my lady

lately, i’ve been, at the peak, of my romance. and it is indeed, been beautiful, for oh i’ve been dreaming. and oh my dreams, are something, i’m all about.

i’ve been dreaming of raising a family, with someone, i really admire and respect. i’ve known her for the longest time and i’ve always cared for this women, even when she was being difficult. and it indeed was worth it and it’ll always be, no matter, what lies in the future. 

and if you think, she being difficult, at times, is something, that well just gives you a reason, to let go of her. then oh, i wish, you knew, as to how wrong are you. loving is indeed difficult. but there are these things, that makes it even more beautiful. one needs to make sacrifices in life, for the lady you love. you’ve got to endure pain, for a better tomorrow. it is really important.
no relationship is possible, without all the sacrifices, that the partners, might make. and that’s what makes it, even more beautiful. that’s why, i love, love. and that’s why, i dont mind, her being difficult. i love it. all of it. 
also, you’ve to be understanding. this is really important people. you really have to be. you’ve to understand, her state of mind and support her, as long as it’s the right way. you’ve to. and this is really hard. when you actually, are in that position, you’d know, what i mean. 

loving her is a dream, and oh admitting, all that i feel towards her, was a wish. 

i really don’t know, how many of you, dream of such things. but oh if you do, you know, how exquisite is even the thought of it, as it even, steps in your mind. and i’ve never really dreamt about this right away or expressed in a way, i’m doing right now. but it’s just one of those things, that you do, so as to make your lady smile a bit. and if you’re lucky, she might blush. 

so, this is one of my ways, to make my lady feel special, but just because, i’d like to bring my dream, of making her smile, to live. and this dream of mine, that is of making her smile, is something, i dream about, all day. if you’re like why? it’s simply because of the smile, that oh she’s born with. i love it, for her smile, is an art, in itself, that oh can even mesmerize the blind, for oh it’s something, that is oh just felt, and oh it feels beautiful. you’ve a beautiful smile, love. 

she’s a poetess. and oh a beautiful one. she’s versatile, with her poetry. while on the other hand, the only genre, that i seem to know of, is her. and oh this has been my fav so far. she’s a lady, of a very few words. and so, at times, it’s hard for me to predict, if she liked the poem or not. but all i can do is hope, that she, i guess smiled once, if not the whole time. well, i hope she did, for that’s the only thought, i had in my mind, while writing. 

she’s someone, who well, keeps her pain within her. but well, i dont how, but i can feel people’s emotions, by just talking to them. and i’m sure, a lot of you can. if you really care, you can too. all you have to do is feel. also what she doesn’t like to say, she sneaks all those things in her poetry. i’ve noticed it many times. or rather read. and oh i loved it. because well, i love romance. 

she’s the only reason, i’m sleeping, with the feeling of warmth, slowly grazing over my body, for it’s only me and me only, who knows, the feeling of your lady, laying over you. oh the wamrth, the care, the silence. all of it, is beautiful. oh it makes me speechless and oh it really does. for oh it is really beautiful. it really is. please trust me. these are the things, that oh makes it all so worth it. 

she’s probably, more romantic than me. tho it’ll be hard, for her to win, when it would comes to romance, for even in public, i’d do things, she’d remember ever after. and i live in delhi and i’m pretty confident, so no matter, where in india, are we, if i felt like kissing. i’ll. if i felt calling her, wifey, i’ll make sure, i shout it. if i feel like, hugging i’ll. and no one, but her, can stop it. and if you haven’t yet embarrassed your lady, then what are you even doing? i well, don’t really like it boring. so, i’ll be v stupid and do all things to embarrass her and oh all of it would be beautiful. for oh i’ll give her, reasons to smile, at night, when she’s alone. and if she’s with me, she’d probably be very busy, because well, no matter how much romantic, i might have been, a second ago, i’ll always want more. yes, i’m greedy. 

whenever i find myself walking, on cold nights such as these, every part of me craves for her. wishing that oh she was here. but just so, i could carry her, in my arms and oh then walk until all the miles, that i might travel, feel thirsty. oh how lovely, would it be? like can you imagine? she in my arms, and oh we’d walk, amidst so many people. well, i’ll ofc feel shy, but that won’t make me stop doing, what i so always want to do. i’ll love her in a way, she didn’t know, she could be loved. and oh, even writing this, makes me feel oh just so romantic. i’m really full of it. really.

she has these white shorts. which i’m guessing, is her night wear. and i couldn’t help, but imagine, as to how, beautiful, would it be, to cuddle, with her. i seriously can talk all day, about all the things, i’d do, while cuddling w her, but there’s like so much, that i think, i can write a book, just on cuddling. and i really can. and maybe i’ll and display all our pictures, cuddling. this well, would have been a surprise but well, i’m feeling romantic. so, yeah. i spilled it out.

oh there’s so much more, i want to write. but i’ve to control. for now. she’s not really talking to me. it’s been like a day, since i even asked her, if she’s okay or that how was her day. oh how i wish, i was at her place, waiting for her, as she’d come in, after work, only to make her feel special and do all things so as to make her smile, for oh i’m loving it. 

about raising a family. well, i dont know, i’m just really comfortable with the idea, of looking at her, as a mom, of my daughter. i know, she’ll be a lovely and strict mom. i know she will be. and that’s why, i want this to happen so much. i again, am controlling my emotions, otherwise i would have written a thousand words on just this. i’ll control, dont worry. 

in the end, i’ll say that, love is the most beautiful thing ever. and i don’t know, if well, she likes me and stuff. but even if she didn’t i’ll understand and respect whatever it is that she wants. i’ll be glad, for i atleast made her smile and that i guess, is much more important, that all the dreams and things, i want with her.

and even if she, dosen’t see me like that, it’s fine. i’ll live her smile, as if it was the only family, that oh i ever wanted.

and hey, if you’re reading this, know that, i’m thinking just about you and that oh you’re lovely. i also maybe, miss you.

with love