Hello, Readers!

Hello, All. So all the negativity, which moved around here and there was something I tried very hard to ignore, but you just can’t! So, I’d like to spread some positivity by making a New Award.  Well, I alone can’t fight the negativity that’s surrounding us! We all have to, like one! And this award will be a lil different one! Not like the usual Liebster or Sunshine, which are the popular ones, that I see floating around here and there! And also I haven’t done any award on my blog, but all this negativity that a few people are spreading is just a lot to take in! And so this will be my first ever award! Aquib helped me in this!

So, the name of the Award is!
“Don’t hate , Appreciate.”

1) Mention the rules!
2) Start with one very inspiring, positive yet beautiful quote!
3) Mention the name of the creator, which is the person who has nominated you. I repeat the person who has nominated you. And so in this way, everyone will be a creator of this blog, atleast once!
4) Write a short poem for the person who nominated you.
5) Nominate any 8 bloggers and let them know that they are nominated!
6) Tell us a short beautiful story, be it imaginative or practical. (100-150 words)
7) Ask 3 questions.
8) Don’t hate, appreciate.

My questions to the bloggers.

1) You’re walking down the street, on a windy cold night. And you saw a boy studying under a street light. What would you do?
2) Sometimes all you want to see is the moon on a dark sky. Sometimes you wish there were stars. So if given a choice, what would you like to be? The stars? or the moon? And why?
3) What’s that lie, which is true?

I nominate the following.

1) https://aquibview.wordpress.com
2) followyourinstict.wordpress.com
3) https://lifewithanillness.com
4) https://mabeautility.wordpress.com
5) https://themusingquill.com/2017/12/30/quoted-writing-is-therapy/
6) https://uncertaintyweb.wordpress.com
7) https://sudhi834.wordpress.com
8) https://dontgiveajam.com

So this is the award that I came up with. Please let’s for once spread positivity and write to connect with like minded people. I urge to all the people who are reading this, to please do this award so that the message could spread to a larger number of people.




Your words

Your words caress my body, only to feel you walking w me,  on a path that leads to me your eyes, which have stories to tell, unsaid to many, until now. Oh I hear you weep your love, as I hold you in my arms, only to feel your lips against mine, moving flittedly only to feel the curves, that I know you’re the reason for, from the very beginning. Oh let me see your eyes, to see your heart through it, which lies in distress, but oh not for long, for i am here to accept what you have to offer! Oh every day, I’d wake up to you, to accept you for who you’re, only to reminisce every moment, I’d spent w you. Oh I will carry you to the window, in my arms so tight, only to look at the two sunrises I am blessed with in the morning so bright or was it your smile? Oh, all the smiles we’d exchange only to, remember everything we’d do till eternity!  Oh how, I’d make breakfast, only to evoke emotions within me, that I never witnessed before. Oh the food served now, only to make the conversations began, that’d end the day, the words wouldn’t be, but for you, forever.


I speak demon, for it’s a sin to love those who are destined to die in the fire of their hatred that I see spreading, only to dissolve you w it. 

I speak nectar, for it’s a blessing to see you bloom, only to witness bliss, as I slowly close my eyes, but still be able to see.

I speak the warmth, that I see in your eyes, only to feel it caress me, until I see the fire in me, lighting up the already lit, like never before.

I speak abstract for, I am no longer felt, but seen to those who’d wish, but felt, w eyes closed, only to never forget. 

Please Come back

Please come back and complete the journey you promised, you’d die rather but won’t quit.

Please come back only to make love, on these cold nights and let the warmth of our love prevail, ever after.

Please come back  so I could hear you say I love you just one more time.

Please come back so the poems that’d bloom every night whenever I’d think of you can reach out to you, only to see you smile.

Please come back for I long for you, as the day’s end, but without you.

Please come back for your voice is what I only seem to hear, and stop feeling these tears, rolling down.

Please come back,  so that, our bond can strengthen only to never end.

Please come back soon, only to leave the day I’d die.

Please come back. I love you.