It was 2 AM. Omar was out for a walk, a night so cold, with hands in pocket. A walk he’d remember all his life. 

He saw cars parked, all around. And a public park at a distance. Street lights litting up the way, paving him the way, to something. 

A voice in his mind said ‘I will walk another round, and then would sit at the park for a while.’ 

But the night had plans for him. He saw the moon, adorned he felt, and a change in course.

He sat at the park, after studying all day. The nineteen year old, with eyes reflecting the twinkle, that the stars possessed, as I saw him staring straight up. 
Flowers, he saw them under streetlights. Lights so dim. Not much to see. The grass was still green. Married, only to beautify it with a beauty known to some and seen by all, but with eyes of the one, who’d gaze at the stars than watching them glistening at the movies.

A voice he heard, of crying.

 He got up, and went to enquire the situation. His eyes still twinkling. The grass, he saw getting red, as he reached this dark side of the park, only to see a girl so young, laying on the ground. Legs wide open, naked, blood everywhere. 

Omar witnessed in surprise. He saw her eyes full of tears, a song she sung of cries, now in his ears. He heard all of it, slowly she was in his arms, wrapped up in a jacket now, he saw her, closing her eyes, and now he hurried, to call for an ambulance. Any minute now. In her arms she lay while he looked around, kissing her forehead, but a ray of hopelessness, is all he could feel.

In the growing darkness. He saw a car standing at a distance. On the other side of the park.

 A lady shouting. 

The girl now on the bench, lied alone.

He ran over to the window. A lady with a baby on her side, lied there with her hands tied, while three boys were out smoking. He heard them talk. 

Filthy thoughts. Filthy plans.

It was time. Time to act. The nights screaming to help them, as he felt the wind forcing him forward. He did something on his phone. And he heard.

A man opened the door, and dragged the lady out. He saw it. Chills right through his body. He felt it. The night’s still screaming.

He had an idea. From the open window, he reached out for the baby that lied on the floor helpless, giggling away, with eyes so gloomy. He held her close to him now, making sure she didn’t make a sound. 

The lady shouting. Heard her getting slapped. She lies there shouting. Her clothes being torn one by one. Begging for mercy. In vain.

He hurried and took the baby to her older sister. And he saw the little girl, in pain, oh how much he wanted to cry. He will. But in happiness. Everything has a time.

The sisters lay beside each other. One in pain, one in dreams.

Help was coming. 

Now again he sneaked to the car. He saw a guy, throw his cigarette on the ground and his hands trying open the buckle of his trousers. Not this time. 

The lady still there, unconscious, bruised. Crying. He was now moving slowly towards the right side only to see them, clearly. 

There they were. Murdering souls while we are still alive. 

The other two guys were not around. He was about to. 

No. I can’t let it happen. I have to.

He sprang over and pushed the guy. A kick in the balls. And the guy shouted. 

He saw the lady, lying down. Picked her up, searching for a route to escape. In her arms, she cried for help.

I am here, is all he said. 

The guy was down. In pain. 

Omar smiled. 

He looked back. And a blow. 

The two guys with a bat. The lady back on the ground. With him. 

And he reached out for his hand, and tried to get up to help the lady, who was terrified. He wanted to.

Another blow. And another. And another. Unconscious. 

The lady now on the mans arms, and thrown on the ground.

Vision so blurry, he tried in vain. Blood all over Omar. 

He heard the lady screaming, clothes turned to shreds. She was shouting. Please don’t. Please. I beg you. Were her words.

A gush in the blood. Gain.

He got up with the power of the moon and a kick to the balls just when he was about to. Blurry vision. 

His hands every where. Hitting away. Only in vain. The guy now, a gun in his hand. A shot.

He was down. 

The lady shouted ‘NO.’ Sobbing she accepted her fate and predicted the future. In her mind. Only if she knew.

Help was here.

From every where. Directions so 360, the two guys saw people coming. 

His friends had arrived at last. Omar, they shouted. 

Akmal fought the guy with the gun and now the two guys were lying on the ground. With the other two. 

Hasan, sat near Omar, his head on his laps.

Last breath. Eyes opened. Fingers called.

‘Bench’ he whispered. Lost. Forever.

The lady now covered. Was up. Two of Omar friends helping him. 

Three guys now stripped, as they cried in vain. Kicked.



Until dead was among us. 

Sirens. Ambulance at last. To the rescue.

The family now united, and as the boys carried them to ambulance. Tears in their eyes. But every thing has a time. Omar in mind. But what’s still not lost can be saved.

Hasan closed his friend’s eyes. And checked times more than he could remember. 


He ran, with Gautam, and in her arms was the girl still in her jacket. Wrapped. Breathing. Into the ambulance. 


There lied the parents. Proud with pain in their eyes. And his sixteen friends. The lady. The small girl, bandaged. Weak. But standing. And the baby, quiet now. 

Everyone witnessed as flames turned him into ash. Silence speaking, victory unspoken, death.


Hello everyone. I tried fiction after a long time. I will write continuation of this one if a lot of you wanted me to! Anyways, there’s a victory always with a sacrifice. There is. Bitter reality. I hope all of you are having a great day. Enjoy!


It’s time.

The sun Goes down,
Everyday to a Haven,
From where it belongs.

The stars twinkle no more,
Without the sky so dark,
How can it?

It’s time for a change,
To hustle,
To hustle hard.

Get up,
Get up right now,
You can.

The sky was never the limit,
Nor were the difficulties one might face,
You’re the limit,
To limit yourself.

The stars twinkle no more,
The moon glistens like never before,
The sun doesn’t shows the way anymore,
It’s time,
To live a life against nature,
In a garden of seasons,
Until the very end.
Until it’s done.

The Dance.

I dance to the tune,
Of her love,
Together we perform,
On a journey,
As one.

Steps seems so easy,
With her hand in mine,
I see my eyes,
Looking at her smile,
Only to cherish it,
Until I die.

One step forward,
Two steps back,
And we were dancing,
In my arms,
She was in now,
Only to stroke through her hair,
As I kissed her,
Her lips on mine,
Our tongues touched,
In delight.

A feeling,
One can’t express through mere words,
Abstract in a way,
One can’t feel,
Deaf went everything around,
Everything but the feeling,
Of your kiss,
That made me dance all over again,
For you.

The dance,
With you close to me,
I felt you breathe,
Chills, I saw them go down,
Only to imagine you and me,
As one,
Until the dance of love,
Which never can finish,

I love you!

Take my hand in yours,
And let people,
See us fly,
Together across the clouds,

Where the birds twinkle,
In your eyes,
As I try stopping,
Gazing at you,
Only in vain!

The flowers never looked so beautiful,
Until you smiled.
The night was still dark,
Until you smiled.
The whole worlds at a standstill,
With cripples still seducing,
The water,
So that they could last,
A little longer,
Only if they knew,
It was your smile,
that gave them birth,
Only to perish,
When the sunset,
Would rise.

As and when I hear you giggle,
I witness the sound of rain,
Carving you for me,
Only to know,
How beautiful,
You’d be looking.


I’d still love you,
If you won’t fly anymore,
With your wings,
Flapping abstractly,
Only to adorn the,
Real you,
Without you flying.

I’d still love you,
If your eyes won’t twinkle,
In a sky so still dark,
just because,
You’d still be smiling,
Still with me!

I’d still love you,
If you won’t glisten,
Because it’s the,
Pearl I am in love with.

When you giggle,
I feel myself,
Witnessing the sunset passing through,
Only to keep me in awe.
And I know,
That I am in love!

The way you’re,
Is beautiful,
Like the butterflies,
You’re adorning my flowers,
In a garden, in Paradise,
Which is nothing but your heart!


If she’d smile, the world would glisten.

If she’d smile, my heart would dance,

To the tune of our love,

Only to dazzle us in a hoax so real,

That was named ‘us’. 

If she’d flail,

On the ocean floor,

I’d drown in the sunset,

Only to see you rise later,

On a bed of roses, 

To a place we’d call paradise,

Only if you knew,

It’s paradise for me, wherever you’re.

You’re the love of my life,

The reflection of my eye,

In you I see,

Another part of me,

But with hand clasped.


Triumph over obstacles so many, I find myself lay still beside her. Oh seduced by her eyes, I find myself drowning away, slowly. I find myself on her lap, a star I could call mine. From a distance she’d glisten, to brighten up my world with her presence. Her thoughts swirled, in my Mind, swaying away into I dream I see with her. On a day so normal, I took her in my arms, and kissed her to eclipse the pain she was in. A journey we began together, hand in hand, only to end the day we’d die.