I feel the darkness, lingering over my soul. I feel, it strolling, all around me, making a way, as I see it enter, slowly it takes over my heart, distorted feelings, I felt, only to, able to see darkness. 

I see it. It’s there. It always have been. My eyes, can’t see, but see what once, was an illusion, now was something known. 

Oh, I wonder, how to let myself free from it. I see a light. At a distance. It calls me. But, the path to it is still unclear to me. I stumble, I fall, I get up. No one to pick me up. Why? It’s the beauty of darkness. You can see it, but not them. I survive. I cry. I stress. I cry. I get up. 

The lights like a point. Twinkling,  I want it to. But darkness is all I saw. I went forward. On the path, my fate has chosen. Only to, regret? 

My legs, silently screech, and in front of the light I now stand. I peek inside. Pupils, get smaller. I see it. I feel it. 

The breeze, I feel, it. The stars I see it. The wan eyes, now, feel again. Blissful sight. Darkness leaving. The path of triumph? 

Figure it yourself. 



People leave. They do. The winds move. They do. Do you see them move? You don’t. Still they do. Then why does it feel so much. When people leave. I know I have made mistakes. I know I am at fault. I know all that. But that dosent mean. Something that it seems to. Like the air I want to float on the surface of water, as its the cripples. Slowly and slowly I tend, to lose my strength, slowly and slowly. Only to drown myself, into the sunset, that never was real. Reflection. Of what I did. Consequence. I accept. Complaint? I won’t. Destiny it is. 

I spread my wings. Wide enough. To hide. Hide? Or stay hidden? But from what? From the truth. I try to fly. I am flying. Am I? Or is it just an illusion, I am stuck in. Another illusion? I run. Run. But for how long? Until I can? Or until the end? Can these coincide, or I will lay along the path to, whose door has been shut forever. You understand? What I write? You do? 

How can you? As it’s me still trying to figure out. Words I let out. You hear them? As your mind narrates it for me? You don’t? Now do you understand? You didn’t. You never tried. Why would you? Why wouldn’t you. 

I don’t matter. Or do I? To all? Or to none? Maybe you say. You can’t say one way? You can’t. Like many others. You can’t. So what do I do? Live? Yes, you say. Thought you didn’t care. 

Wondering what all this means? You know? Confused? Many thoughts? Never mind. Don’t think. You don’t, you say? Why I ask? You don’t matter, you say.