so much to say, but oh these words won’t speak themselves for my heart won’t permit, for tonight, i’m weak, falling on my knees, i look up the sky, with whispers of your tears, that echoes this room, for i’m alone. i lay naked on the floor, as i breathe in the cold tunes of this song, and all I can see is nothing, for it’s darkness around me today. these nights won’t last but oh the pain does, for i can’t feel hurt, from people i love, but oh it pains. it pains in my mind, as it paints pain, and oh i saw it. w a cold smile, it looks at me, embracing me only to never let go, for i lie frosted, as it slowly clasps me, only to never let go, but oh fear not, for the morning will light up, like it always does. oh how surreal it is to witness pain, talk in your mind, until you start shedding, tears that now, lay all over the ground, and still things, so many, left unsaid, only to die, like i did, tonight, to born yet again tomorrow.

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Let there

Let there be no music, for my eyes, would still flutter, to your ballad like voice, that would echo, while our ashes, still whispers, the song, in minds of all, like it is right now.

Let there be no art, for my love, the ballad in you, would literature you in novel, that I’d write, only to thereafter, paint you, with a quill, on a canvas, making everyone reminisce, only to call her my daughter, even after, we are gone.

Let there be no rain, for my love, I’ll still look into your rose like eyes, stripping you off the light, for we’d light this darkness, while dancing, only to listen our hearts drizzle, for tonight, it’s raining love.

Let there be no night, for day’s will be nights, while night make loves, to the sunset, while we dance, on a ballad, that’ll sketch us, only to fall in love, with love.

Let there be just you and me, forever.

Today, I’m feeling romantic 🙂


i loved warm,
for I cuddled,
while spring,
made me fall in,
only to call her autumn,
when she smiled,
until I finally,
while it was,
still raining roses,
or was I still,
lost in her eyes?

Name your

Name your scars after me, my love, and see how my heart, beats for it to fill, for my love is just for you.

Name your tears after me, my love, and oh you’d see, how much you’d be smiling, only to tear, as I’d taste them, for they’d make me taste your smile, and Oh it’s sweet.

Name your worse nights after me, my love, and Oh feel my hand in yours, as I’d whisper poetry for you, only to light up nights, just for you, until you kiss, my heart, for love it’s time you open it to me.

Name your fears after me, and see love, how they won’t scare you anymore, for now it’d be just you and me, watching the sunset, or was it you?

Name your nightmares after me, for my love they won’t be their anymore, for now all you’d see will be, just you smiling with girls so small, but so many, for they’d make you smile, while I watch you from a distance.

Name your pain after me, and never look back, for you’re in my arms tonight, smiling yourself to sleep, for I love you, just the way you’re.


Why is it that, I don’t find you next to me, love, for I find myself, dreaming, the fictions, that I sketched for you, only to find myself naked, standing in front of the mirror, all sweaty, as It’d slowly drip, as I’d watch my shoulders getting broader, or the veins I see carving your name, as I stretch my arms, only to reach out for you, Oh but you’re not there, love. What do I with all this? Oh love, I see my mind, all messed up, abetting me to hook up w girls, I haven’t met, Oh but I can’t for they don’t matter like you did. I heard me play, as strings of my guitar, tearing each apart, for they were all about love, but still these strings won’t sound, like you sounded. I look at the sky so dark, singing poetry to whoever who’d listen, but still I’d find you in my mind, when I’d close my eyes, for you’re still the painter, I love making love to, on a canvas, where you lied, as I slowly kissed, all of you, only to write my name on it, as now, I sang you, for you were a ballad, but so were your eyes, that I spent pages, shading, but are they beautiful, my love? How would I know love, for I don’t see them know more, for they left w me, like the voices I used to wake up to, only to be never heard again. Oh I spent hours on a eye, I’d love to wake up to, and Oh I imagined as how beautiful, your voice was, and then love you’d see how I let the storm of light in your eyes, through so many voids, that all leads to a heart as beautiful, as you. I’d feel your heart, through your whispers, that I’d hear in my ears, saying I love you, only to put mascara on your eyes. Oh look w the apace my pencil moves, to sketch, what’s already an art. Oh they think, they can beat me, my love, but oh they can’t, for I’m here to win, but just your heart, that I fell in love with, only to be a part of your dreams, that now I showed, in your eyes, like the clouds, or the sunsets, all just in your eyes. Oh how I wanted to reside in your eyes, love, and Oh I do, if you look closely, I do, just like you did in mine, for I loved you, like you loved me. Spreading a lil darkness only to see you getting smudged by it, but don’t worry, for I’d make it feel beautiful for this night, you’d smile, for I’d write you an elegy, for it’d be about,  how sad it is, that world doesn’t know, as to how beautiful you’re. But my heart knew, and it’d always. Oh love, what do I do w all this, for I still won’t be able to make you smile, for you’re gone, leaving me behind. There are no end to my words, that might, let anyone know, that it doesn’t matter, if it’s just a mere shadow of you, or a blink of an eye, I, my love, can make it beautiful with my words, because, Oh my love, you’re my nature, while these are your creations, nothing but beautiful, for they are a part of you.

Excuse me for the inconvenience. I’ll be around is all I’ll say! 🙂

Can you?

It emerged through the dark corners of my mind, a ray of hope, which squinted as it slowly found a way out, only to tell me, that I can do it! Voices mumbling, from the darkness, of how big of a disappointment, you seem to be. The winds, ascertain me of facts of life, to keep moving on, until I’m where I’m meant to be. I see them scrutinizing my actions, for only if they knew, the times, solicitude, in my favor, for it’s time. It’s time, I unveil myself, from this twilight, to witness the morning for once, as it was time, for me to spread wings, that no one would bother cutting, for they can’t. For I have waited, for my time to come, and I see it coming now, as days passes by, until that one blessed day, when I’d unshackle myself, to the iniquity, I had to face, all this while, but all in silence. I would fall, and fall again, until I learned, how to do it right, only to now, change the oath of my fall, to me standing on my own two feet, still young. Rise w me, read the words, inspire yourself, to not stop, today, for if you’d stop, you’d still be, as if it was night, Oh but look outside, the sun’s out, waiting for a glimpse of yours. And Oh you see it. I see it. After days so many. Not anymore. For there’s no stopping now. There never was. It’s time to build an empire w your name on it, only to rule later, in a kingdom, maybe small, but always remember, that today, you’re sitting on a chair, talking to the mirror, tomorrow, you’d be talking while millions listening, for life is uncertain, but beautiful, if you’re willing to die for it. Are you willing to die for it? Are you willing to give what it takes? Are you? You better, for time’s tickling. What’s lost can’t be found, what’s found can’t be lost, but only  reminisced ever after. You decide, you’d like to be found? Or you’d like to fade away, like the rest of all.



An answer, I asked, to questions so many, only to peek through your eyes, and Oh how beautiful, you’d be looking, for I could feel sunsets rising, in me, for my parched heart, felt warm again, as they’d see you smile, for you were exquisite, just the way you were.I watched as you barefoot, danced away, with your hands, wearing a skirt, and a maroon top, for your moves, aroused to me to look at you, night after night, as I was in love w your smile, that I saw, for a glimpse, and oh how your hair came, only to make my eyes twinkle, and never in my life, I have witnessed my eyes twinkle, for anyone, but they did, for you. Oh all I could imagine was how beautiful, you’d be looking as you’d smile, for as I close my eyes, all I could whisper, was, you’re beautiful, for you’re, and will always be, for you’re someone, I’d remember, until the v end. Oh how my heart, wants to be teased w your smile, for Oh there’s something so addicting about it, the lil smirk, or how you look above for a moment, while smiling with a mascara, I love seeing you w, while I was just being stupid, making you mad, for Oh you’re cute, and Oh I love you. I do! But nvm.
Oh I want to write more, but i’d stop before, I say too much, for I’d melt, like I always do.