First love.

Saw you at the school,
With bonny eyes.

You walked past me,
As if you were the comet,
And I was the star,
Only to meet, never again.

A wish I made everyday,
To be on her spectacles,
As if she was the moon,
And I was the ocean.

First love,
Is always special.
Trust, agony, Felicitiness,
Constituents mixed carefully
As if she was winters,
And I was summer.

After a year and half,
On a friday,
You waved at me,
If I was the one,
You lost whom you loved the most.

Stunned I stood there,
Wondering if this is a dream.
A dream unsaid until now,
Renamed an incident,
By the one,
That made everything as ‘done’.

Mere words can’t express,
The love I had for you.
As you are a novel,
Of emotions,
Abstract but visible,
Only to me.


A Beautiful Change.


Amar and Sonia. Together since 10th standard.
And now things changed a little. How did they change?

Together they were throughout their school life. Never left each other for too long. A bond nobody could ever broke.

Done with school. College started. They had grown up at last.

Lives changed.

Sonia saw Amar less and less. Chats on networking sites were not enough for her.
She wanted to meet. Made many plans. Who knew they were worth nothing.

Amar denied everytime. Never said why?

Sonia not up to date about his life? Thought he was cheating. Thought he was bored with her. Various things in mind. She wanted answers.

Asked a couple of his friends. What’s up with him.

After much deliberation to one of his befriends…….

Got to know. He is doing a job, at a call centre. Spends the night there.  He doesn’t go to college. Also doing some business. No college. Nobody knows why.

A job she thought? Why what’s the need? Everything was fine! No college? And business?

She wanted to find out. She never asked him anything. Nor did he tell her anything.
After 2-3 days She asked

“How’s the college going” she asked. ‘Great’ he replied.
They didn’t talk anything else that day.

Things grew weirder everyday. She would get nightmares. Life for her was miserable.

6 months passed. She still didn’t get to know. She was frustrated. She had almost lost hope.

Then on one day he called. Excitedly she picked his call.

She was then seen outside a house. A house she had never known even existed. A house with all luxuries. But for whom?

Waiting inside the house was Amar. Was a little nervous. How will he face her? Will she believe him ? Regretting all the denials he made. Why did he do it ?

Amar opened the door. Made her sit.

She smiled as she took a seat.

And thenn….

A bunch of kids appeared from somewhere.  Playing among themselves. Some were small, Some were young. Cutely they stared at her.Smiled at her with teeth that were yet to come.

Then Amar began.

First day of College it was. Gates closed. Amar didn’t attend college that day!

In front of the College was a wall. Had a opening in it. Heard someone cry. Went to investigate. Saw a house. Completely destroyed. Roofs were in the pool. Stairs were incomplete. Dust painting the walls like they originated from there.

A dim light in a room. Slowly he got there. Crying stopped.

He saw kids. Not just kids. Kids who were so hungry that they were eating the rotten fruits. Kids who were not well, still they smiled their hearts out. Kids so small and naive, yet suffering so much.

Saw a old mattress on which they slept. Long banana leaves as blankets broke his heart.A jug of water, with dust floating on it.

Tears rolled down his cheeks. He wanted to bring a change. He wanted to do something and that too fast.

Spent all the money he had on food items. They ate after a long time they said.

Gently tapped their shoulders.

Asked him not to leave. Nights are scary they said.

Brought blankets from home.
Spent the night there.

Planned. Work began.

The next day.
Went home, said had a night stay the day before. And now will frequently have for some months. Exams preparation he said.

Got into a Call centre at night shifts. Started a business alongside which he did during the day.

Worked to give them a better life. Life full of struggle. Struggle for those he had never met.

Lived with them for 6 months.Went home frequently for money. For a party he will say to his parents. Party every other day, they complained. Would convince them somehow.

6 months hardwork didn’t got wasted. Earned enough to buy a house and necessary things on a permanent basis.

Got them new clothes. Everything they would require.

Arranged the house and all the things within a week and brought them there. Would live with them in this new house, he said at last.

Dumbstruck she stood there. Suddenly she stood up. All eyes on her.
And hugged Amar.
All the kids joined Sonia Didi.

Amar smiled with a sense of relieve.

The End.