There’s a side to me, that is unheard of
for i’ve kept it hidden away, just for the one 
who i’d give my all to, for she’d understand
what seemed to be whispers, were echoes
that screamed itself, within me

Oh there’s a side to me, when 
 all It wanted, was to let out
what was within me
All that i’m, and all that i were to become

There’s a side to me, that have a few untold dreams
For i’ve never met someone
i could trust them w
for i’ve been bruised times so many

There’s a side to me, that spends his night crying
For people, i’ve not met
Feeling oh so helpless
only to realize,
how selfish can people be
while living to their fullest, 
blinding themselves to emotions
that i thought we all are about.

There’s a side to me, that oh feels so alone
Where a lil support from anyone
Could have refrained this granite floor
from tasting the salt, that lies in my tears
while I try to, gather all the fallen pieces

There’s a side to me,
that oh i dont show
for oh the world we live in, is complete
yet hollow.



i feel the
cold sneaking in
as it whispers
through the windows
that oh are
planted in the sky
and oh how beautiful
would it be?
as one’d cuddle through the shivers
only to spread the warmth
that is known to all as love.