First Day at School.

School reopened after the long summer break.

It was the first day of school. The day he felt obscure about. But it came like the Moon, on a cloudy night!
Salutation’s from friends, but not from the one he wished from. Classes began.

Silence screamed through the corridors. An alliteration so verisimilitude, even the Mirages seemed real.

It was Chemistry. Teacher moved towards the board, like he wanted to move to the class she was in.

On the black board was a question, ‘Why does alcoholic KOH prefers elimination while KOH(aq)  undergoes substitution reaction.’ Answer to the question came mixed up with the existing thoughts in mind. He began ” Sn2 method is followed, with KOH dissolved in water, as there is a single path it can take, like the curve on her face that made him substitute thoughts with a feeling he wanted to feel again. And so it undergoes substitution reaction. On the other hand while using alcoholic KOH, the C2H5O ion in it, abstracts a proton from the reactant and thus forming a alkene, as if the heart got drunk, because of the magic in her eyes, only to remain like that as now he would reminisce upon a scene beautiful than a waterfall on a night sky, with stars that glistered bright.” The magic that a magician can’t show, and a spectator can’t see. That’s why it’s called Magic.

The next Period was English. The invisible man, a novel they were asked to read, but not as interesting like her he would say, read moods on her face, he couldn’t help notice. She was a novel in herself,  that he wished to read. She was the novel to his library, as if it was his heart in her chest. She was words,to his incomplete sentences, as if she was the pink to his Lotus.

It was time. Now they stand. Face to face. Their eyes meet each other’s as he passes the ball to her.It was the eclipse of love after the time he dreaded to experience. She blabbered, he shyed, as if she was Moses and he was the ocean, only to complete this bridge of love.