I see you, your hand in mine.
To stop the time,
As it’s never enough.

Nocturnal were the times,
I spent without you.

Now I see you on my lap,
With a stroke,
You revive me,
Tears no more there,
It’s just you.

I see you smile,
Eyes twinkling in mine,
Are you the ocean?
Where even deep within,
Nothing is unknown.                                                                                                                       I see you,
Smiling, as I carry you in my arms,
Only to look within you,
I see a demon.
Please not you.

We walk through lonely streets,
Pass gardens so small,
It makes me sad,
As it’s the end,
To a walk I’d do everyday,
Only if you were with me.

You went,
With the dress I gave you,
To a date,
While I was flailing abstractly,
With words in my mind,
You let out,
To sink at last,
As it’s the end, like any other love story there is.