oh my love,
i smiled as you called
the romance, that i seem to write
cheesy, in oh a way so lovely
i couldn’t help but fall in love
with all the innocence, that oh my love
i felt in you, and oh how beautiful, does it all feel?

oh how do i make you believe,
as to that oh you’re not at all needy
but oh just so beautiful, in a way of your own
that is oh my love, enough to make anyone
fall for you, for oh my love, you’re the most special
of them all.

oh promise me, to sleep tonight
with the thought of embracing me,
for oh my love, there’s no feeling
beautiful than you, in my arms
and oh how lovely is it all, for oh
my love, you haven’t been told this enough
but now i shall, for oh you’re exquisite.

oh my love, there seems to be no end
to words, that oh comes in my mind
but just because, i heard your voice oh so sweet
which oh was the only music
that could marry the lyric, of our story
and oh how beautiful, would it all feel
for oh you, my love are beautiful!

you love oh so purely,
only to show sides to you
and oh my love, how do i tell you
as to how fun is that childishness of yours
that you seem to be not very proud of
but oh i wish, you knew my love
how in the end, they are the only jewels of your heart
that oh makes my heart flutter, for oh my love
you’re a butterfly in disguise,
making everyone fall in love
as you’d paddle through, the rainbows
that oh my love, you left behind
or was it you smiling all along the way?


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