petals on her earring

oh dear, i know, as to how stressful of a day, it was for you, for oh my love, you worked oh so tirelessly, since oh the waking up of this day. oh as and when you entered home, i could see it in your eyes, my love, but still oh how you sweetly smiled at me, as i slowly took the purse, from you, only to peek a kiss on your cheek. it is for oh days, like these, my love, i don’t mind swimming oceans, so as to look, for the most, pearl like drops, only to then, adorn them, on oh your eyes, which oh my love, were once withering, for oh you were tired, but now, how they bloomed, my love or was it kissing me, on your eyelids, whilst pulling you oh so close, all this while? i, my love, slowly walked us to our bed, while i felt your arms, holding onto me, looking into my eyes, and oh nothing felt more beautiful, my lady. nothing. 
oh how fragrant was this bed, of ours my love, where oh we have spent hours, just cuddling, only to fall in love, even more, as and when we gave birth to new, memories such as those, which oh were just so special, only to us. oh did you feel it, my love? as i slowly undressed you, only to kiss my name, on your belly, which oh my love, was soon to be a home, for our lil one. oh my love, did you feel, my tongue, as i painted, your skin so soft,with the colors of my romance. oh how i kissed my way up, only to reach your chest, just so i could blush, every part of pretty you. oh my love, i kissed that heart of yours, only to move my tongue, in circles, over your breast and oh my love, how musically, did you moan? oh my love, did you feel my kisses oh so gentle, dressing all, was that oh was stripped of you. oh lovely did it feel, my love? as i now was home, for my lips were on yours. and this seemed like a second, but was oh there, for mins so many, but oh it ever enough? oh my love, how lovely, was it all? as you felt, my naked body over yours? oh i felt you kissing, me deep, my love. oh it was just oh so beautiful. every bit of it. oh i loved it. 
oh my love, i still remember, as to how, after all of it, i wrapped my legs, around you, as you lay over me, only to recite, my favorite lines, from a poem, that oh i wrote for you. and oh how you thought, my love, it’d take me a while, to find the lines, but oh i wish, you knew, that oh i had a rose, bookmarking, only to then kiss, my poetry, down your lips, for oh i wanted, to reach that heart of yours, through my words, and oh to this day, i wonder, if it did, my love.
oh my love, i love all of you, and oh this night, where in the end, my love, i planted the petals, on your earring, only to fall asleep.

so, well i’m feeling very romantic, again. I just love romance so much. And well, something i can’t see, is the girl, i’d be w stressed and not smiling. So well, i’ll go great lengths, to do something, to make her smile. And in the end, no matter, how rude she’s with me at first, in the end, it’ll all be worth it. you’ve got to make sacrifices and endure pain, so as to make your lady smile. Loving is easy, yet oh so difficult. 
make your lady, the happiest, and fall in love with the process, for there’s nothing more beautiful. 
and well, is it just me, who uses roses as bookmarks? Or flowers of any kind for that matter?
missing you, love. wherever you’re. waiting to meet you and kiss all that you’re.
see you.



  1. scarlettcat · Dec 1

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Elize Rr · Dec 2

    Love that u express!!! Go, go, inspire us all the time!’🌸🍃🌸🍃🌸

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  3. Shivani. · Dec 3

    How lucky is that lady of yours?
    To have such a great guy looking out for her!

    I guess she’d be ecstatic after reading this!❤


    • srijan · Dec 3

      I don’t think, it’ll be her, who’s lucky. I think it’ll be me, for oh she would be and is a lady, oh so beautiful. i’m just another guy. 🙂
      and well, i don’t know, if she’d like this or not. anyway, thankyou for reading this. means a lot to me.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Shivani. · Dec 3

    I think she must have loved it!
    Don’t underestimate the power of your lovely poems 🙂


    • srijan · Dec 3

      I don’t really have a lady. But in time, when i’m with one, if things go well, i’ll let you know, if she likes my poems. i’m just an amateur. Like i said, she will be and is the beautiful part. 🙂

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