The Nights. #1

A dreadful night it was. Solace until they arrived.

The bell rang. The door opened. The people in black suits were here.

There was a sense of pensiveness in air. Conversations began.

Wali, the three year old, keeked from behind the curtains.

Loved black. But who knew life will soon was going to be wan.

Heard things he couldn’t understand.

Beside him was her, a little older sister. Wrought up due to the current environs.

But would never let it got notice.

“Look Amna, there’s something on my belly which I can’t get rid off, ” said Wali as he tried to shake it off but tripped instead.

Amna smiled at this. But Will she later ?

Sounds of chairs moving. And footsteps with greater intensity left the house.

They took him.

Tears crowded mother’s eyes. She felt weak.

Amna deciphered the emotions and took Wali to sleep.

Under the blanket he was. Two eyes showed up.

“Why did they took dad with them Amna? ” asked Wali.

Anna replied,” Its all a illusion Wali, he will be back soon.” What’s an illusion? asked Wali.

“Nothing , go to sleep Wali tomorrow we will go to pick up dad. I hope so.” Said Amna.

Amna suddenly felt sleepy and slept beside his brother. As if her eyes knew when to close them.

A quirky silence surrounded the house only to darken it more.

She sat there on the ground, sitting on her tears.Thinking off all the good times she had spent. Slowly she moved vertically, till the origin, and the tears collided. Wanted to howl away the pain she grew with every second, but their creations lied, unknown.

She sat up as she gathered some strength, and went to the balcony.

The night seemed silent or was it unnoticed throughout. She looked down, to look for her destiny.

Suddenly, the wind slapped her gently. She smiled, unknowingly. She looked at the dark, only if she knew one can’t see dark. She wanted to reach the moon but there were stars. Stars she wished weren’t there. 

She went to quench her thirst. The flavour to her water was gone or was it never there ?

Was this marriage not meant to happen ? Was marrying him a mistake ? Were there any regrets ?

She hoped that the night was drunk in a dream of her that she regretted to see. The only regret of hers.

This, the night she would never forget. The day it all started.

She thought as she stroked her hand over the forehead and ennuily she tried to sleep, only with open eyes.