the one with the nose-ring

oh how i still dream of, the way her eyes would shimmer; warming the hearts of those who lay aquiver

oh how this dead paper brings my love to life only to wish that oh i could envelope this in one and fly to; where she oh so sweetly resides

sketching lines on a blank one; some curved, some straight
yet oh all of them when read; feel oh so beautiful

short haired;
a kohl beginning
with eclipse like pupils, amidst a white sky
oh she smiles sunsets, for oh her lips are rosey from afar;
while tasting sunflowery; when caressed

oh she’s mesmerizing
for not just what i see
but for that oh,
all of her feels;

i write to her, today;

tomorrow, i shall write on her

all of my love

oh brews within her;

a birth, that oh i’ve awaited

until; her


writing jewels; all of her

every word, that oh you wrote; slowly unfurls
a feeling to you, that oh was my calling
to begin writing; again for oh just you
so that oh the curves on you,
that oh lay still; with a drink within your palm
now oh shall swirl with that of me
as oh the coldness of the drink
now lies shattered, somewhere far away
while you feel my hand in yours,
as we now, dance barefoot under the stars
and oh how warm, was the smile
i felt on my lips, that oh belonged to you
for oh my love, the first time i felt you
i knew, that oh you were special.

oh how, you’ve performed smiling
keeping all to you, within
yet were always the shoulders, for salts so many
but oh my love, as tonight
that oh i see you in a dress so pink
i ask you to open your tender heart
that beats through the crevices of past
that oh my love, i wish
my kisses were the thread
for as oh my love, i would caress through the soft you; knitted.

with my strong arms wide open
my embrace calls for you
for oh my love, all that lies tomorrow


as i caress your hair, you drop a tear
while laying in my arms
for me to kiss it, and again
until you’ve no more hidden

oh your hand being my naked sky
while oh my love, i kiss lines to it
for oh my dear, with oh the love
that we share, we shall write
a path for two, leading to a farm
where oh you lay writing
while i be the shade, of all that we would plant
some giggled; some bloomed

and now oh my love, you had it all.
ornaments; we nurtured as one, at peace
deep in the woods

with all the pain that once thrived
now vanished

for i loved you as if you were the lyric
to my music
and that oh my love, was all the family, you ever longed for!