Let me.

Let me hear you smile, like the lyric, you give life to a song, sung my you, with your eyes so hazel, as I slowly see, them gazing at a forest, so near, yet so far. You have a heart, I feel it, I see it slowly passing through, the skies that dies every time, you smile, only to be seen again, in your eyes.

Oh, you do seem strong, but are you really? I see you let pass the winds through your heart, only to cage, the beautiful birth of the sunrises that expands only to adorn the jewels that I see through.

Oh, you’re a person so sweet, I see myself drowning, only to find myself smiling, only to dream about you ever again. Oh, I am sorry, for I am like the wind, and you’re the mountain I was looking for.

Like sweet lily’s you’re waving in the fields so vast, and as you smile, I see someone, with twinkling eyes, only to think of you. Oh how exquisite would the sight be, of your eyes in mine and you smiling? What else would one can ask for?

You’re perfect in ways, one can’t imagine as it’s something one can’t think about. Until they met you.

Take care!



Oh love, let me hold you in my arms, only to walk with you later, your eyes in mine, and places so new. Oh baby, love me like you always do, only to regret it never. Oh love I see my future in you, only to never lose you now. Oh, let me hear you call my name, only to make me smile, as I think of you, every time I see the flowers, or was it you?

Oh let me feel your body against mine, only to make you ride me, like never before. Oh wonderful would life be, If I’d wake up next to you, and caress you, while I gaze you sleep. Oh how adorable would be that sight?  Oh love, how I crave to be with you, only if you were here.

Like the sunsets, I’d never let you set, if I could and love you like I have never loved anyone before. Oh those hazel eyes, makes me dance with you, only to get locked up with you, for ever and ever.

Love’s a dream

The darkness engulfs me, only to seem so sweet, because I feel your hand in mine, only to make me look through your eyes, and walk on footsteps so beautiful that are yours, as I’d follow you until the end! Oh baby, like the silent night’s let me see you scream, the pain you have stored in you. Oh give it to me love, so I could drown in your eyes, yet again, only to start on a journey that started with your smile.

You’re beautiful in a way, I can’t imagine, as it’s like winds, it’s felt! Oh love, let me see you open your wings only to go places that we will discover together! Everything seems so beautiful! Oh among the few wonders, you’re my favorite, today tomorrow and forever.

Oh, let me caress your forehead to make it mine. As I touch you, I feel a feeling so different only to make me sing poems for you, that just weaves it’s way through my mind to reach your heart so big. I see me, whisper my name, every time you smile with your eyes, only to make me fall for you, all over again! Oh how exquisite is the moments, spent with you, only to wish for them all over again. Like the sun, I see you from a distance, only to make you mine one day when the time’s right and you see me like I see you.  Oh you glisten, like the flickering lights telling me to get up, only to make you sit on my lap, your eyes in mine, only to feel your lips against mine. Oh you all over me, only to smile, once again to make my day, just like you always do.  You help repel the darkness that surrounds the world by smiling so exquisitely. Oh you’re beguiling in ways, no one can see, as it’s abstract but only visible to me.

In love

Oh exquisite eyes,
In which I love to drown,
Everyday when the sunrise sets,
As and when you smile.

Like your beautiful self,
With a heart so pure,
I fall for you,
Everytime you whisper,
And my eyes hears it.

I love you,
Is what I’d prefer die saying,
Just for you,
As my love for you, love,
Is contained in a novel,
So abstract,
Visible just to you.

Oh the sweet winds,
Let them take us,
To places only,
Known to us,
And a mystery for all.

Don’t judge me for my Site name. It’s something very special to me. Well you can judge, it’s fine!