, you’d look adorable. And also I’ll kiss your cheek/forehead or just both of them, because like I said, I’ll just be full of love. And I really mean, when I say it! It’s just because I’d spent the night, missing you, even if you were right in my arms! Don’t ask me for a reason! Because I know me, and I know I’ll do this!

And there’s a chance that I might sleep naked, because well, I love sleeping naked. A  friend of mine, told me, I reveal too much. I guess I do! In every way! :p
Now stop imagining! Anyway, so I hope you’re Non-vegetarian, and even if you’re not, It’s fine, because then it’d be easy for me to serve breakfast for you! And even tho, a lot guys will judge me for this, but I’ll cook you breakfast, because this is my dream. I can’t cook a lot, but I’ll try! I’ll probably fix you, with some toast, or Eggs, and If I had planned to cook something nice, you’d have it, in the v morning! Because I love to cook! I do! I try tho! And also Yess, I’ll feed you! This is a lil embarrassing, but Yeah, I’ll feed you! Because Yeah, this is my dream too! To feed the girl, I love. Oh I’d love it so much! I can already imagine her laying on my lap, or just sitting there, while I’m just feeding her. And Oh I won’t mind. I’m saying this in public, so Yeah I really mean it! And well, I’ll do it everyday, no matter what one says. I promise you that!

Then you’d go to college/job whatever the you, must be doing at that time, and so will I. I’ll text you. during the day and send you small small poems, because I’ll ofc miss you, and If I’m at home, then Oh you’re going to get spammed. All day w poems and w my puppy face pictures! And they are cute! I hope so!

And if you’re at home. and I’m too, Oh then, I’m cuddling w you all day and doing some other things which I’m not revealing! And i’ll play guitar and sing you poetry, whenever you’d ask me to, love! I can’t sing, but i’ll try, just for you!

Andd Oh we’d cook the lunch together, no matter what it might be! I’ll definitely make you stand beside me, in the kitchen and then cook, while you’d just sit there! Or do whatever, my love!

Then my love, later when you’d cook us dinner only to make me feed you, for Oh i’d love it. I would love feeding you! Everyday!

Okay, noww you and me around 12 will go for a walk and enjoy ourselves. We’ll walk hand in hand, and enjoy the gentle breeze and just make out close to a lake and have a great time!

And later at night, I usually work out and so I’m all sweaty, so you can just watch me, I guess or just idk video me and tease me later! Or just sit on my back, while i do those push ups, or just lift you, and do squats w you, while you hold onto me! I do it half naked, just a trouser, so You’d love it haha! Well, the rest to this part is a secret, for just the one!

And then we’d just go to sleep andd sleep in each others arms, until we get married only to have a daughter, one day!

Oh love, I’ll do stupid things to make you laugh, and will pillow fight w you, whenever I’d feel like! I’d pick you up, and just spin, in public, and at home, and write for you! I’ll work hard, for our future, and Oh love, it’d be beautiful! Oh I’ll fill you in w Ilys, no matter what day it is, or what time it is. Oh there’s so much to it, that I can write all day about it, but i’ll wait for you, for I haven’t found you yet, but the day I do, I’ll let yk, what’s more to it!

Well, you can judge me for this. But this is the truth. This is something I’ll definitely do! Take careeeeee!




So I’m Srijan as some of you might know, and I have been writing since 2 years now! And well, I had my ups and downs! A few people, I loved so much left me, and I left a few people! And I’d like to apologize to anyone who might have been hurt by my actions. I’m sorry!

I was never a writer! I never used to write. I just wasn’t into it. And now look at me! It’s all I have w me!

Tonight I really wish, I had someone to write for. Someone who’d be with me, forever! I just wish! Because like I always say, words is all I have! And I love writing! So, whoever will be the girl, I’ll be getting married to, Oh I’ll write you poetry, each and every day, no matter what. And tbh, I don’t really look for a girlfriend, because I just don’t want to fool around! I look for a wife! Like I said, forever! Someone who’d love me, and take care of me, until the very end! And Oh I promise you, I’ll make you the happiest of them all! You’d never ever be sad, for I’ll just as stupid as I can, to make you smile! I’ll try to!

Anyway, I made a Intro video for my blog! It’s in one of the menus! If you’d like to see it, you can! And let me know, if you like it! 🙂

Here’s the link, anyways!

Take care!


Dil na jaane, Kyu na maane?

Aapko dekhkr, dil muskura jo utha,
Aapki hasi mein, hai basta mera falak,
Aur na chupo aap ji,
Aao pass, na jao kahi dur,
kyuki aapke aate hi,
zamane ki massibon,
mein aur zindagi nahi uljhegi.

Aapki baaho mein taskeen se,
katenge meri raatein,
Ek mauka toh do aap Ji.

Aapse ishq krna,
hai meri kai vaslon mein se ek,
yeh puri Quinaat se,
meri sirf ek hi Qaasid,
Ki, thaamo mera haath and na chodhna.

Aap ho meri seher,
Aap ho meri shaam,
Aaj bhi aap ho,
kal bhi aap,
Toh Lag jao na gale,
Kyu tarpa rhe, Ji.
Aao na. Pyaar kro na.
Aur na sharmao.

My heart smiles whenever I look at you! My heaven is your smile. Don’t hide, come closer, for when you’d come all my difficulties will not be there anymore. In your arms, lies my peace, Oh i’ll spend my night’s there. Loving you is my passion, and to the Universe surrounding, I have just but one message, to hold my hand and oh never let go.
You’re my morning, you’re my evening. today is you, tomorrow is you. So now come and hug me na, and love me, dont shy and don’t make me crave no more.

So, this is Hindi/Urdu mix and my Urdu is not so nice so bear w me. Not going to explain each line but just what it means, lucidly. I’m a big fan of Mohammad Iqbal. Well, he’s a poet in Pak, and it’s a holiday on his birthday, called Iqbal day, on 9th November.  Read him, and you’d love it! 



Under love’s silhouette, I find myself drenched, to glimpse at whispers, from people so desperate, oh I’ll let them. For I’ll rise, one day, only to visit places so gorgeous, while they still hating. Oh married, they seem to be, but cheating in their nature, for they don’t know what love is.

Love’s surreal, for you’d close your eyes, and look at them smile, and oh you’d smile. Look as to how beautiful, they seem to be, for each day, they’d hand you a petal, only to see you store it, and Oh one day, you’d have their heart, only to complete it w yours. Oh I felt love, after a time so long, slowly peeking through a heart, I loved so much, until it told me, not to future w her, for it’d never happen, and oh I smiled away my pain. Oh I’d tell her, as to how adorable she sounds, and oh she does, atleast to me, if not anyone else. And oh she’ll, for I took haven in her heart, only if it was, just once.

I’d not think, and oh say I love you, for I loved saying it, while it seemed I was mad, oh but it’d make sense to me, for I don’t hold back, to express what I feel. The path, I wouldn’t know as to where it’d lead, for I’m young, but oh I wish, I had someone to love me, only to wake up to a voice, that’d just be mine, for I want to be in love again, for I find it beautiful, no matter how much, it might hurt later, oh i know, this heart, would still, love it, like it never did.

You reading my heart, oh what do you feel? Oh do you feel my hands dancing, like they have, as I slowly write for you, and oh they really do, for my love, I love you. For I shed tears, for no reason at all, but oh what can I do, for I don’t find myself, working anymore, for I’m lost yet again.

Oh a daughter, is all I want, at all times, for she’d love me, like no one ever has, for oh they are just beautiful. Slowly, I’d look for my eyes in her. Oh someone give me daughter, for i think of a family so happy, small for some, but oh enough for me, for I don’t need a lot, to find happiness, but a lil of everything, and oh I wouldn’t mind, even if there’s not enough, for I’d give all of mine, so that they’d live happily, even when I’m not their.

Oh you spread hate, only to slowly parch my heart, and oh you did, for I’m weak again. But this time, when I’d rise, I’d touch the skies, only to skip a beat, for I’d meet the sunset, of my life, only to make love to her, while, you’d still be reading about it, only wishing it was you, oh but it’d never be you. For your fake love, is dead, just like I’m, just for you.

I want a daughter. I want a daughter. I want a daughter. I want a daughter. Is someone up for marrying this, loner, who’s a lil romantic? No? I guessed it ;p



her voice
is music
to my ears
for even
when she’s
not there,
she’s there.




Oh all I dream about is having a daughter, for that’s something I’m craving to hold in my, arms. Oh how can I not help, but imagine, to hold you in my arms, as you’d slowly open your eyes, for the first time, and it’d be beautiful. Oh my love, I’m waiting to listen to your voice, so sweet, only to greet you later, for my love, i’ll give you all the love, one can ever give you, and maybe much more. Oh how adorable will it be my love, when you’d walk w me, every evening, after I get married to the love of my life, only to take you w us, for my love, you’re everything, I ever wanted.

Oh from the day, you’d be born love, my love, I’d think of you, like I never have, sitting hours straight, until my eyes, had enough of what you seem to be. Oh I’d hold you in my arms, my love, only to never let you go, until you’d be walking in a new home, but only to find me their, for my love, I’m not letting you go, until the very end. Oh I can’t wait to put you to sleep, my love, for how beautiful would it be? Slowly you’d wear your night dress, as I’d help you wear them, for my love, you’re so lil now.  Oh my love, how beautiful would it be for, everyday, I’d dress you up for school! Oh how cute would you look, wearing a cute tie, and lovely skirt, and a shirt, and a small beltt, Oh my love, I can’t wait. Can you?

Oh they judge me my love, for I crave for a daughter, but my love, you make me happy, and thought of you sleeping on my chest, looking into my eyes, as you’d clasp my finger and sleep, is heavenly my love. I’ll love you so much, my love. Like so muchh. Oh I won’t let sleep my love, but will put you on my chest and make you sleep on me, like that, and caress your head with a few hair! Oh my love, I’ll put you next to me, only to gaze you, while I see your mom, kissing you, and Oh how lovely would it be? Oh love, it’d be beautiful. I’ll love you like no one has.

Love, I’ll try to change your diaper, but please don’t pee on me haha. Or you can haha, well that’s just an experience. Oh love, but after I’d powder and change your diaper, while you pee all over me, I’d hug you and make you sleep on my lap, while I’d tell you as to how beautiful your mom is! Oh my love, how I’d close my eyes, only to see you their, growing up slowly, only to continue the path, on which once I’ll walk, and you’ll later my love, for you’ll spread smiles, with your smile, w/o asking for anything in return. You’d be kind, my love! You’d be beautiful! You’d be sweet! You’d be everything I’m not, my love, only to make me proud!

Oh how lovely would it be my love, for when you’d touch the rain for the first time, excited, our small happy family, will be dancing in the rain, until we sit on a bench, with you my love, in my lap, and your mom rests her head, on my shoulder, holding my hand, in hers, and oh we’d kiss, only to point in a direction where you’d glance, only to never see us do it.

Oh my love, I’ll love you! I’ll love you no matter what. Until the v end.

I’ve been playing this song, all night, and later on my guitar, and Oh i’m in love w it, only to make me crave for one daughter! Oh I wish I could tell you how beautiful, is the feeling! It’s really beautiful! See you around!