A day at the market.

Amar, an old man in the market. Sitting cross legged with a cloth spread in front of him.
Fetid vegetables lying on the cloth in fear of not being picked. Will they get?

A 5 year old granddaughter. Waiting for a new pair of shoes she asked for after 2 years. He couldn’t say no. ‘You will get it in the evening’ he forced himself say.
Concealed his emotions for a smile of hope and excitement. Blue she said, so Grandma and I could share.

With these thoughts in mind he went a little early.
People passed by, glimpses quicker than the blink of an eye. Murmurs about Amar’s vegetables made his head bow down.

Still never losing hope. He waited. Sprinkled some water, vegetables looked a little better. now. But will it make a change?

Customers not giving a second look. Getting ignored had become a pastime . Still he waited.

Market full of people but still so empty. For you? No, for them.

A man dressed as a savior came his way. A savior known as ‘police’. A stack of money in his hand.

Left with a grin and an empty pocket.
And a slightly thicker stack.

Amar had lost hope now

Various thoughts in mind. Thoughts that degrades one to bits. But will everyone get?

And then a buyer on to the ground. Some quick cash. But was that enough?

It was 10:00 P.M now. He knew he would disappoint someone. But then…

A man passed by. Dropped a heavy paper.

Amar saw it closely. It was a 1000.
He was then seen running. Now away, but towards.

Caught the man. Gave what was his and headed back.

Who knew it was his lucky day! The man returned with a cameraman on his side.

A social experiment, he heard them say it was.

A smile on his granddaughters face.

This time Honesty paid.

But does it everytime?

Is everybody that lucky?

Only if the world was a little better. Only if it was.




The Orphan.

An alliteration I will wish for,
Left to die alone.

A girl at her sweetness,
With a girl of 3.

Wandered with a basket in her hand,
And hair tied in a band.

She walked with a smile,
Emblazoning her face,
Only to forget,
the people who proved them, as futile.

Lived under a shed,
best home in the world she said.

Sold fruits and newspapers,
Got more comments, than the needed.

Food shared in the ratio of Aqua regia,
Times were new, not in the immemorial.