oh you left, my love

so well, if you like have been reading me, since the past few days, you well, know that i’ve been feeling at the peak of my romance. and it was, because of this, really special lady, that i liked more than i can imagine. i’ve lost the count of number of poems, i’ve written for her, some of which are still in my drafts. and i guess, now they shall stay there. 

i love romance. i really do. it’s a feeling oh so beautiful. and well, this lady, ignited, this corner of my heart, oh just so easily. i well, is the one, who loves to express. and so, i confessed, all that i felt towards her. and it was the most beautiful thing ever. i dont regret it. i’m glad, i did, for i really felt, whatever that i might have said to her. she well, was puzzled. to which, i didn’t say, much. 

all of it was really beautiful. for i’ve written some nice poetry for her and oh i loved the process. she told me, how stressful it gets, after work. and well, so i tried to make her evening’s better, by writing, the desires of my heart, in oh a way so passionate, and how i hoped, that she would smile. and i actually still don’t know, if she did or not. she’s a lady, of a few words. and i don’t think, it would have been right for me, to ask her. and so i didn’t and well, also stopped telling her, that well, i wrote something for her. and so, to this day, i’ve no clue, that well, if she liked any of my poems or not. but even if she didn’t, i hope, that she would have smiled. that’s all i wanted, for oh i loved it, as and whenever she’d smile.

she’s a really sensitive, lady and overthinks, quite a lot. but is just so exquisite. her rosey eyes. her innocent lips. her giggle, which i never got to hear. the kohl, that well, she applies. and so much more. i’ll miss all of it. 

and so, if you still can’t guess, yes, she’s not really around anymore. she very politely, made it clear. and well, no matter, how many things, i wanted to say to her, i just couldn’t. for i know, she’s having her problems. and well, if this is what she wants, i’m no one, to comment or add to her problems. and so, i didn’t. for this is her life. and well, at the end of the day, i know, she’s a lovely lady at heart. and will be a great wife and an equally beautiful mom, to some lucky kids. 

so, now. the main reason, because of which, i like wanted to write this thing. so well, there are times, in life, when you meet people, who are just oh so special to you and are just ineffably beautiful. and she was one such lady in my life. and every time, i meet someone, like her, i tend to surpass my romantic limits, so as make, my lady, feel a lil more special and also help her w a smile. and so, i was working on something. and that’s why, i didn’t post yesterday. because i spent the whole night yesterday, working on it. so, if you’re wondering, what it was. it was nothing much, but well, me trying learn a new font, which then, i would have used to, write her poetry, on paper and would have posted it, on like the blog, by the weekend. but well, life’s unpredictable. it took me a lot of hours, so as to learn the style and i did get the hook of it. and i’ve never really done something like this, so i was giving my all, for a few seconds of her smile. 
anyway, i do have the font ready. but i won’t show it to her or anyone for that matter.  i’ll save it, i guess. but i’ll post the poetry, i planned on dressing w that particular font. in my normal handwriting. it’s at the end, of this post. and i’m sorry, i dont have a nice camera. so couldn’t really get a clear picture. i’ll post the poem, below the picture.

and so, that pretty much sums up, all of it. she’s a really heart warming lady. she just would talk to me, for 5 mins and i would get so romantic.

anyway, i guess, she didn’t like my poems or maybe she i guess, wasn’t really interested in me, in a way, that i was. and so well, she decided, whatever. and i respect it. no matter how, selfish or just immature the decision might be.

in the end, am i sad? ofc, i’m. for it’s just me, who knows, the plans, i had in my mind. it’s just me, who knows, the dreams, i weaved for her and me. it’s just me, who knows, the pain i endured for her to smile, even if it is for a short while. and it’ll always be just me. 

anyway, that’s all. i won’t write for a few days. i guess, i’ll work on a few other things. and when i’m done w them, i’ll share it. 

until then.
with love.

the thing i wrote. 

the beginning  last verse

oh how beautiful, do you seem to be, my love
for oh how i wish, you knew, as to
the amount of emotions, that oh my love
you make me feel, by oh just smiling.

oh my love, i never thought i’d confess
all that i feel for you, my love
but oh now, as i’ve, i can’t help;
imagine the happiness, i feel
every time, i shed my words for you
so as to make you smile.

oh my love, a time soon shall come
when oh all you would do is, nothing less than a smile
for oh my love, i’ll brew you oceans
only to sail a boat of our own. while raising a family 
of three, and oh my love, how beautiful, would it be all?

oh my love, we may be on the cripples
yet your wisdom, will keep us stitched to the ground
while the love, i’d share w you, will help us fly
for oh we’d be in love, ever after. 



  1. Lori M-I · Dec 6

    Sometimes things don’t work out and it has nothing to do with being good enough. It probably just wasn’t meant to be at this time. Best wishes.


    • srijan · Dec 6

      I will never really know, as to why it didn’t. But it’s a part of life. So, it’s fine. Thankyou so much for reading me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. my valiant soul · Dec 9

    It’s beautiful


  3. This was beautiful.


  4. Katherine · Dec 9

    So beautiful and pure!


  5. aruna3 · Dec 28

    Most lovely n sweet emotions.


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