Oh, there you stand, looking so beautiful in a dress so red,

You remind me of the stars, that I failed to see, until now.

Oh let me see those wings, don’t hide, unveil them,

The sunset now stood so shy, only because it saw you smile,

Your eyes twinkled in mine, miles apart, but oh how beautifully they glistened,

Only to embark on a journey, meant to last,

Until the sun sets, the moon rises,

And the wind seduces, with an abstract smile of yours,

Which I feel lingering over me,

Only to tell me, how beautiful you really are.

Fly away, to glory.


A thought.

I wish the night’s were blind only to feel the warmth of the breeze, that seduces it’s way through people, to triumph us. Oh I feel it under my skin, slowly it paves a way for it, to twinkle away on a sky still so dark, but now you smiling.

Sensual night.

Amidst stars I reside, with eyes still closed,

I see it.

I stood seduced, as the night lingers over my skin,

Oh the touch, my eyes in hers, her lips on mine,

She over me, I over her, or was the night drunk?

She waited with legs wide open, the night’s watching,

My lips caressing, only to listen her moan,

Clouds, the stars now lie concealed.

Naked we both stood, like the night,

My hands all over her body,

Exploring the seas, I started the journey,

Kissing away the waves, farewell.

I reach out, two moons stood before me,

Her hands paves the path,

Fiddling away to glory, I smiled,

The night lies blind, deaf to her moaning,

I hear it, she sings!

Her body painted with my arms, until I completed her,

Inside, I stood now, pushing away,

Only to stop, never.

Thunder’s, I hear them, the night’s veil, now lost.

The stars twinkled, the moon glistened,

The nights back, refraining thoughts,

Faded with the sounds, but one,

Sucking away to please, as I am not afraid anymore,

To face the night’s, as it’s our time,

Starting now, ending only when she’d be wet,

With no more the night, Interevene.


A beginning?

Oh those eyes, gazing right back at me, only to see my torment slowly unwinding itself! I lay on the bed so empty, until slowly, I felt all the thorns peeking, going back, too see now roses all over me, as I felt her touch. My legs around her, over me she  me lied, unscathed I felt, Forever? I lie there, caressing her, all night as It felt beautiful. The clouds screeching silently, to the night so dark, that it’s time! Insatiable she thought, I seemed, but only if she knew, her touch was something my words fail to describe, exuberant I may seem, but it’s because , the night’s deaf to our cries, as it’s time. It’s time to be one,
souls so valiant, paths so different, but now hand in hand they were walking, until it was meant to be!  My dexterity with a body like yours, Oh a touch is enough, only if you knew, something I’d do smiling. A smile, I’d like on your face, Oh it’s quiet, just you and me, smile now, and let me gaze at you, I see it, the sunset in you, Oh I see it, The sunrise in you, Oh I see it, Me and you. Forever! Do you?

My Dusshera was okay, and it’s gone now. I hope each and everyone of you is okay and enjoying your life. I wish all of you all the best! Take care, everyone!