Oh I can imagine you there love, as the day came nearer, only to embark on a journey, that’d be beautiful only to never forget it. I’d see you, getting all dressed up,wearing a Saari so beautiful, only to look so exquisite. Oh love, I can imagine you, with streets lightened up, but still, I was searching for, the smile that’d make me melt. Oh we’d be surrounded with our loved one, only to dance along w the songs, that’d my heart will song, as each day passes and we’d get closer.

Oh I can imagine you love, with henna being applied on your hands, only to see your eyes, asking me to come meet me later, and Oh how I loved the feeling. Just a few more moments and then I’d spent the rest of my life with you, never to look back again. Oh can you imagine, how beautiful it will be?

Oh love, your earrings, would shine from a mile away, only to make me want to ignore, whatever lies in front, only to look at you, like I never have!

Oh love how lovely would it be? When I’d swear to be with you, in health and in sickness only to never let you go.

Oh how lovely would it be, love to call you my wife, from today. And feel you close to me whenever I’d be at my worst.

Oh how lovely would it be? When we’d dance away all the problems, only to see, move that’d make me fall for you yet again.

Oh how lovely would it be to live w you, for the rest of my life, as with you is where I belong!

These few lines are for someone very special. Anyways, see you around.
“Yeh Ibadat meri aapse,
Ki na dekhna in aakhon mein,
Fir chahe din hoe yaa raat,
Katenge din, aapke baaho mein.”



  1. Alexi · Jan 10

    Very romantic you are 🙂

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  2. Anand · Jan 10

    Anachronistic sequences are privilege of writers. First death, then life, then children, then marriage and childhood–you can fill imagination with varied colors. I observed how you changed the style on your header–do you know straight fonts indicate discipline whereas slanted ones as you had previously indicate initiative and rapid action. Maybe you’re becoming more disciplined with something. Graphology is interesting that way! See you around and thanks for all the likes on my posts I hope you did like some of them!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sana · Jan 10

    really sweet lines🙂

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  4. doodlessworld · Jan 10

    Those Last few lines were so beautiful 💜

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  5. Ssameera :) · Jan 10

    the last four lines feels..! loved them. 🙂

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  6. thethoughtfulbrain · Jan 10


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  7. Nishita Singh · Jan 10

    lovely ❤

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  8. MyStoriesWithMusic · Jan 10

    Beautifully written 😊

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  9. mistimaan · Jan 10

    So lovely it is

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  10. Meenakshi Sethi · Jan 10

    Full of love and joy!! Amazing and so romantic ☺

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  11. righteousbruin9 · Jan 11

    Your life, your sequences!

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  12. Wow, such boys do exist! Amazed! 🙂 😉

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  13. Pragya · Jan 13

    This is so lovely💖 And, the mention of saree and henna just added that extra beauty to it☺

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  14. O · Jan 20

    Thank you for sharing!

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  15. Sapphirewrathful · Feb 8

    This one made me smile on a boring start to the day. 🙂

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    • Srijan · Feb 8

      You don’t need a reason to smile! Just look at the sun, and if you’d look closely, you’d see yourself, carved on it, only to make everyone else smile. And as they’d smile, so will you. Thankyou!

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  16. relationmaintain · Jul 8

    Awesome bro


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