The Perfect Date.

Under the night sky,
With a smiling moon there,
Surrounded by  a constellation of stars,
Dazzling as if its Eclipse.

Perfect day for a date,
Where it will be just you and me.

A place not so fancy,
Isolated from the world,
To make two hearts one.

A lake all around,
With a small island in between.
On a boat we go,
Away from the world.

Paddling the boat in the night sky,
with you in it, smiling!
What more could I ask for?

Boat at a standstill,
only to start a new chapter of life.

Walking on the beach,
Till the place we are meant to be.
Light’s at a distance,
One wonder’s, the other one’s wrought up.

Stopped at last,
Made her sit on the couch,
he made with flowers and  cushions.
With a home theater in front,
And candles on the trees.

Dumbstuck she sat there,
Only to never forget this,

Drinks served,
Movie’s seen.
Conversation’s began,
Only to last Forever.




Are you happy now?

Are you happy now ?
Things shared in vain,
Edged in parting ways.

Are you happy now?
Things untold,
Tranquilly Wailed,
Until one blessed day
Died young.

Are you happy now ?
Brightest night’s,
Transferraled sluggishly into Darkness.

Are you happy now ?
Plans in mind,
Now lies frozen forever.

Are you happy now?


The Lost One’s.

Crowd outside the girl’s house.Two bodies lying there. Both shot. Suffering? Yet to come.

Girl came and stood at the door, didn’t really get what was happening.

The girl asked his brother “Why is grandma sobbing beside Mumma and Papa? Why are they sleeping in the garden ?”

His brother Hitesh replied with a sham grin “They are not sleeping Amna.”

An ambulance came, Amna was seen waving as her parents turned to ash.

Where are they going Hitesh bhaiya ? “They have gone somewhere, where all the pure souls end up. They are in heaven. Their new home”

Amna pushing through the mass of crowd, sits beside her grandmother and says “Don’t cry Grandma” Cleared her tears with her small hands.

And said “Let’s pack our bags. We will reach before Ma and Pa and surprise them.”

A hug came her way, two faces in it. One knew everything and the other still unknown.

The next day, the two year old cried like she couldn’t get something she wanted badly. The reason was not similar, but the feeling was.






Heavenly epoch of one’s life, incessantly, when you’re with them.

Moietly things discussed only to nutrify the love that was supposed to exist perpetually.

Glazing the love throughout at last, reached its peripheral stage, only to barrage the pain unsung until now.

Leisurely, you will evanesce into a world which you will lament over.

Caliginous nights, will try to decay you.

But don’t let it parasite, reprieve yourself from it.

Trying to souvenir times you miss, abortive and nothing else.

Pulverize it, to win over pain.

Decimate the History’s thoughts, and conquer the drop, to reach the world you left.

It’s time. Storm a smile, clouded until now.

Let it bloom, only to adorn the paradise you lost in yourself.