Swanking engulfing Earth, Benevolence stripping.

Craving to plant feelings, but only if they knew you need to feel to root.

Bottlenecks in path. The path to heavenly smiles.

Are you ready to face the challenges for the visitors you think are below you?

Are there plans in there, or you’re only virtual?

Can you give another life to the lives?

To alleviate affliction, from this world, shed the hoax you instilled.

Wreck the alloyed nature, share yourself blankly.

Witness then, the plant you could never grew otherwise.

You will see a blooming firing across the Earth, sprinkling the rain.

The rain that uplifts you, as it was always you who was below.


This poem is based on the things I see. People. Such hypocrisy much wow. Stop faking it people. Don’t show yourself like the world wants to see you.






You abandoned me. I was broke Sarah.

Unscathedly you hit me.

But for how long could you do this Sarah?

Transmogrifyly I transferaled into a world of thoughts.

But How long could one reside there Sarah?

You blended my work, Sarah in a mere bag, only if you would have looked inside once. You would have seen my heart.

This time I cried Sarah.

How I wished Sarah, to be merely the leaf of the love I thought we shared.

But who knew it was already rooted out.

Now after what all happened Sarah, you still want to smile.

But how long could anyone smile Sarah?

Don’t be dense a cloud Sarah. Mist still finds a way.

You were the Sun until I became Ipomoea alba.

Only to depart from the darkness forever.



18 years. Since you went. Sarah.

Oh how I used to adorn my thoughts with you in them.

You came in the 2nd last year of school like a cataclysm in the small world, scarring me like the ripples but this lasted long.

Caused many a gaffe. What more could I expect? Festivals were like the moon that stayed during the day.

Wounds stabbed deep, with each sight only if it knew there was an ocean of torment beneath deeper.

I was broke Sarah. How I just wanted to say Hi. But you wouldn’t.

Even the Sky changed its jewels. But tears.

All in vain? Why did you do this to me Sarah. Why? 

It’s been a decade now. Sarah.

Apathetic towards you. Cured.

Hangout to a coffee shop we planned with friends.

Got there before time. Seated, I looked around.

To see you after all these years.

Still smiling, among your girlfriends.

It’s time to leave, until you’re gone.

Only to avoid the contact that once helped me live better.