daughter love

i’m on my way to delhi after spending a few days in kolkata. and while laying on the lower birth, i couldn’t help but imagine as to oh how beautiful would it be, every morning that oh I’ll spend w my daughter.

oh how lovely would it be? for oh i can imagine. it’s night and after feeding my sweet lil muffin, i would witness her running here and there, for oh she wanted to play, ‘pakram pakrai’ which is basically a game where you just have to catch the other’s and when you like touch them, they are out and it’s their turn.

oh how cutely she would run w her small small legs, from room to room, only to find me behind her. oh how lovely would it be, to act as if oh i just am not able to catch her, only to listen to her giggle and hear her try to say the name of the game. oh after running from one room to another, I’ll tell her that ‘pakadh liya aapko’ that is, i caught her and oh she’d still just giggle and oh how beautiful would it be all?

now she’ll run after me, all around the home, only to make me move from one place to another, but oh eventually she’ll catch me, for she’s faster, as I’d tell her, only to kiss her cheeks and take her to change for it’s time to sleep.

oh I’ll slowly change the diaper and a t shirt, only to kiss her all over for oh she’d be looking just so adorable.

oh I’ll pick her up, only to lay her next to me, after which I’ll pull her close to me. I’ll slowly place the blanket over her, only to caress her back and kiss her forehead, while she looks into my eyes. oh this cute lil ball of fluffy baby, will melt me no matter what she might do, and oh I’ll love her in a way no one ever could for oh she’d be exquisite.

oh I’ll narrate her a story of how beautiful love is, yet painful, only to add fairies and princess in it and tell her that oh they are as beautiful as her.

oh we’d sleep next to each other, under the stars, and oh I’d be so happy, for I’d have everything I could ever want in her. for oh my daughter would be the loveliest of all.

oh every night would be a story so new. but a bed as yesterday’s as we yet again share a blanket w princesses on it, only to create beautiful moments of tomorrow, that oh the world would witness only to love a lil more about each day.

i can go on and on but something’s are just for the wifey, you know.



oh mother

oh mother, tell me
as to why would you, leave me alone
to live in a world, which is oh so cruel
after all the memories,
that i have of you,
since oh i was born.

oh i couldn’t save you,
while you were laying,
motionless on a bed,
while i kept sobbing,
oh begging you to wake up,
oh why won’t you wake up mother?

oh please get up,
before they turn you to ash,
and oh then all i’ll be have of you,
will be just memories.

oh mother, please oh please
forgive me for all the pain,
that i may have caused you.

oh mother,
are you still there,
please answer this once
for i’ve no one,
to show me the path,
that i’m destined to walk.

oh mother,
are you still listening?
oh please come back,
for i cant think nor can i eat something,
for i crave for your touch, over my hair
or those few words of your comfort,
that oh were the reason for me to live.

oh mother,
are you there?
for i dont see anyone,
nor do i feel anything.

oh mother,
but why would you go?
dont you know,
as to how much, you were loved
by this son of yours,
who still lives in this mortal world,
while i find you on a night sky,
wondering as to which one of you,
is really you, mother
but oh that dosen’t matter,
for i told them, i love them all
and oh they twinkled.

the love that i have for you,
oh who do i express to it now,
for now as you’re gone,
i’ve the words in my mouth,
but still i cant seem to speak,
for oh i’m in pain.

i try to forget you,
but oh how can the sun,
ever forget as to from where it rises.

i’m in pain mother,
oh please come back,
and forgive all i have done,
to hurt you,
and oh i promise,
i wont be the thorn,
for the rose, that you always were.

oh i write love,
when i find myself in, oh so much pain
but oh they still talk about me,
but oh what can i do, mother
for oh every where, i go
i witness so much pain,
and oh it’s something,
that my naked eyes, will never get used to

so i try to write love
in the hope of telling all,
that oh love exists,
and oh is so beautiful.

oh mother, tell me
am i that bad, as they say
for i do not know,
as to what will be the future,
of your son,
for he fails and oh fails,
in every aspect of life

oh mother, can you please ask the sky
that oh they tell me,
is your home,
to please oh tell me,
that oh it’ll be fine
just this once,
that oh it’ll be fine,
for i’m losing myself,
only to wish, that oh i was dead.

oh lord,
why did you strip me of my happiness?
why would you, take from me, that oh mattered so much to me
oh what did i ever do
oh tell me, what did i ever do

did i not pray enough,
night after night,
begging you, for a glimpse of her
for just a whisper.

oh how much more,
will you make this world suffer,
for can you not kill all bad,
and let the happy live

can you not for once
be fair,
and not take the people we love?

can you not show mercy,
on those who suffer
every day, in such torment
while they still keep fucking
beg you?

oh yes, this will make us stronger
but oh why dont realize
as to how difficult it is
to live w all of this?

oh tell me,
what;s the purpose of living,
such a life,
oh please tell me

my boo bear

w a pen in her hand,
oh my boo bear,
i witness you work,
wearing a dress so flowery,
only to make my heart bloom,
for it awaits you,
in my arms tonight,
only to smile each other to sleep!

i made our kid, sleep early
just so that oh my love,
tonight becomes just about us,
like it was yesterday,
for my love,
there’s nothing i’d rather do,
than spend my life,
doing things so many,
but just for you.

oh witness me,
as i sweep you off your feet,
only to enter our candle lit house,
where hearts beat so many,
but two of them, are oh special
for my boo bear, they beat as one.

oh sit on my lap,
while we watch the sea,
you sitting on my lap,
while i slowly feed you,
holding you,
by your waist,
only to kiss you everywhere,
whenever i’d feel like,
for oh my love,
it feels beautiful!

oh my boo bear,
why do you, oh shed a tear,
when you can light a smile,
with your eyes so loving,
just the way they would look at me,
for oh i’m writing my heart,
for a lady so lovely,
after a time so long,
and oh it feels beautiful,
for you my love, are
one of a kind.

speak to me about your day,
and tell me what you didn’t like,
only to make me kiss your cheeks,
every second,
as i find myself losing my count,
on the first day itself,
for oh my love,
i’ve waited this long,
but oh not anymore,
for oh you’re here,
with me,

let me taste you tonight,
for what seems to be sweet,
is beautiful my love.

oh let the night be cold,
for our love,
will be the only warmth we’d be needing today,
for oh my boo bear,
you’re beautiful!

oh lay next to me,
as i pull you close,
only to caress your lips,
with those of mine,
and again,
and again,
and oh there’d be no end, for my love,
tonight is ours, just like is tomorrow.

i’ll feel your heart beating,
for oh you’d be laying over me, my love
and oh how our naked bodies,
will be the instruments,
of our love,
that oh we would play tonight,
in the form of the twinkling of the stars,
that are nothing, but your smile.

oh feel me inside you my love,
slowly, only to go a lil harder each time,
your eyes were in mine,
oh my love,
no one can stop these two hearts,
that are oh full of passion.
only to fall in love, yet again.

oh my love,
moan oh so gently,
that this world echoes,
the stories of you and me,
as a couple in love,
in a way so romantic,
for the world,
as for me.
i was doing,
what any man in love,
would do, only so his lady
could smile, and smile again,
for it’s never enough.

we made love,
only to lay naked,
in each other’s arms,
while i’m still inside you,
only to slowly feel you,
kissing me down my skin,
until you reach,
what’s meant to be kissed,
a lil more than others,
and oh, my boo bear,
all of it, feel exquisite,
but oh just because,
there’s no like you today,
nor will be there tomorrow,
for you’re special,
in a way,
i dont know how to put in words.

the night may end,
the sun may rise,
but oh this cuddling won’t stop,
nor will my kisses, that i saved for you,
for i dont need no darkness,
to be at home,
for i’ve all the home one can want,
in you.

okay well, the name made me blush a lil haha, but well, fuck it. i’ll write all the love, i want to.

oh my dear

oh my dear,
whisper me your name,
but only when you’d lay,
over me,
only to never let go,
for oh my love,
you’re beautiful.

oh dear, beloved
let me caress your back,
and tell you my name,
like i never have,
for oh my love,
you feel beautiful,
from the v beginning, to all
and now to just me.

let me oh, my love
look into your eyes,
but just so,
i could witness them,
as i would caress your face,
only to hold on to you so tight,
oh how beautiful would it be?

we’d be all wrapped up,
in each other’s wings,
for it’s been long,
when we were flying all alone,
but not anymore,
for oh my dear,
open your eyes,
and oh look how your name is echoed,
for beauty prevails,
and so do you,
in my arms,
while my legs wrap all around,
what seems like my whole world,
but oh it’s just you,
only to oh never let go.

i dream about you,
through these words today,
only to make it a reality,
by living them tomorrow,
just w you,
for oh my dear,
where there’s you, there’s spring
a season, which from today,
will be known as beloved,
until the end of times.


i named her my beloved,
for i dream of residing
in her eyes so sweet,
that i haven’t seen yet,
only to hold her so close,
oh i’d fall in love,
with the way she would look at me.

i’ll call her my night,
for i’ll spend all my time,
by just looking at her,
and telling everyone,
as to how beautiful she is!

oh look how she adorns our sky,
where i danced w her,
amongst the stars,
only to name all of them,
just after her,
for you my beloved,
are loved by all,
but the most by me.

oh my love,
if love was a person,
oh it’d be you,
for i live because of love.

oh love is you,
love is the way you smile,
the way you giggle,
the way you move,
oh my beloved,
love is just the way,

the romantic side in me has revived and oh i’m loving it. 

far beyond the living

sometimes, i imagine living in future, but how can i? for i haven’t worked hard enough in my present to be able to live in my tomorrow.

but oh i still dream. i dream of a land, where there is no greed, nor there’s any religion. there’s no deceit, nor there’s lust. there’s no man, nor there’s any women, except me and her.

how lovely would it be? for i’d be living in a land, where all beautiful things grows to bloom. a land of just two innocent souls, married, growing, blooming, untouched from all that ruins one.

the land, i live in, w her, lies on the lap of the ocean so blue, oh sometimes, i forget, where is the sky, and oh where is the ocean. for during the day, she twinkles my path, and at night, the others. “let’s not dwell, on building a home so fancy, for oh look around us and oh witness as to how blessed we are to have, everything one might desire,” i heard my beloved say. oh how my heart fluttered at such wisdom, as i asked her, if i may embrace her. and oh i did.

let’s cut down a few trees, but only after we have planted the same, if not more. wood by wood, stood the walls of a house. with a roof, of banana leaves, gave us shade, while we cuddled over flowers, that never withered for our love, bloomed them by the night, only to witness us, making love, yet again.

as the waterfall glistened at night, with the onset of the moon, i sat in the lake, with her, while the water sparkled w delight, for oh how beautiful was it? like never before. let us lay naked under the stars, or on the cold sand, where ever we’d like to, only to cuddle, like there’s no end, for my love, it’s just about us, you and me, forever.

let’s breed a few chickens, grow a few vegetables, and cook us a feast, amidst giggles, tears and oh pure love.

let’s catch fishes, while falling in love with each other, only to later trying to roast it, and oh how beautiful would it be?

let’s count the stars, while we lay in each other’s arms on a tree house, that foresees the ocean but not the future.

and oh my love, let’s live a life so pure, only to learn something new, everyday, for every day is a beginning.

this is a dream, i’ll bring to life. dream only if you want to live them. otherwise don’t.
take care! 🙂


pregnancy is a period of time, which is well a v crucial, for both. and it also is one of the most beautiful period of time, in one’s life or atleast mine.

can anyone imagine, as to how beautiful would it feel? when you’d actually hear that your wife is pregnant w your child. oh that joy, will be priceless and so will be the moment. oh i can imagine her surprising me w the news of she being pregnant and oh i’d kiss her so much, after she would have unveiled this news, only to keep her in my arms, and lay down w her, only to find her over me, and oh i wont let her go.

how exciting would it be? to be able to wake up, every morning and kiss her and then kiss her belly and oh how lovely would it feel? i’d kiss the belly so much. like 100 times a day. while i’d feed her, i’ll talk to the belly and tell her, how cute her mom is looking in the ponytail, i tried on her hair. i’ll ask the belly if i can kiss it, and then make it say yes, by just making it nod. it’d be so much fun. like omg i cant wait.

it’ll take a lot of planning and i think, i’ll leave my work and just spend all day w her. i’ll take care of her and feed her, like all the time, be it fruits, or chocolates or something healthy for that matter. then we’d go for long drives to places so beautiful, only to make out under the starry night.oh how lovely would it feel to cuddle, with my snowman, for oh she’d be just so lovable, like never before.

i think i can talk on this, like all day long, for there’s so much, you can do. so much! the sky is the limit. you can lay w her, in the bathtub, w a few candles, scattered. oh how lovely would it feel, as i’d feel her body, while we lay w our eyes closed, in the rosey water. oh i’d caress her belly and kiss her neck, like i never have, only to never stop, for oh it’d feel beautiful! i’ll paint a smiling face on her belly and just imagine my future daughter smiling, while she’s in my arms, and oh i’d fell in love, with both of them. how beautiful is it, when you imagine yourself, while she lays next to you, on a bed so warm, only to bring her closer to you, and kiss her forehead, while she smiles herself to sleep.

every morning, i’d wake her up, by kissing her, only to bring the breakfast in bed, after which, we’d go for a bath. i’d kiss while she’s in my arms, and kiss again, after the first step and then kiss again, after the next step and oh i’d keep kissing her, for i’d be like 1234, dont stop, just kiss me moree!

but there are also a few problems, which you might face, but there’s no need to worry. i know that, when she’d be pregnant her breasts will be a lot bigger than usual and well softer, so i’ll have to get some lose bras, which i’ll help her wear, every day! i think, i’ll have to buy her bigger than the usual ones. which is fine. also she might drip milk, which i think by using pads, one can solve this problem.

she’ll feel v tired, but i wonder how, for i’d feed her, move her from one place to another, kiss her, caress her, say i love you to her, dance for her, act for her, be stupid, and well, i guess, all this will tire her? 😛
well, if she gets tired, i think, i’ll ask the doc for iron supplements or maybe will ask her to decrease her workout time. and will put her to sleep during the day, for short intervals, over me.

i know there will be a lot of vomiting, which if i remember correctly happens during the early stages. so, i guess, i’ll have to clean it up. but i’ll cook her some dish w ginger, which will ease her morning sickness. maybe ginger tea. also feeding her cereals would be cute and a lovely experience. like so lovely!

also, when i’ll feel my lil child kick, or like her heartbeat, i’m sure, i’d cry of happiness at that moment and kiss my wife, times so many, in front of the doctor. i would.

making her milkshake, will be something i’d do everyday. and it’d be a dark chocolate milkshake, for i read that it’s good for moms.

and how can i forget the maternity photoshoot? oh that cute belly which would grow so big, oh i imagine this and smile, and just idk blush for it’d be such a beautiful feeling. we will pose for pictures, while we create memories, only to look at them, once my child will be old enough.

i’d kiss that belly of hers, every dayy! and i think, i’ll keep a belly for myself too, for i dont want her to feel fat. i would, maybe. 🙂

and there’s so much else one can do, and i know i can never really write as to what are all the things, i’ll do, for it’d be a book in itself.

anyway, take care. i need to rush, so byee.