you’re beautiful, my love

oh my love, how i wish
i could clear all the doubts
that you once had,
for oh my love, there can’t be no one
as beautiful as you, in oh a way so mesmerizing,
that oh my love, one couldn’t help
but spend his every second,
falling in love with all that you’re.

oh my love,
i know how you spent hours
in front of the mirror,
wishing for curves, and oh a dreamy body
but oh i wish you knew, my love
as to how, a guy, sitting across you,
wished just for a single dream, to all the stars, he’d find falling
and it was oh to, embrace you from behind
and whisper in your ears, while holding you, by your waist
as to how beautiful, you were really looking
and oh that, how lovely are all the curves, that you seem to have
but his favorite seem to be the one
that made two smiles, one
for oh my love, he kisses
while you smiled, still kissing away.

oh my love,
how i wished, you knew
as to when you were, placing slices
on those dark circles,
how i adorned, you
on the canvas, that had painted you in it
with all that you were, and oh my love
how beautiful, did you look
with all those, that you think were flaws
but were really the only jewels
i fell for, the first time when oh my love,
i saw you.

oh my love
oh i wish, you had
shown me the memories
that oh seems to have haunted you,
for oh how you thought, they didn’t tell us
about the reality of your beauty
but oh i wish, my love
i could tell you, as to how every picture
that now seems to be lost forever
were the favorite ones of mine
that you could ever take
for oh my love, how do i tell you
that oh you were always beautiful,
and will always be, in oh a way so special,
for oh my love, it’s you after all.

you’re beautiful, my love
to all those, who know you
and especially me, for i’ve read
all that you’re,
and oh i loved,
every breath of it.


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