making love in a car

disclaimer : read at your own risk. extremely detailed and erotic. thankyou.

it has been so long, since my other half has taken a break, so i thought i’d surprise, for just the two of us, and oh how beautiful, would it feel?

oh she came back home early on a friday afternoon, just like i asked her to, for i told her, that i’ve a surprise for you and oh i wanted you early, just for myself. the door bell rang, and i walked towards the doors, over the carpets. i checked if it’s her, and it was, after which i opened the door! she looked at me in awe, because i was standing naked in front of her! my hard dick, was standing up straight, and pointing towards her. i saw her tongue sticking out, and smiled at her. i leaned in, as i kissed her, only to take her in my arms, and walked inside, while closing the door.

she was in my arms, while we walked towards the couch! she sat on my lap, and my dick was right between her thighs, and she was facing me! i found her lips on mine, only to grab onto her hair, and pushed her towards me a lil more, and oh how beautifully we kissed? she grabbed onto me, scratched my back, while i slowly stripped her, of her top, and then her bra. she lies there naked, while i started kissing her from the top, until i reached her chest, and left a mark or two, here and there on the neck.

i stood up, and took her in my arms, and walked towards our bedroom, where now we had to start packing! the room was a mess, as i was packing all day! she saw, the mess, but ignored all of it and rather pushed me against the wall, and oh she kissed me beautifully!

we packed a few clothes, and made out for a while! we packed a few snacks, and made out yet again! while packing, i tried her pantie, which i later had to wear, for the rest of the while, we were together, because she wanted me to, and made out yet again, but this time in shower!

we quickly got dressed up, and took the  bags, and by 9 Pm, we were taking out the car, from the garage! i was still in her red panties, which were rather comfortable. i started driving, and after an hour or two, it was pitch dark outside. we had painted windows, and so no one could see us, from the outside. we both were sitting, half naked, w just a top on. i was still wearing her panties.

we were giggling and oh laughing, for all of it felt beautiful! she sat sideways, on the seat next to drivers, while her legs were on my thighs and kept talking about all things and about her day! we drove for miles, as we crossed, fields full of flowers so many!

i then asked her to sit on my lap, while i was driving on the highway. she sat, and was shy at first, but soon, started kissing my cheeks. i felt her warmth, as i held her, by her waist and made her lay on chest, while i drove w my other hand. and oh it felt beautiful! i kissed her cheeks, while she wrapped herself to me, as we drove away.

after a few hours, we switched places and now it was her chance to drive, while i took the seat next to her. i would keep kissing her, cheeks at regular intervals, that is whenever that oh she would smile, for i’d fall in love w all of it, yet again! oh how beautiful she looked?

i slowly took off her bra, and then kept my head, on her lap, while i laid myself straight, trying to fit in that short place. i squeezed her boobs, w my hands, while she kept driving and oh how lovely was the sound of her moaning? i slowly started licking her nipples, only to bite them gently at times, only to squeeze the other boob! while i was still laying on her lap!

the music was loud in the car, but only so no one would listen to her moan, for i was busy kissed her boobs, and oh how lovely they were? oh i grabbed the milky fluffy boobs, only to kiss them, all over! i traced my hand in circles, all around the boob, only to pull the nipple.

i slowly started massaging her pussy, which was a lil wet already!

i kept sucking, on her nipple for a while, after which, i started going down. we parked the car, on a very lonely street, where we knew, no would come.

i now sat up, and she turned towards me, and oh how beautiful she looked when she smiled? i kissed her lips, after which, i took one of her legs and placed them against the seat, while i started kissing all over her thighs! i kissed just below her pussy, which was dripping by now, and i took some of it and put it in my mouth, only to then kiss her, yet again!

i kissed all around the thighs, while she tried to push me inside, for i was teasing her a lil too much! but it wasn’t time yet! i now slowly. started kissing on the joint section of her thighs, while she craved for me, to lick her! i didn’t! i went up, or on to the other thigh, still v much at the joint section.

i made out w her clit, and sucked on it gently! i licked it, and then took the skin around it and squeezed it!  then started kissing it, until i knew she wanted me to suck it, yet again! and oh it was delicious!

and oh now the time came. i slowly, put my tongue, inside her pussy and moved it up and down, while going deeper, a lil each time and oh how beautiful was the feeling? for i felt her clit, on my nose. i moved my tongue, in different directions each time. i started going up and down w my tongue, whilst inside her pussy, only to do it faster, as and when it was needed, after which, i went in rounds inside her pussy and oh she moaned, while i kissed her, yet again!

i now, placed my two fingers, inside her, and inserted them slow, and took them out, while my tongue licked her other hole! i licked deep and took my two fingers deep her vagina, until i felt cum coming out of it. i made her taste it, after which i tasted it too and oh it was the sweetest of all!

i took my two fingers, and pushed and pulled the skin, of her pussy, at the bottom, while i gently sucked her clit! i did this for a while, after which, i sat in the back seat of car, while she sucked me! i felt her tongue on my shaft and oh how beautifully did she move up and down? i felt her hands all over my dick, while she kept kissing and licking my dick, until i moaned, only to grab her by her hair and kiss her, yet again!

i felt as she sucked my balls, only to kiss them!

we were on the backseat of the car, and i made love to her, in the doggy style for starters, while grabbing onto her hair, and making her look into my eyes, while i would be deep inside her, harder everytime! after 10 mins, we changed our position, for now, i found her, on may lap, wrapping her arms, all around me, while i started making love to her, hard. i moved up and down, and sucked on her boobs, whenever i’d feel like, only to make out w her yet again! she felt my balls, against her ass, and oh she smiled.

she now faced the other way, and i made love to her again, and grabbed onto her boobs! she moved up and down, and oh i felt the cum over my dick, that she was dripping!

after all this, now i cummed a lil over her face and inside her mouth, which she took it in and oh i found it v hot.

later we got out the car and i made her sit on the bonnet, and made love to her, after which we then got dressed up and decided to lay on the top of the car, next to each other, and count the stars, while we lay in each other arms, and oh all of it felt beautiful!


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