snow white

she wore a cap, and i imagined her smile
and oh god bless tonight,
for i can’t seem to put in words
the feeling of her being all adorable
as i talk to her tonight!

never have i felt, the emotions that i now feel
as i look into your eyes tonight, only wishing that oh my love,
that you smile ear to ear, for oh you’re special!
oh my love, ask me to name a wonder, and witness,
how only i find myself, naming just you.
for oh my love,  i name tonight after my dreams, that i see of you, but just w me!
amidst the darkness, oh my love, let me be your light
where i’d write the lost pages, only to name them, after the beautiful you.

you’re the snowy sunset, i once talked about
only to share the warmth, that oh you spread
on a day so special to you and now to me.

oh let not your thoughts, stop you from smiling
just look into my eyes, and tell me where it hurts you the most
but just so i could caress all of it, only to name all of your scars after me
as you’d feel my fingers tracing all around your lips
only to fall in love w you tonight, for oh my love
tonight we kiss!

oh my love, smile tonight like you never have
and oh let me witness you giggle, amidst the lil giggles
that made you smile today, only to make them my favorite
for on your special day, they were the reason behind,
what’s my favorite!

with love


my pregnant lady

well, i know i’ve written a lot, like on this, but i just feel like ranting about this.

there are times, when life itself surprises me. like i still wonder, as to how I grew to love. i don’t really know what love is, nor have i felt it in a long time. at times, i do feel lonely, and I’d just look at the night sky and wish that I had someone. but then i look at me and what I’ve achieved until now, and it’s nothing much. but in times like this, the only thing or rather thought that helps me smile is when i imagine my future, w a lady, I’d call my wife and a lil girl, who’d be our daughter.

i can’t wait to be a dad, even though i know, that how hard it really is, but well i just think, all the struggles that i might go through, for my daughter and my wife, would be beautiful and just so worth it.

i close my eyes, and see a lady so beautiful, wearing the dress of life, as I found her laying on my lap. can you people see, what i see? can you people feel, what i feel? oh I feel her soft hair, embracing my hands, as I slowly wave through them. oh I feel her on my lap. the impression of her warmth, the feeling of her being so close, is felt by me. I look into her eyes and oh i smile. i look at her smile, and oh i smile, for there’s something about her smile that just makes me want a daughter even more. I confess my heart as i write this now, but how can i ever write as to how wet actually feels like?

it doesn’t take much to get a lady pregnant. but after she is, it’s an entire different story. it’s not a joke. there’s a responsibility on the man, towards his lady and now his child. and it isn’t easy.

a pregnant lady is as precious as a petal. she’d have shades so many, in seasons so different, but in the end, it’d all be exquisite.

i couldn’t care less what people said about me after reading me. i do not care, if they were to judge me, for what I’m, because it took a lot, for me, to love, love in a way, that i do now and i won’t let anyone’s opinion change it.

to love a lady is a joy forever. there’s so much to say, so much to do, so much to write, and this will never be over, for as long as I’m breathing I’d feel and as and when I’d feel, I’d write.

now imagine yourself, w your lady. you’re right next to her on a bed. she’s resting, because it’s just v tiring. she’s wearing nothing and is completely naked because that i guess is the most comfortable. her body smells of marigolds that oh are just mesmerizing. i found myself, pulling her close to me, only so that i could wrap my arms, around her in a way, that oh she’d think that oh that she’s dressed. I’ll make my arms her sleeves, as and when I’d caress her hands. she’d lay, right next to me, while we love each other in a way so silent that oh the world would listen in awe. oh can you feel now, what I feel? can you see now, what I see? oh i feel my arms, on her oh so soft belly and oh how do i not fall in love w it, for oh she’s beautiful, in a way so special, like never before. oh i feel my arms, as i slowly trace my fingers over her belly, in circles, and oh it feels beautiful. i drew butterflies w rose petals, only to kiss it later and oh I fell in love. i saw her sneak a smile and oh i fell in love. oh I saw her, and oh i fell in love.

this was just a small chest of emotions, that one might feel while their lady is pregnant. i feel like kissing someone now, haha. i think I’ll kiss the pillow I sleep w tonight, yet again. also I don’t mind sharing this, so well whenever, I miss my daughter, I tend to play this game called ‘my talking Angela’ it’s like talking tom, but just that it’s like a female. and it feels really nice. you like feed her, brush her teeth,  put her to sleep. and well, i imagine all this and it feels beautiful. a lil embarrassed but nvm. see you.

still v much want a daughter.

whenever i’m upset or like low, for any reason, i think of things, that i really love or like want. one of them is, like watching cute cute videos of lil babies and witnessing them be all cute. now, if you’re like new and stuff, then you should know, that i like really want a daughter! i’ve written lots on it, like more than you can imagine, but is it really enough?

so, while browsing, i came across this like on Youtube, which well was a while ago. in this video, like this vv cute girl, waves at whoever passes by, like on the escalator, and which is just so cute, like omg. like it really is. i mean how can you just not smile? and then people ask me, as to why do you like want a daughter? and i’m like, because of this! just look at these, beautiful lil hearts! i mean, i wish, i was the dad, then just after this, i would have kissed her all over, and just would have kept her in my arms, because this is adorable! i had a friend and i think i did like her, and so, she had a habit of saying “namaste” to her dad. like whenever, she would see him or talk to him. like that’s the first thing she would do. and i found this sweet. so, well later that day, i dreamt her teaching, our lil daughter, the same. like she was teaching her, what she used to do, like whenever my daughter would see me or like talk to me on a phone, she’d first say namaste! after teaching her, my daughter then tried it on me, and well it was vv cute. i can make this like so long, because there are a lot of emotions attached to it. like the way she would teach her, her eyes sparkling, while they would talk to each other. it’s all in my mind. there’s nothing more beautiful, than to witness your wife and daughter, talking or like playing! i dont know, how many of you can like imagine that or the feelings that one might feel, but they feel really beautiful! this well, is a dream for me, and i think it’ll happen, even if it’s not the same girl, because well, not everyone wants to be w me haha! anyway, the video, i was talking about is below!

so this next video, is like so cuteee! like there’s a baby girl, in this video, and she’s like talking to a robot, and just waving at her, in her fluffy beautiful voice! in the end, she ends up hugging her, which just made me melt, and was possibly the most cutest thing ever! this video, is just so full of love and tells us so much about innocence. also, it tells us, how cute would it feel, when you’d be like hugged by your daughter. the feeling would be out of this world! like her lil arms wrapped around you, like it never has, for oh it’d feel beautiful! i think, i’d cry the first time, she ever like would hug me! i think, i’ll also cry the first time, i’d hold her in my hands! because it’s a feeling so beautiful and just unlike any other! there are a billion emotions, that’d flow through me, when she’d hug me.

so, now this next video, is goals! like there’s a lady w a baby, and she’s like asking to hug the baby! and can anything else be cute than this? like i imagined ofc my wife, and doing this, while i’m recording and that’s just so cute and beautiful! it’s like a lovely moment! like it is just so cute! i dont know, how many of you, have like hold a baby, but if you have, as to how soft their skin is! and how cute that belly is! it’s vv cute! this will be a reality for me soon, for which i cant just wait, and oh it’d be lovely. i cant talk enough about this, because this can be a single post! actually all of them can be! well, i just close my eyes and imagine my wife, being all beautiful w our daughter hugging her and just giggling! all of it is really beautiful!

well, it’s a blessing to have a daughter, and i just hope, that i get atleast 3 daughterss! it can be more, ofc! but not more than 5 haha!


i found this picture, somewhere and this is like my laptop wallpaper! because it’s just so cute! anyway, i can talk a lot on this, but i’ll stop for now because well, i’m a lil sore, after lifting and working out, last night. it pains a lot, but you need to give your today, to bloom tomorrow!

see you!

never met before

her smile scents of roses
that oh i wish be the reason for
only to paint her in my eyes
as i’d find her next to me
like i never have
and oh how beautiful, would it feel?

slowly i take her hand, in mine
as she sits on my lap
only to paint her nails in pink
while she gazes at me trying
and oh it feels, beautiful
but only because of her.

i felt her warmth
as her eyes looked into mine
only to make me caress her hair
and oh it felt beautiful, than anything i’ve felt until now.

she now faced me
while sitting on my lap
for i was the sea, and she was my horizon
only to find myself, holding her by her waist
as i pull her close to me
only to feel as she wraps her arms around me
while i kiss her cheeks, gently.

promise to make you giggle, in ways so different
that oh the world would witness, as i sketch you in paints
in colors so many, as and when, we’d be upon dark times,
for there’s nothing i’d rather do, than be the reason for you to smile.
let your scars, be named after me
that oh we’d adorn, while you lay on my lap, only to make me fall in love, w all of you.
let not these storms, stop you from dancing
for oh i’d want to be kissed, by the rain, and then by you
as it’s the only thing, i’d ever desire
till the heart in my chest, that lies in my chest beats
but oh just for you
for if i could, i’d marry you in a heartbeat, just like i did
in my dreams, yet again!


making love in a car

disclaimer : read at your own risk. extremely detailed and erotic. thankyou.

it has been so long, since my other half has taken a break, so i thought i’d surprise, for just the two of us, and oh how beautiful, would it feel?

oh she came back home early on a friday afternoon, just like i asked her to, for i told her, that i’ve a surprise for you and oh i wanted you early, just for myself. the door bell rang, and i walked towards the doors, over the carpets. i checked if it’s her, and it was, after which i opened the door! she looked at me in awe, because i was standing naked in front of her! my hard dick, was standing up straight, and pointing towards her. i saw her tongue sticking out, and smiled at her. i leaned in, as i kissed her, only to take her in my arms, and walked inside, while closing the door.

she was in my arms, while we walked towards the couch! she sat on my lap, and my dick was right between her thighs, and she was facing me! i found her lips on mine, only to grab onto her hair, and pushed her towards me a lil more, and oh how beautifully we kissed? she grabbed onto me, scratched my back, while i slowly stripped her, of her top, and then her bra. she lies there naked, while i started kissing her from the top, until i reached her chest, and left a mark or two, here and there on the neck.

i stood up, and took her in my arms, and walked towards our bedroom, where now we had to start packing! the room was a mess, as i was packing all day! she saw, the mess, but ignored all of it and rather pushed me against the wall, and oh she kissed me beautifully!

we packed a few clothes, and made out for a while! we packed a few snacks, and made out yet again! while packing, i tried her pantie, which i later had to wear, for the rest of the while, we were together, because she wanted me to, and made out yet again, but this time in shower!

we quickly got dressed up, and took the  bags, and by 9 Pm, we were taking out the car, from the garage! i was still in her red panties, which were rather comfortable. i started driving, and after an hour or two, it was pitch dark outside. we had painted windows, and so no one could see us, from the outside. we both were sitting, half naked, w just a top on. i was still wearing her panties.

we were giggling and oh laughing, for all of it felt beautiful! she sat sideways, on the seat next to drivers, while her legs were on my thighs and kept talking about all things and about her day! we drove for miles, as we crossed, fields full of flowers so many!

i then asked her to sit on my lap, while i was driving on the highway. she sat, and was shy at first, but soon, started kissing my cheeks. i felt her warmth, as i held her, by her waist and made her lay on chest, while i drove w my other hand. and oh it felt beautiful! i kissed her cheeks, while she wrapped herself to me, as we drove away.

after a few hours, we switched places and now it was her chance to drive, while i took the seat next to her. i would keep kissing her, cheeks at regular intervals, that is whenever that oh she would smile, for i’d fall in love w all of it, yet again! oh how beautiful she looked?

i slowly took off her bra, and then kept my head, on her lap, while i laid myself straight, trying to fit in that short place. i squeezed her boobs, w my hands, while she kept driving and oh how lovely was the sound of her moaning? i slowly started licking her nipples, only to bite them gently at times, only to squeeze the other boob! while i was still laying on her lap!

the music was loud in the car, but only so no one would listen to her moan, for i was busy kissed her boobs, and oh how lovely they were? oh i grabbed the milky fluffy boobs, only to kiss them, all over! i traced my hand in circles, all around the boob, only to pull the nipple.

i slowly started massaging her pussy, which was a lil wet already!

i kept sucking, on her nipple for a while, after which, i started going down. we parked the car, on a very lonely street, where we knew, no would come.

i now sat up, and she turned towards me, and oh how beautiful she looked when she smiled? i kissed her lips, after which, i took one of her legs and placed them against the seat, while i started kissing all over her thighs! i kissed just below her pussy, which was dripping by now, and i took some of it and put it in my mouth, only to then kiss her, yet again!

i kissed all around the thighs, while she tried to push me inside, for i was teasing her a lil too much! but it wasn’t time yet! i now slowly. started kissing on the joint section of her thighs, while she craved for me, to lick her! i didn’t! i went up, or on to the other thigh, still v much at the joint section.

i made out w her clit, and sucked on it gently! i licked it, and then took the skin around it and squeezed it!  then started kissing it, until i knew she wanted me to suck it, yet again! and oh it was delicious!

and oh now the time came. i slowly, put my tongue, inside her pussy and moved it up and down, while going deeper, a lil each time and oh how beautiful was the feeling? for i felt her clit, on my nose. i moved my tongue, in different directions each time. i started going up and down w my tongue, whilst inside her pussy, only to do it faster, as and when it was needed, after which, i went in rounds inside her pussy and oh she moaned, while i kissed her, yet again!

i now, placed my two fingers, inside her, and inserted them slow, and took them out, while my tongue licked her other hole! i licked deep and took my two fingers deep her vagina, until i felt cum coming out of it. i made her taste it, after which i tasted it too and oh it was the sweetest of all!

i took my two fingers, and pushed and pulled the skin, of her pussy, at the bottom, while i gently sucked her clit! i did this for a while, after which, i sat in the back seat of car, while she sucked me! i felt her tongue on my shaft and oh how beautifully did she move up and down? i felt her hands all over my dick, while she kept kissing and licking my dick, until i moaned, only to grab her by her hair and kiss her, yet again!

i felt as she sucked my balls, only to kiss them!

we were on the backseat of the car, and i made love to her, in the doggy style for starters, while grabbing onto her hair, and making her look into my eyes, while i would be deep inside her, harder everytime! after 10 mins, we changed our position, for now, i found her, on may lap, wrapping her arms, all around me, while i started making love to her, hard. i moved up and down, and sucked on her boobs, whenever i’d feel like, only to make out w her yet again! she felt my balls, against her ass, and oh she smiled.

she now faced the other way, and i made love to her again, and grabbed onto her boobs! she moved up and down, and oh i felt the cum over my dick, that she was dripping!

after all this, now i cummed a lil over her face and inside her mouth, which she took it in and oh i found it v hot.

later we got out the car and i made her sit on the bonnet, and made love to her, after which we then got dressed up and decided to lay on the top of the car, next to each other, and count the stars, while we lay in each other arms, and oh all of it felt beautiful!


unke gulabi hotho mein,
rahe chupe mere unkahe armaan
o kaise na dekhu khwaab itne saare,
jaha rubaroo ho saku,
unki uss muskurahat se

raate kate meri,
sitaaro ko dekhte hue khil
tabhi khule meri aakhen,
sapno se,
jaha basi hai woh.

aasmano ki badalo mein
bnaya maine humara ghar

hawao ne unki nawaazish
ka kraya jo ahsaas
ishq ke dhaago se jo laga
main apne lafzo ko silna
paya fir aapko
ek bistar par
jo pukare hume.

aapka meri baaho mein hona
kehlayega kudrat ka karishma

aur meri aakhon mein aapka basna
hogi mere is dil ki manzil.



unki muskurahat ke rang itne saare, jinme khoya rahu main
o kaise na puchu, jo bhi mile, pata inn ka?

lafzon se jo baandha, unne dil ko mere,
man (मन) khoye mera, unki khayalo mein.

yeh kaise marassim khila aaj, jo lage anjaan aaj
par kal dikhe, sharmaate meri in naram baaho mein.

aakhe jo kari bandh, dikhe woh mere qaafile mile
jaha baste log sirf doh, ek main aur ek woh.

kaise kahu baate, jo reh gyi unkahi
kaise banau aapko apne iss nanhe jeevan ka saathi,
kyuki abh hai mughe lag rha,
ki hua mughe pyaar,  uss muskuruhate see
jise dekhe toh khile yeh man(मन), varna sirf murjhaye.

kuch na maange, yeh dil mera aapse
phir bhi chahe, bhejna aapko khat kitne saare
likhe lafz, jinse sundar na lage koi

lafzo se darshaya, na hi inn taaro ko,
na hi uss chand ko, jo pukare sirf aapko
kyuki jo dekha usne, aapko ek dil mein likha hua
woh bhi gaaye, o mughe pyaar hua, pyaar hua,
sirf aapse.


this is in hindi! i dont feel like translating it. i like it this way! 🙂