naked thoughts about you, my love

i well, like just woke up to this dream of mine, that oh i wish, i could share with her. but well, i guess, she’s really tired, after her long day at work, and would now, i guess, be just laying in the darkness, writing poetry. and it’s a rather, beautiful image, to imagine, isn’t it? like how lovely, would it be, if oh i was next to her, only to pull her close, as she’d drop these words, on the bed, which then, i’d kiss them up, and leave them engraved on her lips and oh how beautiful, would it all feel? for oh that’s where they belong. 

sorry about that. was just feeling romantic. 

so about the dream. well, i was thinking of her, and well, just wondering about her and things, and then i guess, i passed out like that, only to wake up w a smile, and a few words in my mind, that oh i had to write, for oh i’m feeling just so romantic. and so, the words were. ‘i want you to cook me some homemade food.’ 

and sadly, i just can’t seem to predict, as to what she’d reply to this, because well, i guess, i’ve still, yet to explore this side of hers. and i don’t remember it very clearly, like in the dream. and i know, i cant really ask her, so well, yeah. but it’s fine. 

but well, i imagined. and oh i see her, at a distance, with those,
silhouetted eyes and oh, i wish, i could tell you all, as to how beautiful, of a sight it really is. 

she has thick eyebrows. and oh applies kohl. her dark black eyes, seems to be looking at me, only to make me, imagine castles, that oh i build, from the dust, that oh i sneaked in from her past, only to make all things, that oh once were vintage, but now a reality, i’d like her to live in. 

as these are naked thoughts, and are just, whatever that lies in my mind, i’ll try to be lucid w it. i did feel her, cook me, something that oh she thought, i’d like a lot. and i did remember smiling, to it, as she told me, she’s done. and oh before, i could taste it, i was up.
and so here i lay, alone in this shoebox apartment of mine, wishing i could complete the dream, for tonight, i see very lil hope, of actually living this. 

i do not know, as to where will this go. i do not wish to see it end, but oh if it does end like that, atleast i’ll have no regrets this time, of not being able to express, exactly what was in my mind. nvm.

oh my love, i do not know, if you read me, or if you do not. oh my love, i do not know, if oh on this night, you lay alone, or not. but i do know, my love, that my thoughts, see you, as the only source, of light, for oh they revolve, all around you, only to peek at your parts, which oh my love, you think, are as vain as wax, but oh my love, how i wish you knew, as to, what it really is.

for oh my love, as and when you’d stand naked, and oh look at yourself, on the stood mirror, you’d be flooded, with oh thoughts oh so many. but oh don’t worry, for oh i’ll appear, from within the darkness, unfolding my skin, lil by lil, only to feel your naked self, against mine. and oh my love, i’d kiss on your cheek, only to then, place both of your hands, on my eyes, and there you go, my love. i lended you, my eyes, but just this once, so that i could tell you, all that, you haven’t heard enough, until now.  

oh i heard, you whisper, “what do you think, love?”

and oh my love, i smiled, while i felt your palms still on my eyes. but oh i wish, i could tell you, my love, i saw all of it, for the warmth in your blood, talk to me, and oh so does your shivers, that oh you felt, for oh my love, i was busy teasing, all of you.

you blushed, only to repeat, yourself. 

i still stood there smiling, holding back, the last verse, that oh i felt, could win your heart, but oh my love, it’s no fun like this. for i’ll keep you waiting, till i’m behind you, with your hands on my eyes and oh you shall hear it then. 

sometimes, even i wonder, as to how did i grew up, to become, well someone, who loves romance. and oh, you lovely lady. i had no answer then, but had words. and now i’ve an answer, but no words to express. but oh my love, despite of it all, you’ll know it, for i’ll let you, keep your lips, on my chest, and oh how lovely, would they sound, as they’d now, be heard, beating just your name, since oh a time so long. 

you’re beautiful, my love. i wish you a really happy day, tomorrow. smile away, my love. missing you. and hey, you look adorning w maroon. but soon, maroon will lighten up, only to leave your lips, all wet, for oh i’m coming, to kiss you, through the night.

with love



  1. Pia Majumdar · Dec 4

    Such a sweet poem to read in morning ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. Ashwinder · Dec 4

    loved it! so beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


  3. Chiru · Dec 4

    Wow such a lovely poem..Kudos..!!


  4. Shivani. · Dec 5

    I loved this, Srijan.
    It’s truly enchanting. โค


  5. Fiza Hamid · Dec 5



  6. Madiha Abidi · Dec 5

    loved it ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. shaikhaalthani · Dec 5

    I love how your describing your state and then somehow going back to her state its not easy to do that so you keep writing your born to do this.


  8. Jaya Singh · Dec 6

    Oh wow!! Such a lovely post.


  9. Aclumsyteenager · Dec 9

    Ooohh la la!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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