the spectacled one

oh how i seem to have lost myself, in her gaze as oh i find her, in a cute sweater; spectacled and oh i knew, that oh i wanted to be the only reflection, that she forms in her oh so lovely eyes.

oh how i could see, patches of light, in her eyes wishing they were the windows to a house, that i could build into a home, for us to live in and oh how beautiful would it be?
oh how i can imagine her, laying in my arms, on a sunday morning, snuggling in on my chest. oh how i would, find her laying over me, while oh i recite her words so few, that were always in me, waiting to stumble upon her, for oh, all it took was a glance.

oh how i love the mascara on her eyes, but oh i still seem to feel, as if it were to

for this lady, of a few words, speaks less, yet feels storms so many within.
oh how i seem to have felt all that one could never see. only to make me wish.

and oh i wished.
i wished her to feel, my hand in hers. as we row through every storm; smiling.
oh how i wished, i could have her close enough, so she could feel the softness of my eyelids, blinking on her skin; butterfly kiss
oh how i wished, to adorn our nights, with echoes of her fleeting giggles; for my love would tease, only to make her smile
oh how i wished, for nothing special, but to hold her by her waist, and ask her, about all her pain, as i gaze at just two of what’s most exquisite and still feel all of her and oh how i slowly felt her sleep, after caressing her heart, with my lips and through a few poems of mine; one for every tear that oh she lost, amidst fabric.

oh how she wrote about her absence, and oh i couldn’t resist but wish, that oh she was here, in my arms, so that all the parts of her, that oh lay torn once; knitted, thread by thread.

oh how the love, that oh she’d feel, would seep within; entwining every crevice.

oh how as we would lock lips, with oh our eyes closed only to love the peace, of this sweet touch, that brewed our love further, that oh we would share; simply but oh so purely.

oh how i wish, i could tell her, that oh i wrote her words so few, to see her smile, from a distance, and oh she’d shine so bright.

but i stand a mere stranger, never to be met, but oh i still hope and wait.

hoping she forgets, her usual; and oh how while looking for her house, absent minded;
waiting she took my hand in her, as it stretched reaching out to her, helping her up, for oh she thought, she tripped but oh instead; glanced at her only home.


kissed within the waterfall, made love amidst flowers

i’ve been planning a trip to Uttarakhand for a few weeks now and oh there’s so much to it.
now I’ll probably visit sometime next week and well, while doing my research, i couldn’t help but imagine, oh the feeling of a sweet love beside you, at every step, while you travel in an unknown wilderness.

now as much as i’d like to travel with a girl, who i’m in love with, being single dosen’t help much at it. so i guess, i’ll be travelling alone! but tonight, i shall imagine.

Uttarakhand is full of nature and so many things to do, but i’ve planned for three places: Dehradun, mussoorie and landour. well, now it is not possible for me to plan this trip at every step, but i can atleast plan, as to oh where I’d love to be.

I’m in delhi and so the best way, to reach dehradun will be by road. to be precise, bus.

and well, is it just me, who can imagine as to how romantic can bus rides get?
oh how i can imagine, as oh i’d meet my love, at the bus terminal. oh how we would travel by night, just so we could pass by the stars, while lost in conversations of our future. oh how, i’d book seats, of the last seat, where there will be the least eyes on us, as oh i spent this journey of a few hours loving. oh how i’d invite her, on my lap, just so she could look outside the window, while oh i plant kisses on her neck, like i never have. oh how i would hold her, by her waist, and let her feel my warm breath on her neck and oh how she’d blush and smile, as oh i’d hug her tight. while holding her close, kissing on her cheek times so many, only to love her in a way, oh she would want relive this journey time and again. oh how i can imagine buying us snacks that oh she’d love eating. oh how i’d feed her, only to tease her often, only to find her laying on me, as i look outside, after tucking her under a shawl, that oh i had got, for just this and oh how beautiful, would it be?

so after this 6 hour journey, i’ll be in dehradun. i’ll reach late, so i’ll just head to my room, that i’d book. and if i’ve the girl, i love oh how i’d make love to her that night, only to sleep with her in my arms later and oh how we’d wake up to each other smiling and oh how beautiful, would it really be?

now if i sat to write every lil thing, this blog will become a story in itself, because there will be so much to do. and my romance or the way of it shall evolve with the new surroundings. so , i’ll save them for someone special. i’ll just highlight, the best things that i would have done, if i was with a girl.

so, after this the next exciting thing, that i’ll probably do is go and explore a few waterfalls. the natural ones. as i’ll come across one, i shall gaze at it’s beauty for a while. oh how if i was with the girl i love, how i’d hold her hand, only to walk near the pouring water. oh how i’d feel a cold breeze flowing through my body, only to pick her up in my arms, and stand right under the pouring water and oh my love, how beautiful, would it be? oh how my love, we’d smile as i swirl you in circles, while trying not to fall, with excitement filling my eyes, oh how beautiful, would it be?
oh how my love, then i’d have you stand next to me, only to pull you closer, and oh baby, i’d kiss you away, like there’s no tomorrow. oh baby, i shall water your once dry lips, for oh my love, they unfurled for oh the first time in years, for oh my love, your heart knew, it is time, they bloom with my smile carved on them. oh baby, i shall be the breath, that you seem to gasp for. i shall be the warmth, you’d never ever have to wander for anymore, for oh my love, this is it and ohh you’re the one and only for me.

oh i can also imagine myself, driving a car to some hilltop, from where oh i could overlook the whole city, with flickering lights and lakes strumming away, as they flow. oh how as i’d find myself, reaching the top, only to lay on top of the car, with my love, in my arms as we watch the starry sky, and witness the scenic sight or was i oh lost in her eyes?
we’d walk against it’s edges, my love, in the moments of our warmth love, i’d make love to you, in an open empty field, within flowers, under the stars, and oh my love, i’d love every bit of it and especially you.

then i’ll just lay with her laying on my chest, and watch the stars twinkle. and oh it’d feel beautiful.

now all of this, makes me wish, i had someone, i could go with, but well, i guess i’ve to wait.
someone told me yesterday that patience is indeed the key. she was a oh beautiful one. and so it must be true, for i believe in the purest, for they always speak the truth.

i guess, i’ll visit these areas alone today, and bury my poetry there, only to visit these places soon, with a hand in mine, only to cuddle above those buried words, that i wrote, sharing how i’d love, only to that day witness it come to live and oh how i learnt that love was never abstract. for oh it lives. oh it does.

i fall short of words, or maybe i just dont want to say all of it, for please trust me, when i say, that oh it shall never be enough, for my mere words cannot contain the whole of love, that oh i’d feel or would express. for love is an universe, it only grows and oh shall ever after.

love is beautiful, people. love with all you have. love shall conquer every misery. know that, in this life if you’ve loved well, know that you’ve lived well.

i’ve so much more to say, but i shall stop for now
there, i leave you all; a glimpse of how i’d love
in my own ways, innocently teased
sweetly cared for, and loved oh so purely.

with love

qubool hai

aakhon ne hai meri, khoja aapko
par kaise yeh btau, ki milaya
humare apne dilo ne
jo jii dhadkte hai alag,
par hai ek hi aasmaan ke, khwaab do

qubool hai mughe, woh har gunha
jo roke mughe, krne se aapse se mohabbat

qubool hai mughe, woh har cheez, jo khoni padegi mughe;
paane aapko

par na jaane kyu jii, aap kabhi kuch nahi btate
kab tak yuhi chupke muskuraoge, jab bhi main btau aapko,
mere dil ki harkatein

kisise kya darna, jab khada rahu main aapke kareeb
kyu itna sharmana, jabhi bhi pakdhu main aapka haath
kiska intezaar, kr rhe aap; Kiska?

fir bhi na ruku main, kyuki hai mughe paana; sirf aapko

dekhu sapne
bnane ke ek qaafila
jisko bnaye hum, humara ghar
ja rhe do aaj; par kuch kal

sunni hai mughe, woh saari kahaniya
jo dekhi maine aapki aakhon mein

aapko dil se hai lgana, chahe din ho ya raat
kho hi jau, jahan tha humesha khona

aapko apni godi mein bithakar,
apne hotho se aapke mila lu
aur kru mehsoos, aapko
thoda sharmate, thoda muskurate

aapko apni baaho mein, paake
har raat jab nikle chaand, dekhe hume lete
ginte hue uske taare, woh bhi muskuraye
kyuki hua hai usko bhi pyaar, sabse khoobsurat taare se
jo hai mere dil ke kitne pass, jisko dhudh rhi thi uski nazrein

kaise woh pukare aapko, rehne bulaye uske pass
jaha dekhenge na jaane kitne

btaye kitna hi hai, aafreen woh
rakhega khushi, rakh ke aapko uske bagiche mein

sunke bhi aapne jaise na suna ho
paaya aapko maine, meri aakhon mein dekhta hua
mere haathon mein apna saath bnaye
aap ko kehte suna

kaise aajau main uss bagiche mein
jaha khilte na jaane kitne
chodke inko, jahan inke dil
mein hai sirf ek; main
aaj gulab, toh kal khilu jaise kamal

kaise aajau tumhare aasman mein
inka haath chodke
jaha sakti hu main udd, haste-muskurate inke saath

kaise aajau wahan, jahan bhale dekhe log na jaane kitne
par kare sirf pyaar tumhe

kaise jaane du inka pyaar, jo krti hu main mehsoos
jabh bhi lgate yeh gale

kkaise jaane du, inke alfaaz
jo har raat yeh gaate mere liye

kaise jaane du main inhe, kyuki sajaya inhone mughe
jaise kabhi koi na kr saka

kaise jaane du, yeh ghar jo bnaya inne
pakadke ke mera haath

kaise chalu saath tumhare
bhulake woh saari raate, jinme khilaya mughe khaana inne

kaise chodh du inhe
jo samajte hai mughe, jaise koi na samjha
kabhi na kaha gya, kabhi thi main darti
kabhi main sharmati
par aaj kehti hu, ki han
mughe hua hai inse pyaar; qubool hai”

this poem has a deeper meaning to it. understand it. and then embrace it.

love is beautiful. i’ll always love, love. sometimes, i wish i was in love with a poet, so that we could write poetry together. would have been quite lovely. maybe one day, i’ll meet one 🙂

i do wish, i had someone i could write for. it’s just a really nice and warm feeling. one day, i guess.

with love

oh i feel

oh i feel it all, all that breathes within, on this land that we live in

oh i feel the soft innocence of hope, of kids so small
awaiting their mom’s embrace, at the door
while their mother lay buried, deep inside

oh i feel the pain, of this lady
who would tremble, when alone, on nights
for she could still feel, how her hands were tied
while a few smiled, as they entered her

oh i feel the pain, of this lady
who oh still remembers, as to how her daughter, wanted to skip school

while oh her lil one walked in smiling; holding her tears, while mommy waved
only to find her carried out, shot-dead

and oh how she held the withered body against her chest and sobbed

oh how i feel the pain, of the man
who felt witness, as his new born, snatched
burnt; a seed

oh how i feel the pain, of the lady; pregnant
who stood, waving goodbye, to the man he loves
as he came too soon, in a grave
over which lay a sobbing wife, and a fatherless child; saluted

oh i feel the pain of so many more, and oh i cry for all of them and promise. promise to spread the love, that i have in me, so that the broken have hope, the crying, smiles and the still innocent, gets to know what love is.

until then, with love

mere dil ka ek khayal; woh

mere dil ka ek khayal woh, jisne khoya unhe
jinhone milaya unn taaro se

mere dil ka ek khayal woh, jinki halki muskurahat ne
sil diye mere saare sapne, abh basna hai mughe sirf wahan, jaa rahe woh

mere dil ka ek khayal woh
jinka paana hai saath, mere in haathon mein
sajane mughe kitne sapne, unko paake apni baahon mein
pochne unke saare dukh, jo dikhe unki aakhon mein

mere dil ka ek khayal woh, jinki bholi si muskan mein, mughe mile apna sab
kho jau sapno mein, jaa rahe sirf woh
lage kitna sundar, jab meri palke khule har subeh
aur paaye sirf unhe

mere dil ka ek khayal woh; jo hai jaise ek raag
kyuki sajaya unhone, meri iss zindagi ko

mere dil ka ek khayal woh
khoju main, unhe har subeh
lagane ke liye gale, aur kare woh mehsoos
kuch fool, unki baalon mein
jinko lgaya maine, par khilwaye woh

mere dil ka ek khayal woh, jinse na hoke bhi, hua mughe pyaar

meri sirf ek mankirat usse, jo likhe sab
milade hume; ek baar, mila de
fir na chootega humara yeh saath,
jiske baare mein btaye aaj, mere yeh kuch alfaz
kyuki mere dil ka sirf ek khayal; woh

wrote this in hindi. wishing could recite this to her. for it’s just me, who knows how to recite this. there are some parts to it, which are soft. some have passion. some have tears in them.

it felt nice, to write love after a long time. wondering how would it feel, to walk up to a lady with a piece of paper, just so i could just express what i wrote. maybe i’ll know, one day.

with love, until then


i remember once, i was asked, as to why do i only write love. for there is so much more, that one could possibly write and it is indeed true, for there is.

and i remember telling her, that oh there is enough of the rest, but not quite enough, of what is simple and soft. forgiving and kind. warm and sweet. and oh that is nothing, but love.

now if i were to be honest, i haven’t read a lot of poets or books. even that; i haven’t read a book in years.
i’ve still written. stills from my mind. which oh i find, beautiful. glimpses of what i may do, so as to love.

i wouldn’t know, how to define romance. but oh i would know, what romance feels like.
i close my eyes, and oh i feel passion. i also feel, some shy smiles. a lil comfort and oh warmth.
love and romance, may feel the same, but oh they are not. love feels soft, whereas romance is fervent.

every work of mine, has a common journey to it. the theme of it, shifts from passionate romance to soft love. that is the one of many foundations, of my lil blog.
close the reader and visit the same, on the site. scroll from, far above on this page, to the lowest and you would know, the difference i was talking about. i could imagine it in their meanings and now, maybe you can too.

i’m also quite sensitive, which only makes me feel a lil too much. and that is why, i’m able to express. that is why, i’m able to write.
love makes me feel. love makes me smile. love makes me forget.

love all; truly and purely. please oh please, dont pollute it.

i’m and will always be an ordinary guy, who was brought up, by two loving parents.
i’m also a simple guy, who loves to love. and when i do love, i always love deeply, truly and purely.

love; is the cure for the wounded. is the path for the lost. is the reason to smile, for oh the broken. is abstract but the only truth.

tonight, i love through my words, for a few; but tomorrow i shall love through all of me, for all

with love, until then