ask me not,
for why i was broken,
for i was kept in a closet,
while she took haven,
in my heart.



don’t write,
to be read,
for flowers never bloomed,
to be plucked.

This might be a lil deep, for some of you to understand, but nvm.
My mom’s leaving to Calcutta for a few days, which is sad. And well, I don’t know what will I eat, lol. I looked  some recipes, and well looks like I need to go grocery shopping.

beginning an end

reached where you desired?
but oh don’t forget,
to end is to begin,
to win is to lose,
a part of you,
for now when,
you’re here,
don’t forget why you started.

This is deeper than you think it is. In the end, if still love is all you’re filled w it, then you my friend, have really won.


laying on a bed so cold, reading her warmth, only to listen her, as I slowly taste her words so beautiful. oh who are you? i ask, like i never have, for my hearts singing words tonight, like it never has, but just for you, my love. eyes closing, oh these words pouring, for tonight, i’m a poet, while you’re my poetry. oh look they call you out, from the crevices, i once visited, only to call your words beautiful, and oh they are. just like you.

morning, for i couldn’t sleep, love. for nothing eclipsed my words tonight, for all i wanted was to paint a smile, that you’d wake up, with the first light falling on your face, only to listen your sunrise voice, only to fall in love w you, for you’re no emotion, but a ballad, now immortal, only to smile, like there’s no tomorrow. my heart’s playing Elvis today, for i can’t help falling in love w your words, that i never thought, i’d write, oh but i did.

eyes giving up, but oh they cant, until i make it up to you, for you’re beyond reach, as i’m just a seed, while you’re a rose. oh you’re unknown today, but will you still be, tomorrow? words dancing, as i find myself, waiting for you to read, only to never make it stop, for i’d keep on writing, until one day, i have a novel, that tells them, as to how beautiful your eyes are, only to publish hundreds more, on every inch of you, until all they are in front, while you sitting their smiling, and oh it’d feel complete, for the night might sound silent, but oh it’s not, until your words, gets married to mine, for you’re christmas to my christmas eve. it’s me today, tomorrow it’ll be you, but your smile would be, everyday.



I’m judged hard, for writing, for people I’ve never met, but oh you never judge these oceans, for helping so many of them live?

I’m judged, for thinking, I write to impress, but did you judge the winds too, as they slowly caressed you, only to calm you from inside, for you’d see, how I wouldn’t have stopped, for It just wasn’t what the winds had in mind.

I’m judged for writing erotic, but why is that, you’re still reading it, but so silently, from the crevices, while I’m out in the open, being who I really am.

I’m judged, for trying to make someone smile, for I felt she was upset, but even if she wasn’t? How would it matter, for all I’m doing is trying, while all you’re saying is “Take care”.

I’m judged, for I guess, I’m just stupid, to even try, for people will always, judge you, no matter what you do.

Oh judge me.
Judge me more.
For while you’d still judge me,
I’ll still rise,
But this time,