it’s summer under the winter sky

oh how do i tell you, my love that oh how much i’ve been wanting, to confess all the love, that oh i have for you. and oh atlast, tonight i did, only to memorize, every second, i made you smile and oh my love, how beautiful was it all? oh don’t ask me to, wall the romance, that oh i’ve in me, for oh there’s no way, i can’t control my longing, to tell you tonight, as to how, lovely these winter nights are, but oh my love, just because of you, for oh my love, if there’s you, only then, there’s this romance, that i write tonight.

oh my beloved, do you know, how much i’ve waited, for this moment, to tell you, all that i feel for you. oh i read, how lately, you find your bed sheet oh so cold, but oh my love, don’t you worry, for oh i’ll make you forget, all things, that were on in your past, only to adorn you with a jewel, that oh makes me fall for you, every time, i think of it.

oh how lovely was the feeling, my love, when oh i saw you, sitting in the middle of the bed, wearing shorts oh so white, and a top, covering the skin, which was oh my love, was about to be kissed, in oh a way so passionately, you oh could never have imagined, it could have happened. oh how my love, i saw you feeling cold, but oh not for long.

oh how i smiled at the thought of kissing you, on your cheek, only to see you look into my eyes, and oh i heard you ask “why are you smiling, for no reason silly?”. and oh smiled a lil more, only to walk towards you.
and oh i leaned in, only to kiss you, on your cheek, and oh whispered, “that’s why.”

i sat right next to you, while you tried oh so hard, to continue reading, while i teased your lips. oh how you blushed, my love, as i ran my fingers, through your lips, and told you, as to how dry, they are, only to then tell you, that oh don’t worry, my dear, for oh i’m here, to make them all glossy again. oh how you, turned all red, only to find an escape, while your cheeks, couldn’t help, but steal a smile.

oh my love, i saw you, as you tried to, stand up, only to run away. but oh my love, how then i held your hand, in mine, only to then, pull you closer, so as to make you sit between, my legs, while you blushed away, only to smile. and oh my love, i swear, i fell in love, yet again.

oh my love, you now sat, between my legs, only to continue reading, while i caressed your hair, only to remove them from your back, and oh how i kissed away, and oh my love, it felt beautiful.
oh my love, how then, it felt oh so beautiful, as you leaned against me, only to look into my eyes, while i looked into yours.

oh my love, i’m sorry, but oh i couldn’t help, but kiss you, on your cheek. you felt shy, only to look away, but oh my love, do you remember, as to how i, held your face then, only to make you look at me, and oh my love, how beautiful was it all, for oh your lips married mine. oh how we forgot, as to what cold was, for the only thing i felt, was your warmth breath, that i took in, everytime we kissed. and oh my love, we kissed again. and oh again. and oh, then there was no stopping, for oh i had my all, right next to me. oh how the book, knocked itself, from your hand, only to land on the bed, while we kissed away.

i sat up, only to pick you up, sat near our wardrobe, where oh my love, you sat on my lap. i reached out for the kohl, only to make my favorite stars, twinkle the brightest, as i slowly drew, in a way, that i see you always do.
oh i wish, i could tell you, my love, as to on how many dogs, i had to try this, before just so i could, then do it to you, which oh my love, was oh my secret, for i knew, you’d scold me, only to smile yourself to sleep.
oh how prettily was the mirror smiling at me, only to surprise you, with a kiss, yet again, while holding you, by your waist. oh how lovely did it feel, as i caressed your belly, while kissing all your face.

oh my love, i picked you up, only to walk you, to our bed, where lay imprinted, you next to me.
and oh how history repeated itself, yet was oh so different. i gently helped you on the bed, only to lay you, there. oh how your hair, looked so pretty, as i helped them spread their wings, over the pillow.

oh my love, do you remember, as to how i leaned in, only to kiss the necklace, that oh you were wearing, only to kiss footsteps, as i kept going above, until i ended up, biting your lips oh so gently.
and oh my love, we kissed. and again. and oh again. and oh my love, again.
i grabbed your hands, by your wrist, and locked them above your head, while i leaned in deeper, only to feel, your tongue, building a home, in my own. oh how, my tongue, licked all of yours.

a strand, flew in, on your face, thinking it’d loosen the gentle grip, i had over your wrists. but oh i wish, it knew, my love, that oh this strand will be kissed away, while your eyes would smile at me.
i retraced my footsteps, only to reach your neck, and kissed away, while biting often and oh my love, i know you loved every bit of it, for oh, i heard you say, “i love you” to which i kissed on your lips, at first, and said ‘i’. and oh kissed again, only to say, ‘love’. and oh my love, kissed again, while your eyes waited, to hear it. but oh instead, my love, i kissed you, another three times, so as to tease you, and oh my love, all four of those kisses, smiled and then oh i whispered ‘you’.

i let go of your hands, only to lay next to you, while oh my love, you turned towards me and oh how beautiful was it all? oh i removed, the strands, yet again, with my fingers, only to whisper “oh my love, witness me use all those poems, that you once wrote, so as to tell all, as to how cold it was, which today will give you the taste of warmth” to which you lay confused, but oh not for long, my love. for you’d read this tomorrow morning and oh you’d smile.

oh baby, there’s not a thing about winters, that i seem to not like,  for all the once hollow nights, are now oh my love, living with poetry, in oh a way so warm, for oh baby, it was us, becoming a part of each other, as we melted, in love, under a blanket, like never before. i heard you whisper the words ‘how i hurt‘, only to kiss you, before you could finish, for oh my love, let all those, who did you wrong, be lost in these winters, which oh feels like summer’s for oh we are in love.

oh my sweet darling, how beautiful was it all? when oh i felt a ring, on your finger, only to kiss you rings, on each of those fingers, for i can’t help, but marry you, every time, i kiss you.

oh my love, dont be surprised, if oh tomorrow, you’d feel an orgasm, as i’d kiss, more of you, that oh i couldn’t today.

oh my love, i love all about you. today. tomorrow. and oh until the forever.

So, well i was feeling v romantic, tonight. It was really getting out of control. So i had to write this. I love romance. I love it.  Not many people, can make me feel this romantic, which well, i still control, but sometimes, you just have to express. And so, that’s what i did.
I just might be in love. Well, maybe. There’s so much more, I want to write. And maybe i’ll. I also wanted to add a few more things, to this, but well, somethings are just meant to be special. So, i’ll do them, w my lady, exclusively. Someday.
See you.


all i want is you smiling

oh how i promised myself
as you told me, that oh you didn’t like rain
to carry you in my arms,
into the wilderness, of the rain
that oh my love, will be our canvas
where our story will be told, till the end of times
for oh my love, tonight
i paint memories with you
only to reminisce them tomorrow

oh my love
how do i tell you
that oh how my heart danced
as it wrote for you, after oh a time so long
for oh i’ve missed, all parts of you
that oh my love once, were the only dreams
i seem to be getting

oh my love
i can’t wait no more
to live the life, i so dream about
but oh with just you, for oh my love
no matter what song i seem to play
all i can hear, is you giggling all along
and oh my love, i fall in love
over and over again.

oh my love, i dream of
walking with you, on these young nights
on oh streets so lonely, yet so warm
for it had us, walking on it
and oh how beautiful, was it all
for my hand just oh won’t let go of yours

oh my dear,
i dream of making love to you
on one such night, when oh it’s meant to be
and oh how lovely would it all feel
as i’d feel all the night inside you
only to feel your warm naked body
over mine, smiling at the beating
of our hearts

oh dear one, how mesmerizing,
would be the moment
when we’d be greeted,
with the news of her coming
only to make me, kiss every inch of that belly
where lies the love of my life,
inside the love of my life.

oh dear wifey, fear not
for i’ll be always there, taking care of you
throughout, only to love you in a way
one didn’t know, she could have been loved

and oh how lovely, would the day be
when our lil one, would open eyes
while sitting on our lap
only to complete this family,
for oh my love, for the first time
in forever, two petals
brought forth a rose,
who was as beautiful, as her mom
only to make me, fall in love
with you, all over again.

you’re beautiful, my love

oh my love, how i wish
i could clear all the doubts
that you once had,
for oh my love, there can’t be no one
as beautiful as you, in oh a way so mesmerizing,
that oh my love, one couldn’t help
but spend his every second,
falling in love with all that you’re.

oh my love,
i know how you spent hours
in front of the mirror,
wishing for curves, and oh a dreamy body
but oh i wish you knew, my love
as to how, a guy, sitting across you,
wished just for a single dream, to all the stars, he’d find falling
and it was oh to, embrace you from behind
and whisper in your ears, while holding you, by your waist
as to how beautiful, you were really looking
and oh that, how lovely are all the curves, that you seem to have
but his favorite seem to be the one
that made two smiles, one
for oh my love, he kisses
while you smiled, still kissing away.

oh my love,
how i wished, you knew
as to when you were, placing slices
on those dark circles,
how i adorned, you
on the canvas, that had painted you in it
with all that you were, and oh my love
how beautiful, did you look
with all those, that you think were flaws
but were really the only jewels
i fell for, the first time when oh my love,
i saw you.

oh my love
oh i wish, you had
shown me the memories
that oh seems to have haunted you,
for oh how you thought, they didn’t tell us
about the reality of your beauty
but oh i wish, my love
i could tell you, as to how every picture
that now seems to be lost forever
were the favorite ones of mine
that you could ever take
for oh my love, how do i tell you
that oh you were always beautiful,
and will always be, in oh a way so special,
for oh my love, it’s you after all.

you’re beautiful, my love
to all those, who know you
and especially me, for i’ve read
all that you’re,
and oh i loved,
every breath of it.


i reminisce, as to how
i stumbled upon you
only to talk to you
and oh my love
i still seem to remember
as to how you told me
that oh you’re not so romantic
to which, i remember smiling

oh my love
tonight, i read you write pain
only to wish, that oh my love
i could run away to you
only to give a farewell, to your fears

oh my love,
i see you, as you slowly
wither yourself
only wishing that oh i was there
just so i could kiss away, the smell of tobacco
from those rosey lips
and leave them, with the fragrance,
that my words seem to have

oh how my love, as and when we’d kiss
i’d see the once dusty lips
now smiling back at me
in oh a way oh so exquisite
that oh now were the only thought
i wanted to think about

oh i’ve missed you
more than i can tell you
for oh i still remember, all that you’re

a girl oh so lovely
with a heart oh so innocent
oh how i love making, you smile
for oh my love, you’re a girl so special
if not to all, atleast to me
just the way you’re

today, i mark the beginning
of writing all the romance
that i have in me
just for you
for oh i’ve spent days, keeping all the love
that i seem to be full of within me

let me be, the flicker of hope
that revives you of this sea
where you seem to be lost,
within the cripples of your past
for oh my love, i’m the storm
that has come, to take you away
while you wrap yourself
around me.

oh my love
close your eyes
and witness us, paddling away
into a home, that has been waiting for us
and now as i feel you next to me
it seems, all that i’ve dreamt of
until now, has now become true.

i’ve been feeling v romantic lately. i love feeling romantic.


oh my love,
i smiled as you called
the romance, that i seem to write
cheesy, in oh a way so lovely
i couldn’t help but fall in love
with all the innocence, that oh my love
i felt in you, and oh how beautiful, does it all feel?

oh how do i make you believe,
as to that oh you’re not at all needy
but oh just so beautiful, in a way of your own
that is oh my love, enough to make anyone
fall for you, for oh my love, you’re the most special
of them all.

oh promise me, to sleep tonight
with the thought of embracing me,
for oh my love, there’s no feeling
beautiful than you, in my arms
and oh how lovely is it all, for oh
my love, you haven’t been told this enough
but now i shall, for oh you’re exquisite.

oh my love, there seems to be no end
to words, that oh comes in my mind
but just because, i heard your voice oh so sweet
which oh was the only music
that could marry the lyric, of our story
and oh how beautiful, would it all feel
for oh you, my love are beautiful!

you love oh so purely,
only to show sides to you
and oh my love, how do i tell you
as to how fun is that childishness of yours
that you seem to be not very proud of
but oh i wish, you knew my love
how in the end, they are the only jewels of your heart
that oh makes my heart flutter, for oh my love
you’re a butterfly in disguise,
making everyone fall in love
as you’d paddle through, the rainbows
that oh my love, you left behind
or was it you smiling all along the way?

i asked

i asked for
shade, i could
take haven in
and oh my love
he gave me you
as my home.

i asked
for a way,
that oh would lead to me
out of this darkness
and oh my dear
he gave me
your smile
that twinkled it’s way
to my heart
and how beautiful
was it?

i asked him
for strength
for just so

i could walk again
and oh my love
he gave me you
smiling back at me
wearing a dress so red
only to make me dance
for oh you’re the
lyric to my music.

i asked him
for water
so as to quench
my thirst
and oh my love
he gave me you
and oh how my thoughts
shifted to you looking
oh so exquisite
for oh my love
you’re an ocean
of feelings
that oh makes
me knees go so weak.

i asked him
for love
and oh my dear
he gave me you
just so i could
write poems so many
just for you
only to make our story
known to all!

i asked for warmth
and oh my love
he gave me you
And oh how lovely
did your skin so soft felt
wrapped in my arms
as i my love
cuddle you to sleep.

i asked for comfort
and oh my dear
he gave me
your voice so
that oh was the
only music
i’d sleep off too.

i asked for care
and oh my love
he gave me you
and oh how lovely did it
feel as and when you
helped me paddle
through these storms!

i asked for nothing, my love
yet he gave me you
and all of a sudden
i had everything.


my night’s are warmer
for the thought of her
wrapped in my arms
is the only dream
i seem to be living.

oh how lovely does
she feel?
for i’m lost in the
prettiest eyes, i have ever seen

i reminisce, only to smile
for oh she looked such a wonder,
this diwali, wearing a Saari oh so yellow.

she was at the mirror
fixing her lipstick
only to surprise her
for i came from behind
while she greeted me,
w a smile so precious
yet oh so innocent,
only to find myself, falling in love
with all of her.

i removed her hair,
from her back
only to plant, kisses oh so many
on her neck,
while holding her
by her waist,
and oh how beautiful was it all?

i leaned in,
while turning her
towards me, only to whisper
“i’ve a surprise”
and oh how beautiful was
the moment, when i witnessed
her twinkling eyes, smiling back at me.

i reached down my pocket
only to take out the earrings
i got for her
only to now whisper, “may i?”
to which oh she nodded.

i kissed her cheek,
only to take an earring
while removing the few strands
on my way.

i asked her to turn
as now we faced the mirror
only to tell her,
how dreamy
was oh she looking

i now opened my eyes
only to feel her, caressing my hair
while i leaned in
only to kiss her, skin so soft
and oh how beautiful, did it all feel?

for oh my memories
lies embraced,
only to be told, until the very end
for the love, i’ve for her
will never stop breathing
for oh she’s the one
and only for me!