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I begged.

Walking, on paths unknown.
Right there you were,
In a group of three,

As I walked,
I passed by your words,
This night, a night to remember.

You asked politely,
If you could press my boobs,
An appetite you wished for,
Only to thirst me of the thing,
That made life so beautiful.

My clevage being watched,
By 6 eyes,
On a road so lonely.

Shivers ran down,
And so did your eyes,
As you spanked my ass,
Only to mark the beginning.

I went away,
You followed,
I told you not to,
You did.

With a leap,
You grabbed my hand,
I shouted, you smiled.
Surrounded I was now.

I slapped you,
I lied bleeding now,
With blood near the lips.

I was dragged by my hair,
Howling for mercy,
But you didn’t, care.
I was taken,
To the places so dark,
I wish I would have chosen,
A path much better.

Thrown on the ground,
Deciding who will be first,
I lied their crying,
Slapped again,
And again,
And again,
And again.

You said,
Behave and we will leave soon.
I obeyed with a swollen face,
And eyes puffed up as much as they could be.

You strangled  me,
Just for fun,
And so did your friend,
While I begged you to stop.

I begged you,
Not to touch me,
You still did,
To places,
Where it was just me,
But not anymore.

You asked your friends,
Hands and legs,
While you ripped my kurta,
And stared in awe.
Your hands moving constantly,
And I lied half naked now.

You pressed gently,
As I moaned,
But it was of fear, and not of pleasure.
While you smiled with your friends,
All this while.

I begged you not to.
Your lips on mine,
With your consent, not mine.

I begged you not to.

You went down,
Bit me to places,
I still have marks,
I rub hard every day,                                         But they won’t,
Like the memories you gave me.

Adrenaline rush,
As I saw my pyjama being pushed down.
And hands all over,
I still begged you not to.

Hands so many,
Touches even more,
What once executed,
Needs to be finished you said.

I still begged you not to.

I was naked.
You smiled,
As you saw me shivering.

You went in me,
I cried, in pain.
I begged you to stop.
You went in harder,
And Harder.

Blood came running out.
You smiled,
And asked me politely,
“Are you okay?”

Your friends followed your lead,
While you played with my body,
As if it’s a game, you play everyday.

I begged them to stop,
While they slapped me,
I begged them to stop,
As their hands strolled around.
I begged them to stop,
As I lied in ruins now.

With blood in between the legs.
Naked I lied.
Pain over me,
Feeling feelings, which were unknown,
But not anymore.

And the wind passed,
The sun came,
And it was night.
You still were there.


Hello everyone.
I hope you’re all doing fine.
I have boards in a month. And i haven’t done shit. Anyways. Sad reality of today’s is what I wanted to limelight.
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I see you, your hand in mine.
To stop the time,
As it’s never enough.

Nocturnal were the times,
I spent without you.

Now I see you on my lap,
With a stroke,
You revive me,
Tears no more there,
It’s just you.

I see you smile,
Eyes twinkling in mine,
Are you the ocean?
Where even deep within,
Nothing is unknown.                                                                                                                       I see you,
Smiling, as I carry you in my arms,
Only to look within you,
I see a demon.
Please not you.

We walk through lonely streets,
Pass gardens so small,
It makes me sad,
As it’s the end,
To a walk I’d do everyday,
Only if you were with me.

You went,
With the dress I gave you,
To a date,
While I was flailing abstractly,
With words in my mind,
You let out,
To sink at last,
As it’s the end, like any other love story there is.


It’s there.

Night’s bright with the fog, inert as it could be.

Stalking its prey all day now, and it would strike now, admirably.

Whose the prey?  Who was stalking its prey?

Silence trying to engulf this night, but its futile. Lights litting up the empty roads to limelight a hue, the only marks they could leave in this world.


There’s a fire. It sees it. But this won’t  stop him. It still would go for the prey.

Wood to the fire. A push to the clock. Its 3 in morning. It has attacked.

He feels the pain, under the wool. He shivers, Vulnerability.

Its everywhere. Frostily it attached itself to him. A parasite.

The sensation didn’t last to the onsetting of the sun.

It’s there. Brittle. But there.

As he picks himself up, he smiled at the sun.

Another hue near the fire. To let itself show, only in the night’s light.

The streak goes on.




Hello to all. It’s a lovely day isn’t it? A fine sun. Warm morning. What more could one ask for?

If you’re unable to understand. Then don’t forget to read this. 

It’s a cold night in the modern wilderness. Foggy night. A homeless man after strolling and resting through the streets finds a place to sleep at night. But the batlle with the cold was about to begin.

Help those who you can. They need it more  than you at this time of the year. They need you.









The light faded. Saira, the two hour old was left to die as the car speeded through the night. A ‘nightmare’ that they waited for months.

Two drops, dropped beside her. Seeping through paths below to meet their origin. But was everybody that lucky?

She lay there, wrapped up in a towel, naive as a leaf, only this one was alive.

Saira was crying. Shivering alone . Helpless night.

She was the moon on this December’s night, that didn’t moved with Cars.

Suddenly a light made her visible. Footsteps towards her. She was picked up and silence prevailed.

Ameena, took Saira home, to start a journey which was written for good.

Ameena,worked in World bank. She was the manager there. And was a widow. But not any longer.

The night went by as she gently stroked her and made her warm.

She messaged her Head, Satish, that she won’t be coming for a while, who was more than happy to grant her a leave as it was her first in years.

Ameena, sent her maid for some shopping the next day and now she found herself very busy.

Diapers, a bottle, stuff toys and what not. She googled and learnt to wear a diaper. That took her a while.

She would breastfeed Saira, try to comprehend her crying to do things accurately and sit with her finger clasped in Sairas hand for hours.

Satish was updated everyday, about Saira’s doing’s, and also would visit to assist Ameena on weekends.

After a month, Ameena now had to rejoin.

She hired a full time maid to look after Saira and would run from work just to pick Saira up and help her fly. To stare at her mesmerizing blue eyes.

Scheduled appointments with her Doctor, to see if everything is right made her sure of any due complications to keep in mind.

Walks with Saira, in parks with dim lights, calm breeze were heavenly to Ameena. Called many things by the society, but only if she cared.

A year laterr. . .

To be continued……









Swanking engulfing Earth, Benevolence stripping.

Craving to plant feelings, but only if they knew you need to feel to root.

Bottlenecks in path. The path to heavenly smiles.

Are you ready to face the challenges for the visitors you think are below you?

Are there plans in there, or you’re only virtual?

Can you give another life to the lives?

To alleviate affliction, from this world, shed the hoax you instilled.

Wreck the alloyed nature, share yourself blankly.

Witness then, the plant you could never grew otherwise.

You will see a blooming firing across the Earth, sprinkling the rain.

The rain that uplifts you, as it was always you who was below.


This poem is based on the things I see. People. Such hypocrisy much wow. Stop faking it people. Don’t show yourself like the world wants to see you.





You abandoned me. I was broke Sarah.

Unscathedly you hit me.

But for how long could you do this Sarah?

Transmogrifyly I transferaled into a world of thoughts.

But How long could one reside there Sarah?

You blended my work, Sarah in a mere bag, only if you would have looked inside once. You would have seen my heart.

This time I cried Sarah.

How I wished Sarah, to be merely the leaf of the love I thought we shared.

But who knew it was already rooted out.

Now after what all happened Sarah, you still want to smile.

But how long could anyone smile Sarah?

Don’t be dense a cloud Sarah. Mist still finds a way.

You were the Sun until I became Ipomoea alba.

Only to depart from the darkness forever.