A Dream.

I have a dream
Something I always wanted to do
When I grow up,
With the one,
Who will be for eternity.

After the dinner
Hand in hand we go,
To feel the love
And to feel
What it feels like,
Walking together in absolute silence.

Promise to make you laugh,
With stupid face’s
Promise to make you feel special,
Whenever I can.
Promise to die for you,
Even if you wouldn’t.

Songs we will play,
Discoveries we will make
Wrapped up in a blanket of breeze
Only to spread the warmth of love.




The light faded. Saira, the two hour old was left to die as the car speeded through the night. A ‘nightmare’ that they waited for months.

Two drops, dropped beside her. Seeping through paths below to meet their origin. But was everybody that lucky?

She lay there, wrapped up in a towel, naive as a leaf, only this one was alive.

Saira was crying. Shivering alone . Helpless night.

She was the moon on this December’s night, that didn’t moved with Cars.

Suddenly a light made her visible. Footsteps towards her. She was picked up and silence prevailed.

Ameena, took Saira home, to start a journey which was written for good.

Ameena,worked in World bank. She was the manager there. And was a widow. But not any longer.

The night went by as she gently stroked her and made her warm.

She messaged her Head, Satish, that she won’t be coming for a while, who was more than happy to grant her a leave as it was her first in years.

Ameena, sent her maid for some shopping the next day and now she found herself very busy.

Diapers, a bottle, stuff toys and what not. She googled and learnt to wear a diaper. That took her a while.

She would breastfeed Saira, try to comprehend her crying to do things accurately and sit with her finger clasped in Sairas hand for hours.

Satish was updated everyday, about Saira’s doing’s, and also would visit to assist Ameena on weekends.

After a month, Ameena now had to rejoin.

She hired a full time maid to look after Saira and would run from work just to pick Saira up and help her fly. To stare at her mesmerizing blue eyes.

Scheduled appointments with her Doctor, to see if everything is right made her sure of any due complications to keep in mind.

Walks with Saira, in parks with dim lights, calm breeze were heavenly to Ameena. Called many things by the society, but only if she cared.

A year laterr. . .

To be continued……