the art that shall never fade

oh my love, i seem to close my eyes and oh imagine you next to me. oh how my love, even on the coldest nights we seem to lay naked, wrapped in arms and oh my love, it truly feels oh so beautiful.
oh my love, my eyes woke up to the sight of you, lying in my arms. and oh as i caressed your bare back, only to kiss those ajar lips of yours only to my love, catch you steal a smile, that oh only belongs on mine.

oh how my love, i slowly came on you, only to kiss my way down, from oh the softest to oh the tender.
oh how my love, i felt you feel, only to bite, on places you’d feel it the most.

oh my love, how lovely did it really feel, as oh i slowly tasted your clit only to feel your body drizzling with emotions so many, but oh my love, only if you knew, that this was just a sweet beginning to the romance that oh i’ve for you. oh how as i held you, my love; by your waist only to oh look into your eyes, while oh my love, my tongue explored deeper within you. oh how my love, you sewed a few to you, with oh my tongue; threaded.

oh my love, your thighs moved apart, only to invite me deeper, while oh my love, i kept looking into your eyes; licking~hard, sucking~gently. oh my love, i felt you pushing me inside, as you grabbed onto my hair and oh how my love, you moaned to the rhythm of my tongue.

oh my love, i’m no painter but oh today i shall memorize you, for tonight is oh so special; sonography.

oh how my love, i spent listening to what lay inside you, while holding your hand and telling you all about that oh we’d do

oh how my love, i asked you to lay; awaiting art, while i got up to fetch a few flowers and some ink. oh how my love, as i came back, i found you laying on one of your sides, in oh the middle, only to oh my love, walk slowly towards you

oh my love, i sat beside you and oh how my love, these petals became the ornaments, to your nipples oh so pink. oh how, gently my love, i enveloped as i plucked, on to your chest; only to my love, fill all the crevices that once oh my love, you walked with. oh my love feel the kisses, that oh seep within you, through these petal, who oh my love, you gave color to; as and when you smiled

oh my love, my heart, felt merry, after sculpturing you, only to then my love; the quill scribbled on our bedsheet, with thoughts that oh my love i had, as i felt you and oh my love, you were the greatest piece of art; that oh was ever born

‘oh my love, you are the one who’d bear our children; the nectar from you, shall oh my love, feed our smallest; for oh it was you all along, my love that oh was the only cavern, for oh this sweet honey
oh my love, i promise you, that oh my lips shall nurture these flowers that lay in my canvas; while my tongue waters, every petal to it

oh my love, as you hold my hand, the roots from you, grows within me. you’re a lotus, under night; within an ocean. a sunflower, under light; a reflection, on oh every evening.
oh you shall branch within me; only to oh bloom on the outside
oh you shall be with me, for oh if not today; tomorrow. if not for a while; oh forever.

oh my love, i’m truly, deeply and wholly in love with you, for oh my love the grassy thorns beneath you, dont scare me, nor do i mind, bleeding while holding you, for oh my love, if you can bear the pain to make us a family, then oh my love, so can i, so as to love you, like you’ve never been loved before.’

my love i do not know, as to what is romance nor oh my love i understand it, but oh my love, all that i know is oh to love, and oh my love, all that i write is, is oh the way, i shall love you, for that’s all i seem to know.


the romantic labor

oh my love, how i sat holding your hand, as we sped through cars. oh my love, how i knew, you were in such discomfort, yet oh you smiled at me while i caressed the nature’s cavern in you, where oh my love, you were kind enough to gave haven to the one, whose movements, i’ve spent listening to myself to sleep, with you oh so close, until yesterday; where now tomorrow my love, we’d sleep with her in our arms.

~oh i can really imagine this. now pregnancy is rather vast, which i shall write all about but oh for now, i shall only share this glimpse that came in my mind, and it is of the final and oh the most painful part~

oh my love, oh how i heard the doctors, asking you to push, but oh my love, i knew as to how exhausted were you

oh how mins turned in hours, as they still asked you to try, but oh my love, but oh you just weren’t able to

oh how my love, i tried so many times, to come in, only to be stopped
oh how i saw through the peeking window as to how tired your eyes were love, which oh were slowly closing

oh how my love, as i saw you starting to lose your conscious, i rushed myself in, to the surprise of all the doctors, only to request them, so as to let me stay

oh my love, i looked at you and all that they were saying to me, remain unheard as oh my love, i slowly held your hand and kissed you on your cheek. oh your tired eyes, peeked a lil and smiled. oh how my love then i ran out, and came in mins w my violin, so as to sing you poetry, that oh my love, i hoped would give you the strength. oh how i asked all there, to let silence prevail as i begin, playing and reciting whatever that oh my love, came to my mind; all that i felt

oh how i started playing rather soft, only to recite ‘oh my love, i know you lie in pain, but oh there is nothing to worry, for oh my love, only after enduring the most pain, does one get blessed, with gifts oh so exquisite
oh my love, i know you lay tired, and oh in pain, but oh my love, think of the baby clothes we went shopping for; oh think about my love, the pram we bought for her to lay in; oh think how innocently in moments, she’d lay in our arms only to leave us the happiest
oh my love, gather the strength and let her come to your arms. oh i know, my love, that oh you’ve been strong but oh my love, it isn’t over yet. oh feel, my love, the power that you’ve been given to create life, oh my love, i ask you to push. oh my love, push

~she screams, nurses massage~

oh my love, reminisce as to how i told you about all the dreams we’d knit as we now become a family into our own reality. oh my love, think oh how would you feel, as oh you’d pick her up in your arms. oh feel it, my love. oh feel the way, she would call out you ‘mom’. oh my love, feel it. oh my love, reminisce all the stories i told you and oh reminisce all that i wrote which oh my love, had all of us
oh my love, i request you to push. oh my love, please oh please push
let her listen, to this music, for she’s the lyric, my love we always wanted to write.

~she screams louder; coming~

oh my love, it is time. oh my love, she has been breathing through you, until now.
but oh my love, it is time for you to let her breathe. oh my love, let her breathe
my love, oh push one last time. oh push, my love. push

~first cry~

oh they cut the cord, only to wrap her in a blanket, after cleaning
oh how my love, your eyes faded; only to open and find me standing w a lil one in my arms. oh you smiled as i slowly, gave her to you, only to kiss you on your cheek and oh i whispered, that oh she’s here.

it is experiences like these which teaches you the beauty of ‘everlasting’. it is not a mere word, but oh a feeling.

that being said; in life, you’d meet many. you’d love them, w all you have; but oh it may not last. heartbroken; but oh don’t be.
understand, that someone everlasting, is still yet to come to you. someone who oh loves you deeply and truly, is still going to come to you and oh he shall be worth all the heartbreaks that you’ve been through.
labor is painful. but with care and love, this pain that she might feel, can be minimized. if you care enough, you’d find a way.

~to love is to hope. to hope is to love~

with love

the one i dearly love only to be the most abstract, for all of her

oh how my love, even after months so many, i still feel all that, just a few to you, made me feel. oh how my love, just oh the thought of you, is enough for this heart of mine, to feel those sensations, that oh my love, brought life to the once submerged dream-like-atlantis. oh how i look in oh those clouded eyes, that oh my love, are still exquisite to me, and oh so are those petal like lips, which oh my love, shall bloom only when; yours would meet mine. oh come closer, my love; let me whisper to you, oh just this once, for oh let my words be the breeze tonight that oh my love, you might need, only to find yourself all curled up, laying in my arms, on nights oh so many, yet oh my love, it will never be enough, for oh i’ve missed you on nights that were warm, yet my heart felt cold, for i didnt feel your heart beating on that of mine.

and oh my love, i shall kiss the softest of you tonight, when all is young, but oh my love, i shall promise to kiss even the wrinkled tomorrow, for if i take your hand tonight, I’d leave it, the day, i lose this world. and still oh my love, it oh won’t be enough, for oh the only reason, I’d choose to live on this land again, with all the pain, that is all around, would be just because my love, i wanted to stumble upon you, yet again, only to this time, my love, spend my nights singing for you, while you push me away; until one.

oh my love, how i look into your eyes, and smile but not as much as oh i once used to, for oh as I’d gaze, you’d look away. oh how then my love, you would sweetly smile, that seemed genuine to all, but oh how i knew, that oh it had everything, but what it was for. and oh how now, my love, the kohl over your eyes, is a mere shadow, of all those sleepless nights that oh my love, you spent teary eyed, thinking of as to what was to become; of tomorrow.

oh my love, i hope you don’t mind, if tonight all the love, that i never spoke to you about, cast it’s light upon you, only to my love, moves to closer, to where you’re from, yet away from all that you were. oh my love, I’ll caress your hair, as you sit on my lap. oh my love, i’ll dare you to feel nothing, while my love, my lips cover all your neck; gently yet with full of passion. oh my love, i’ll lay you on our christmas bed, that still feels warm but just because of my love, it once had you within it’s abstract walls, that oh my love, are nothing but a everlasting wheel of love, that oh whenever strucks midnight, i find myself making love to you, only to remind you, of the warmth, that you are all about.

oh my love, i promise you, that it is not the worry of tomorrow that oh will leave you breathless, but oh my love, it’ll be our fervour lips, on each other will; while my tongue would be the blanket to the coldest corners of your mouth, that shall be; fragrant for oh it bloomed.

oh my dear, fear not, these nights for oh they are the only excerpts, i can find you with me, after tiring days of our own. oh my love, feel yourself naked, lying over me. and oh how my cold finger tips, would make you feel warm, for oh my love, there is no worry that oh can occur to you nor oh can your dreams, while oh our naked bodies would be dwelling in oh a form of poetry, that is whispered by me, and heard by just you.
oh as after all of it, we’d lie there, all sweaty, i’d take you to lay below the sky, only to hold your hand tighter, as slowly, the morning approaches and so does the moment for us to pursue your dreams. hand in hand.

oh my love, let me show you, a form of peace that shall calm you. oh hold my hand and accept my invitation, for oh i’ve asked your presence on my lap, and told you to close your eyes, as i would kiss them. oh let silence prevail and oh let only, my deep voice be heard. oh my love, lose yourself to me, and oh feel as to how i hold you oh so tight, when oh my love, i remove all walls and build you a waterfall. oh feel, the water drizzling through my voice my love and hold my hand as we step in water. oh feel the way, i hold you oh so tight, only to not lose you to the current but oh my love, feel what runs through all over you as you find yourself under the waterfall, yet feel a fountain pouring over you, for oh my, i took the thorns and allowed the petals.
only to my love, find you next to me, as the waterfall, tried; apart. but oh how could he, for oh my love, now we stood stronger, in love; for the win.

so well, this is something that i wrote. and i will now explain a few things. so, if you couldn’t tell, i’ve tried to show as to how people suffering from anxiety can be what they used to be, with a little love and care. now anxiety is different for different people. some get breathless while at it and while some dont. this is just of many symptoms.
love is the solution of them all. love in it’s purest form can heal the deepest wounds. it really can. love is beautiful, people. it really is. oh love is all i seem to know and that seems to be enough.

also if you meditate in a proper way, that also might help.

so, i’ve added both of these and just told you as to what i personally would do if my lady was having anxiety. i also have used this metaphor ‘most abstract’ which means most romantic, if you didnt get it.

love the ones around you. comfort them. be understanding. be loving. be caring. and oh the rest shall follow.

with love

for the only one, with love

oh how lovely, is it really to be married? oh i close my eyes, just this once and imagine it all, that oh might be to it and oh far beyond, to what one could imagine, yet oh it just won’t be enough. for oh, married life is the merry beginning that will have it’s sour days, but oh will be the sweetest thing i would be a part of.

now i would love to marry, but oh with the right person. you’ll stumble upon many, but it is time that oh will make all of it clear, as to who really is the lady, you were always meant to be for.

now the way i see as to how all of it would turn out for me, is rather simple. but oh, if I’ve learned one thing in life, it is to always go for the simplest of them all, for oh they turn out to be the most beautiful.

oh i want a small house, away from all these synthetic lights, under the stars, with oh a lake nearby. oh i want a house, that oh sounds of giggles and not of oh the television.

oh we’d build a home, piece by piece. oh how we’d place everything that is oh dear to us. from beds to sofas. from carpets to our portraits on the walls. oh how beautiful will be the process, of slowly completing this dream of ours?

oh i want a small house, but with love to the brim in it, for in the end, even when the night’s would be cold, I’ll still be warm, for I’ll have all that i love and all that is most important.

oh how i can imagine, having a bedroom of our own, where oh in the wardrobe, shall lie her clothes and a few of mine. and oh how i wish, i could express the beauty of sharing a closet, which oh seems oh so simple, but oh the feeling of living together is most lovely to me, for this is the closest to warmth, that one could ever get. to share is to love, to love is to live.

oh how lovely would be the mornings, when I’d find my wife next to me. oh how lovely would it be, when I’d find her oh so close, wishing for nothing more, for this is all that i ever wanted.

oh we will have so many moments together. before going for a child, i think we would do all that we can and make the best use of this time, that we alone in our small home. making love all morning, after spending the night losing ourselves in some form of art; creating for oh that’d feel bliss.

oh i can seem to imagine, as to how really pleasant would it really be? oh how just closing my eyes, i can seem to imagine, how my wife, would sing while cooking dinner, only to find myself walking towards her and oh how lovely would it be to embrace her, from behind. oh she’d scold me, saying not to; for oh she said that oh she was cooking. but oh how can i not, is all i whispered only to close the burner, as i held her by her waist; removed hair from her back, only to peek a kiss on her neck; while oh she drizzled in love, for oh i felt the sensation of the love that oh we share only to find our lips locked as one. and oh beautiful would it be, as i told her, as to how this was my dream always, only so i could love her in ways that oh seem small, but oh they shall are all that she’d love the most. oh how then, i hugged her oh so tight, and caressed her hair for a while, only to help her with dinner later. and i may not know much about cooking, but oh i do know how to annoy and be all fun.

oh there is so much, that oh i can write about, for the lady alone, who I’d be paired with. oh i just seem to know, that there is not enough ink in this world for me to able to write it all, but i’ve all the voice, to recite it.

i’ve been dreaming of a daughter since oh the longest time, and i can seem to feel it all, even though I’m bridges away from where i would like myself to be.

oh i can’t stop smiling, as i imagine my daughter in her baby chair, in oh the very morning, with oh the food all over and oh it’ll be messy but something I’d cherish until later.

oh how at night, I’ll be the swing, only to put my daughter to sleep as i swirl her from left to right, while my wife gazes at me from the bed, and oh i would smile at her only to kiss my daughter for oh i know that oh she was looking a wonder, just like her mother.

oh i can imagine on other nights, i would find my daughter next to me on the bed, only as i caress her belly, while oh she giggles. oh how beautifully she’d hold on to my finger; w her eyes that felt oh so innocently sweet.

oh is it just me, that can imagine his lil daughter, in the living room, playing in oh a world of her own. oh she’d giggle when my wife would be all cuddly w her. oh how beautiful would it be, when she’d pick her up in her arms and make all these cute faces only to look oh so adorning; to my life and oh i’d really understand as to how beautiful it can really get. oh as I’d come after work and my daughter would greet me, coming running, trying to say, ‘papa’. oh how her gibberish would make me, pick her up as in my arms and sit at the couch while my wife would sit beside us, and no matter how tired I’d be, that would be a thing of the past.

nothing is more beautiful than to see your wife, with your daughter. oh the way, they are. the way, my wife would make our lil one smile. the way, she would be all stupid with her. oh there is so much to it. and oh i wish, you could see, what i see. you could feel, what i feel.

oh how lovely would it be, as i would help my daughter to wake up in the morning, for school. oh she’d be all sleepy as I’d dress her in her uniform and would take her hand so as to drop her at school.

oh how when my daughter would make mistakes, I’d call her so as to scold her a bit only to find her have gloomy eyes and oh how adorable would oh she look, as she’d stand in her lil frock, only to make me melt and oh i’d invite her on my lap, and oh while hugging her and i’d explain the lessons that are important.

oh my life, would seem to revolve around my sweet family, but there is actually so much to it. the one who created all, made so many things that are beyond beautiful. the whole theme of living the married life is form of art that not many notices but it is of the utmost value.

oh it is really beautiful, people; to be married. it really is. and i haven’t met the one, I’d marry but oh i shall soon.

i would love nothing more but to live together with oh the one that oh shall remain. oh people may forget me, but oh i’ll be sure to engrave her on this mortal land only to keep her beauty alive even when I’m gone, for oh she would deserves it all.

there is much more to the married life. responsibilities, commitments, providing and planning for the future are some of them.

now personally to me, i dont think money is that important. yes money does give you a lot of benefits, but i think I’ll be happy even if I’m able to earn whatever that is necessary. there’s a beauty, in not having all of it. now I never saw myself as a 9 to 5 one, but oh if i were to go home to this, i wouldn’t mind it.

married life is precious. and so is love. respect it.

with love

tonight i let my heart talk raw

it is rather late, as i begin to write this. i’ll be sharing this lil glimpse that i saw, last night when i was writing poetry. and it stuck with me. and it’s something that i personally find really beautiful. you may or may not feel the same.

so well, if you didn’t know, i love, love and all things around it. there’s something about romance and oh this feeling that we all know as love, which oh whenever i think about it oh i smile. for please oh please trust me, love is beautiful. it really is. there’s so much to it. it is an instrument in itself.

love wisely, people. and oh love truly. love is like water. it can nurture to grow one but it can also perish all that there is.

i love to love. and whenever i’ve loved, oh i’ve loved truly and deeply. and love for me, is simply beautiful. and that’s why the language that i use to express all my feelings is rather simple. and it is meant to be that way. all that i’ve written is not fiction. it is the only reality that I’m aware of.

and now people at times term my love as being not realistic. to which my answer is to maintain my silence. for i know, the feelings that i felt while writing them. oh the joy that i felt as my words brought my dreams a step closer of becoming a reality. oh the feeling of it all. it is exquisite. i still remember the feeling w which i wrote this lil dream of how Christmas would be like for me and personally it was one of the best things i’ve ever written. for oh the feeling of her in my arms as we’d be all wrapped up in a blanket, sitting near our Christmas tree, with our lil daughter playing in front of us. nothing can be more beautiful to me, than to live this moment. i loved writing it and i’ve no regrets. for all of it was exquisite. the lady. the dream. and oh the raw beauty of it all.

now it has also been my dream to marry. marry the girl, only to love, forever. that’s where i wish to be.

now getting married is a beautiful process. and i do very much look forward to it. but that dosent mean, i dont think about the things around it. i do understand the responsibility i’ll be getting myself into and i know, reality isn’t a fairytale but it’s how you see it. i love, love but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. i understand the importance of money and all the rest that comes with it. i just dont include it in my writing, for oh how will i ever be able to enjoy the rain, if I’d be worried about getting wet?

now, I’m not sure, as to who is the girl, I’d meet only to oh marry her on a lovely day. she’ll be the adjective to my life and all that I’m a part of.

now if the lady i end up with was a doctor, it would be quite lovely. she would have worked just so hard to be where she is. and i just can’t get any more lucky if i’m ever with one. for i know how tirelessly they work.

so this is the glimpse that i had. so well, my own doctor had an off and she was laying on the bed. now i can talk about how I’d take care of her in the very morning with breakfast and all that, which I’m sure every guy in love would love to, but I’ll probably write all of it later haha, so that’s a bit different. anyway, after doing all the things, i was w our daughter while mom was busy reading. let’s call my daughter, tiara. so, tiara and i were playing and i was helping w her math. and she soon was finished w it only to tell me that she’s bored and have nothing else to do. so well, i saw her mom sitting next to us and an idea came to me. i got up and went to the kitchen and asked tiara to place her baby chairs in our bedroom. and well, mom asked her cutely in a cute voice as to what she was doing. and tiara told her mom. so well, i then picked up my wife, to her surprise and asked her to wear her doctor outfit and a stethoscope, while carrying her to our room.

she was surprised and so was my daughter. i told tiara that we are playing doctor doctor and that she was my mom and i was her son. and she had to take me to mom so as to have a check up.

and while my wife in the room was wearing what i asked her to and wondering what is all this about. ny daughter held my finger and started scolding me oh so sweetly while on our way to our bedroom. she was scolding me so adorably, oh i just melted. i really did.

we knocked on the door and she ler her in and now my wife understood what was going on when she heard tiara scolding me, and telling the doctor that how i always eat ice cream even tho she couldn’t spell it properly but oh how cute was it really?

doctor invited us and and asked us to sit. it was difficult to sit on those lil chairs. anyway, she asked tiara as to what happened to this manchild. and she told something and mom was pulling her cheeks and correcting her english and hindi and oh i just gazed at both of them, for i knew this is where i belong.

so well then i became the naughty kid and started annoying mom. tiara was scolding me. 😦
i dropped a few pencils and tiara apologized to the doctor and was scolding me. trying to 😛 she also made me pick up all of them. my daughter pulled my cheeks while scolding me and this made the doctor giggle and all the pain i was feeling was like a breeze, for i was still smiling.

they then asked me to lay down, and and mom came w her stethoscope to me, to listen to the beating of my heart while tiara was trying to look all worried while eating chocolate. i told her to go and wash her hands and while she went, i pulled her mom closer, and oh my lips met her as she lay on me and we cuddled and then as tiara came back i told her, that doctor said hugging would cure my illness. so asked her to come in between us. and then she came in between and well we hugged and smiled and loved every bit of it, only to find my wife reaching out to hold my hand while i sneaked towards her to kiss her.

so this is what came to my mind. and so well, i can have such moments with ladies from whatever profession that they might be in. they can be lawyers, working in the army, teachers, or whatever. i think I’ll be able to find a way, to do something nice and fun.

and i know one thing for sure that the girl I’d be with will be something different and just unpredictable. i love the thrill and being in places where oh it’ll be worth the risk. to do the same old boring thing like watching a movie in a theatre or having a fancy dinner is not me.

and so this was the thing that came to my mind. and i can be all poetic about it but i just really wanted to be real about it. love is beautiful people. love with all you have and when it breaks, no matter how wrong the other person might be, let it go. it’ll hurt a while, for oh the memories are too beautiful to let go off but you have to. don’t remain where you were yesterday for if you did, you’d miss the chance of actually being happy in the near future.

i’ll always love, love and as to what i’ve become. love is beautiful. and you’d know you’re in love, when you’d feel a sensation through you as you’d write for her or love her in your own way. if you’re familiar w the violin or even have heard it, you’d know the sound it has is bit deeper and is just more felt. the vibrato it produces is the abstract sensation that one might feel. love with all you have and make sure you’ve no regrets of not confessing earlier to people you think are perfect for you. who personally for me, can be a lovely mom. i’ve confessed once. 🙂

and no matter what happens later atleast you tried. it would hurt but you’ll be fine.
also it is important to understand that one should never let the child that is there is everyone die. it is a part of our innocence which is quite important.

thankyou for reading.

with love, until then

loving the one in pain today, only to marry her tomorrow, while she’d be smiling

oh my dear, i seem to be feeling
oh the happiest of them all tonight,
for oh my love, tonight I’ll speak of the brewing love
that oh my love, I’ve started feeling
for oh all of you

oh how my love, your words seem to have
caught my eye, for oh my love
i’ve felt you from within, through these words that oh you write my love
and oh how beautiful is really all of it?

oh my love, come closer and whisper me your name
just so my love, i could sing it
to all willing to listen
and oh my love, they all shall agree
to the beauty of that i felt in you
that my love, my voice would make them feel
but oh only if they knew, that oh it isn’t me
but the feeling of you, that is adorning alone
for the only ornaments, my naked voice is wearing
is oh my love, your name

oh my love, the kohl over your eyes
would oh my love, always remind
that oh there’s beauty in this darkness
but if only my love, it is lucky enough
to have as twinkly eyes as those of yours

oh my love, i know that oh you live in a world of torment
which oh makes you feel oh so lonely
only to my love, wake up oh so tired
after laying awake all night.

oh my love, i know how fatigue prisons you
as oh my love, you open those eyes
wishing that oh they’d close forever
only to lose all that, my love interests you

oh my love, i wouldn’t lie
but oh it did make me a drop a tear
only to wish, that oh tonight my dear
i was laying next to you
so as to slowly, caress your hair
while I’d kiss your eyes close
just after feeding you, while you sat on my lap
telling me all about your day

and oh my love, how after wishing for times so many
on oh the thirteenth, my dream that i slept w all these nights
came to life.

oh my love, oh how i came on an eve
when oh you weren’t expecting to see me for oh my love, today will oh be the first day
that your heart beats faster
for oh my love, you’ll be my canvas tonight
that i paint w my lips
only to scribble poetry at the end of it
and tell you my love, as to how beautiful it is all

oh my love, tonight i wish to
kiss you all over, only to my love 
show you as to how romantic these nights can be

oh my love, oh i wouldn’t allow you
to shed any more tears
but oh would ask you, as to oh, how did it feel
as my love, i held you
by your waist, only to kiss your cheek
after which my love, the only thing i saw you dressed in
was your smile
as i gently helped you on our bed
and oh my love, you looked oh so pretty
just the form of art everyone wished to call their own
for oh my love, i dont need a picasso or a van gogh
but oh just you, for oh my love, all that could adorn our walls
are just you and me, with our lil one; framed 

oh my love, let me tease you through the night
as i start to kiss the sides of your lips
waiting for you to grab my hair
and pull me closer
and oh my love, how then we’d make out
only to feel a smile, whilst kissing

oh my love, caress my hair
while i kiss on oh your tender heart
only to go further down
until you feel, my love
that oh the only thing that envelops you
are my kisses, on every inch of you, with oh a smile so shy

oh my love, after our passionate selves
have explored the shades of love, that oh we share
oh my love, i shall sit w you on my lap
all naked, under a blanket
only to be there you for you, my love
while oh my love, you write your book
while i tease you, at times

oh how time shall pass, with you still on my lap
writing what you love
filling pages w your wisdom and exquisite self
only to mesmerize all.

oh my love, as it’d get late
i’ll slowly my love
pull you to sleep, in my arms
only to recite you a story
of our future

oh my love, i shall smile
as i’d find you sleeping, only to my love
switch off the lamp that stood on the bed side table
only to kiss you, on oh your forehead

and oh my love, you’d wake up
fearing from the nightmares of the past
only to my love, find me gesturing you
for oh you to lay on me
for oh my love, you’ve nothing to be afraid of anymore

oh my love, hold my hand
and know that you now my love, will never be alone
for oh all that once frosted your heart
will now, my love
melt because of your newly found love
that oh my love, was destined 

oh how sweetly you lay oh over me
such that my love, i lay awake the first few nights
so as to be there for you, only to realize that oh you were the one
for oh my love, your breathing synced w the beating of my heart

oh my love, you woke up with
kisses that oh were unspoken of
that i showered you w through the night
while you lay, over me

your eyes peeked at the light
only to find you, wrapped in my arms
and oh how my love, just before waking up
we made love, like we never have
and oh my love, all of it felt home again

love cures all misery. to love is to live. to live is to love.
to all those, who are in pain, know that you’re not alone.
with love,
until next time

caressing the once touched

oh my beloved, i wish to find you near
only to find your palm syncing with that of mine
and oh my love, how beautiful did it feel,
as i felt it on my cheek
only to lean in and paint my lips on your cheeks
while oh my love, i lived my dream
of being the only
jewel that oh my love, rests tonight
on your sky-like bold eyes

oh my love, i wish to apologize
for peeking deeper in those eyes
for oh I’m still a mere stranger
but oh my love, now as i have
only to feel the pain, that you’ve been hiding
oh my love, i want you to
perform it to, all of me

oh my love, let my embrace be your stage
and oh my beloved, recite your pain as if it’s the poetry,
you were born to write
oh sing your scars to me, my love
paint this nightmare, to me tonight
only to never return to it, ever again
for oh my love, all the pain that you felt in your past
will become your strength tomorrow
and oh my love, i shall promise you
that oh until i stand beside you
no form of pain,
would oh my love, be able to breach your thoughts

oh how my love, when your lips let out the echo of you sobbing
as you reminisced one last time
about that day,
when oh my love, you felt the,
stranger coldness strolling on your bare chest
only to leave you still, in oh a state of shock
while his fun touch became the highlight of your life

oh my love, the unsaid was never said
for i was still, gazing in your eyes
with you on my lap
and oh my love, my lips breezed in
to meet those of yours
and oh how my love, once locked
they began their journey, that will lead us; breathless

oh my love, while oh you were in my arms
with your lip on mine
all wrapped up, i peeked at the corners and the edges
of your heart, and imagined the sight
only to my love, swear on my own self
to do all that i ever could,
such that my love, you never have to revisit these again

oh my love, how i felt
the salt in your tears, as it reached my lip
for oh my love, you knew
that i knew, what remained unheard for years

oh my love, i told you
as to how beautifully these tears
adorn you, and oh are the only pearls
that could make you look exquisite
but only when you were smiling, love

oh my love, the was gazing at things he find pretty
only to imitate you, in her own way
and oh my love, look how beautifully she painted you
for oh it rained, whilst the sun still shined bright

oh my love, I’ll make you forget the times
you spent trying to fade his touch
from your body
only to oh my love, caress all of you
in my own layers of poetry
that my love, will be the warmth you’d ever need
only to witness my love, as and when you’d read them
for you’d my love, feel the softness of the comfort,
that oh my love would put you to sleep,
on nights when oh i’d be away

oh my love, i ask forgiveness
for all the bad, that has been done to you

let me, my love
take care of you, for that has always been my dream

oh let me, my dear
feel you, in my arms
while you feel my breath, lingering over your naked skin
as my love, i was kissing my way through all of you

and oh my love, a day shall come
when all my love, that would had been surrounding you
for oh so long, would dissolve
just like my love, the moon dissolves itself in the dark sky
to end all darkness.

and oh my love, then there will be no more reasons for you to hide
or have nights when you would feel alone; unable to sleep
for oh my love, in the end
when we’d be one and together
the only thing that oh my love
would come to your mind
would be me smiling, for oh i’ll be there until forever
reciting to only you.