i dont dream

i don’t dream of castles, but of cottages; for oh all the houses i sketched as a child overlooking hills, near a stream flowing, is the most innocent memory of who I once was and oh to live there, with the ones i love and with whom I’d give birth to, is all I need

i don’t dream of being known, for what I write or for what I’m, but oh I do dream of knowing, the heart of the one i love, only to steal the voices that echoes in her mind, as I held her hand in mine, reciting all of it to her and oh how she’d speak no more but oh shall, kiss all of me

i dont dream of performing in stadiums, but oh in one of the ventricles of the cottage that oh we built together, where oh she would lay oh so sweetly with our daughter in her arms; and oh i’d feel the love of thousands, in just those two giggling

i dont dream of doing what i love for mere wood, but because of what it means to me; oh i shall be happy, if i get less and oh just happier, if i get nothing at all, for all i wanted was for them to smile and feel loved

oh i dont dream of loving in a way that i do, for loving is not an abstract character but is something, pure and true and that oh lasts an eternity

and oh a time shall soon when i wont dream at all, for all the dreams of my past, will become the life of my present

until then, with love


  1. sheetalgarg · Jul 30

    oh, how do you write so beautifullyy ???


  2. Sounds pretty close to ✨


  3. Perfect* ✨


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