It’d be a beautiful day, only to rush to the Hospital, as it’s time for you to come. Oh I’d be full of an excitement, and a moment that I’d never forget, only to reminisce it with the one, who’d give me a happiness, that no one can ever give me. A daughter.
Oh I can imagine the time, that I’d spend, stressing, all nervous, outside while the doctors try to, unveil the happiness that lies in her, only to eclipse the pain, that exists.
She needed me and I was in, her hand in mine. She’s crying, only to make me kiss her and whisper in her ears, that she can. And I hear, her. She’s here. I can imagine her, in my hands as the doctors smiled, only to wrap her in a towel , and later with me only to never part again.

Oh I can imagine you being handed over in my hands, by a nurse who’s giggling through her eyes, only to see her with eyes still closed. Oh One hand just below her head, and I feel her resting on my arm, as I slowly got surrounded with my loved ones. But my eyes, were transfixed, on her, as slowly she reached out for my finger, only to never let go. Oh my happiness knew no bounds, only to see, the one, next to my daughter. A family that I crave for.

Oh I wouldn’t miss, to witness you walk, while my wife, records you, as you slowly, with eyes so gloomy crawl towards me, only to witness your first step one day. Oh i’d pick you up, in my arms, and would tell you stories, only to out you to sleep, right next to the love of my life. I’d have a short baby, and a big baby, haha. I’d be your horse, as I’d feel my wife, holding you on top of me, as if I was your horse, that’d move around the house, wherever you’d ask me to. Oh love, I’d be all yours, and you’d be ours, one and only. 

I’d teach you, to ride a bicycle that’d be a memory, your mom and I will never forget. You’d fall, only to wait for you to get up, on your own self, and later loving you only to tell you that we love you. I will love you, my future daughter. I will love you a lot. We’d go on walks, that’d long with you in between only to walk until we reach, our lil cute home. 

Oh I’d change your diapers, only to make mistakes so many, but I’d somehow manage it, only to make a memory, I’d laugh about one day! I’d be all childish, only to play your games with you, with my wife’s hand in mine, and you on my lap. Oh I’d celebrate your birthday with the one’s who never have, only to make you understand things, you wouldn’t yet understand! I’d drop you at school, only to pick you up later! Cook for you, and her, and will smile, every time you’d call me Dad.

Oh love, I’d write a story every night w you, only to complete this story, that’d go on even when I’d die, w you, only to see you write one, like no one ever has.

I can write a lot more in this, but I’d stop. The rest will be a secret for all of you, and just for her to know and see. I always wanted a daughter. And I will have one, in the near future. I love you, Cara. See you all around.



  1. Aww this is so cute and beautiful!! 🙂

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  2. Daughters are so loving and adorable. Beautiful piece Srijan!

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  3. Rekha · Jan 9

    Aww that was so beautiful 🙂 ❤

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  4. Prxsha. · Jan 9

    Srijan, this is truly beautiful

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  5. Poonam Singh · Jan 9


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  6. Poonam Singh · Jan 9

    Just beautiful

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  7. This is beautiful. BTW, I had always imagined a daughter and got a boy. Initial shock turned into endless joy. I couldn’t have asked for more. It’s a bliss.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Srijan · Jan 9

      That’s really nice! At the end of the day, it’d be beautiful, but having a daughter is a different feeling altogether! That’s my opinion! Thankyou for reading!

      Liked by 2 people

      • As I said, that’s what I thought. I was down for days. Now, I wouldn’t swap him for all the girls in the world.
        I wish YOU at least have a daughter. 🙂

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  8. notthetumblrgirl · Jan 9

    I want to meet your daughter😭😭😭😭

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  9. notthetumblrgirl · Jan 9

    Since I cannot be your daughter

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  10. mistimaan · Jan 9

    Nice post

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  11. tshawwriter · Jan 9

    This post is both beautiful and sweet.

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  12. Nupur Dua · Jan 9

    Loved it ❤️💯

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  13. righteousbruin9 · Jan 10

    A daughter would complete the trifecta- a nurturing mother, a loving wife and a devoted child, who will care for you, until your clarion call comes.

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  14. Alexi · Jan 10

    So sweet and heart warming

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  15. Kavya.M · Jan 10

    Such beautiful way of writing. U described that moment in the best way. Just awesome 👏🏻

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  16. Love this post, yes daughters are so loving I am experiencing 🙂

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  17. Abhi Raj · Jan 11

    Adorable piece! 💖😊

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  18. Sonia G Medeiros · Jan 19

    My youngest is nearly a teen. It’s such an honor to watch children grow and share their lives. 🙂

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  19. Sonia Stalance · Jan 25

    Hi Srijan,
    I enjoyed reading some of your poems and one liners. But this one is the best.
    Your blog is amazing!

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  20. Misha Bagga · Jan 29

    Beautifully expressed. It’s pure magic

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  21. Reblogging this to my sister site, Success Inspirers World

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  22. Its just plain, simply beautiful.
    Words are not enough to describe how beautifully you’ve written this.
    Keep writing and spreading your beautiful words 🙂

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  23. Sunaina · Mar 7

    Hey yaar well penned! By the way u r nominated ! Congo!! Do check out my blog! I am waiting for your answers !!! 🙂

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  24. thisisjaspreetkaur · Jun 12

    beautifully written

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  25. melanymoon · Jun 21

    What a charming piece! You would make a wonderful father to a beautiful little girl! I love my girl so much, she tells me everyday just how much she loves me and how pretty I am. It’s the sweetest thing to come from her angelic lips.

    Liked by 1 person

    • srijan · Jun 22

      thanyou so much, beautiful! and you’d make a great mom! you already are, you lovely lady! and yes, that’s something adorable!

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