In love

Oh exquisite eyes,
In which I love to drown,
Everyday when the sunrise sets,
As and when you smile.

Like your beautiful self,
With a heart so pure,
I fall for you,
Everytime you whisper,
And my eyes hears it.

I love you,
Is what I’d prefer die saying,
Just for you,
As my love for you, love,
Is contained in a novel,
So abstract,
Visible just to you.

Oh the sweet winds,
Let them take us,
To places only,
Known to us,
And a mystery for all.

Don’t judge me for my Site name. It’s something very special to me. Well you can judge, it’s fine! 



I look up in the sky, to see clouds so many, as I feel the grass beneath me letting out a touch so gentle. I lay down on, the grassy floor with you on my side, and my hand in yours. The sun shining upon us, only to make me turn my head towards you, as I notice you do the same all this while. Oh I smiled, when I saw you, like never before.  Your eyes asking me to come closer, only to feel you breathe in my arms, as we hugged each other, only to depart never. Oh that feeling of being with you, the butterflies in me, felt butterflies them.  You whispered your love for me, with your eyes so closed, while I heard you in delight, only to pull you closer, never to let go.

Slowly you sat up, and I lay on your lap, while you stroked my hair, and I danced to the tune of your touch, that ignited the barren flames, that spread the warmth of love to us. You pointed at the clouds, slowly approaching us, and I smiled. It took our vision, but I had my hand in yours and that’s all that matters love. Oh I ran with you, through the grassy land to the beach that all this time stood so quiet.

Hand in hand, we were walking, letting the rain make us wet, and Oh we danced, and smiled. I sweeped you, off your feet, to hold you today, and tomorrow.
Slowly, you in my arms as we walked down the beach, with the rain pouring on us, as I slowly, spin you while you hold me tight and be all cute. Walking, with you smiling back at me, and you looking beautiful, just like the moments that we shared together to last forever.
And soon, as I continue walking with you in my arms and laughing along the way, feeling the waves coming close to my feet, and a breeze taking away all the pain with them.

And then you lay, in the water, as I laugh at you, and splashing water at you and just smile, as it’s a storm for them and a paradise for us, until we are together.

I love you. Whoever it maybe.