i’ve stumbled upon
smiles oh so many
and was oh so lucky
to be able to held a few; in the palm of my eyes yet oh i married the only one
that oh would fit, on that of mine;
and oh how beautiful did it feel
as i felt her smile; tasting oh so sweet
for oh she became the only shore
i’d caress my love with
only to build us a beach, and brew us an ocean yet oh I never knew, what salt tasted like
for oh i had raised myself a sweet lil home


hijabi, yet not

I was in Jamia Milia with a book in my hand and well was waiting for a friend. It was rather hot today, but well somehow today, i didn’t feel it.

While at it, I saw this really pretty lady who walked past me and all it took was just a glance and oh my heart felt sweet within as i saw her smile. Now generally, I don’t look twice but this lady was really gorgeous. Oh I tried to read, the book in my hand; but all the words in it, seem to have conspired against me, for all i could see was she smiling, while her earrings swirled as she walked by.

Oh the kohl to her bold eyes, that i got a glimpse of, felt like a breeze that oh seemed to have calmed this heart of mine.

Oh how i wanted to walk up to her, so as to tell her as to how pretty is she looking; and as to how exquisite is her smile. Oh how much, my eyes awaited her in them, yet all they could was dream, for i couldn’t gather the courage. And oh when i did, I seem to have lost the facet I found the most beautiful to whom i could recite a few lines, to a crowd; only to leave me hoping that maybe one day, I’ll get to tell her all of it and more.