Making love in bath!

It was a tiring weekend for her, as I heard her announce it. as she entered the house, only if she knew what awaits her. You asked for a glass of water, and I came with ice in my mouth, and it melted into water, as I kissed you, only to leave you out of breath later.  I asked you to wear a swimsuit, for you thought we will be paying a visit to the pool, but oh love, only if they allowed orgasms there.

You entered the room, as I saw you smile,  looking all exquisite , as you slowly came to me, gazing me, as I lay naked, in the bathtub, waiting just for you. A few candles, were there, as they put me in limelight, just for you to see. I asked you, if you’d open the tap for me, so that the water could caress me, only wishing it was you. I saw you open the tap, while your eyes, still in mine, as I slowly felt your hands exploring my body, only to hold it, in your hands, while I smiled, and pulled you in, on me. Your hair, you saw me waving them away, as your eyes, were tied to mine, and our lips, walking towards each other, only to now meet, and it was bliss, for us.

You lay on top of me, as I felt your hand on my dick, rubbing it, while we kissed, only to feel these flames, flickering, to paint a picture, that we’d never forget. I now got up, and held you close, while I kissed your neck, my dick standing, against your abdomen, waiting in delight, only to see it move, or was it me? I saw my hand, finding a way, inside your swimsuit, only to slowly, massage it slowly, feeling a patch of hair, that lied there.

I felt your arms wrapping me, as I slowly started to, tore your swimsuit, my hands all over your body. You lie naked now, in water, as I asked you to open your legs wide, only to shave it for you, while you couldn’t stop smiling, only to see ourselves whisper, “I love you”. And oh it’s all clean now, for now I see, going towards it, and my tongue exploring the inner layers, on which, I taste my name. I felt your hands, on my hair, pushing me deeper. As I kissed your clit, only to suck it gently later, as I heard you moan. Oh I heard you say stop, only to make me go harder, for my tongue’s outside now, kissing the sensitivity, that lies there, only to please you soon.

Slowly we rose, only to now stand under the shower, as the water filled with our sensual desires, dripped, only to make me grab your hair, as I made you sat down, only to see it in your mouth. As you’d go up and down, or was it me pushing? I felt your tongue, on the tip, that made me moan, as I felt relieved now, only to feel your hands, on what’s hanging there, just for you. Oh love, how you looked into my eyes, while I gagged you, with it, for it’s the way, it’s done, for some. Only to later make me sit on my mouth, while I held on to your thighs, pushing you deeper, for you’re mine, like I am yours.

I pushed you against the wall, only to lift your leg, as I slowly placed it on my shoulder, only to go went inside you, deeper everytime, while you moaned in delight.

And now to end this delightful, evening, we lay on bed, later as I fed you the dinner I had prepared for you, for it was time, for me to tell you a poetry, I’d be able to write, by just looking at you, or was it the moon?



i am
the thirsty ocean,
waiting in silence,
for the horizon,
to call my name,
only to listen,
to her,
yet again.


emotions whisper’s,
as now,
it’s evident,
the things,
about you,
as now I
witness the world,
wanting to hug,