i’ve still not held a hand that was warm enough to hold on to

nor have i ever walked around with someone oh so special

for oh I’m yet to meet the worthy one

who won’t seem to love me, just for what i am; for her selfish needs

but oh because of what she felt

for i shall caress her; she shall caress me

yet it would be all nearby

that would now know, the feeling of what does it feel like to be loved

and oh they shall smile, to themselves


  1. notthetumblrgirl · Jul 21

    This is awesome. How have you been?


    • srijan · Jul 21

      thankyou so much. and ive been well. you?


  2. goddess4ever · Jul 21

    LOVE this!!


  3. Elly.. · Jul 22



  4. sidrahwrites · Jul 22

    this is lovely. hope you’re well.


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