blood moons,
all these,
are beautiful,
but still,
not as exquisite,
as your smile.



call yourself,
if you,
whisper a tear,
for the snow,
that craves to,
to meet roses,
and lilies,
under the sun.


i lay on a bed,
all covered,
warmths in battle,
medicines lingering,
but a mom,
so beautiful,
only to find myself teary,
for I have all I want,
In her.



Watch me

watch me control,
while you bitch about me,
watch my silence,
while you express,
watch me die,
while you live,
watch me walk in shadows,
while you rule in light,
watch me stumble,
while you beam at me falling,
watch me fail,
while you enjoy,
watch me hurt,
while you be all sham.

oh but not for long.
For you’d,

watch me rise,
still young,
while you hide your wrinkles,
watch as I write my own destiny,
while you act young,
watch me succeed,
while you stress,
only to see me from a distance,
while you try to reach,
where I rule.

watch me earn,
while you still depend,
watch me give,
while you be selfish,
watch me ride,
while you dream,
watch me flaunt,
while you wish.

watch me hustle,
while you let time slip,
watch me graze skies,
while you still crawl.
watch me stroll mountains,
while you learn how to spell it,
watch me win,
watch me
watch me,
watch me, bitch.
Keep watching, for that’s all you can do.


Learn to lead while still silent. Learn to give when no one would. Learn to respect to those to whom no one would. Learn to live when you can’t. Learn to be human, not people.