for the stars, with love

oh I’ve always desired for you, my love

to be the first page, that i fill my diary with

only to pour my heart, note by note

and oh how my love, the feeling of you became music


oh my love, how I’ve always told a lie

about how love is the most beautiful; until i met you

for oh my love, without you, how shall one ever feel

the abstractness of it all

without you, how shall ever one know

the feeling of comfort

without you, oh my love, how shall they ever

could dream, of raising a family


oh how my love, i felt what you hide

beneath your sleeves; reminisces of the pain; lies engraved

yet oh my dear, i held your hand, looked into your eyes

and oh i knew, as to where really, all the scars to you really reside



oh how i wish, my love

everytime I’d see blood dripping

it was my hand on yours

only to suffer for you, for oh my love

the only thing I’d like there to be find

was the henna, that I’d learn, so as to paint

just before marrying all colors to you



oh my love, how i couldn’t help but imagine

living your dream entwined with mine

of having a daughter, and oh how lucky would i be

for oh she’d be oh so pretty, with eyes just as captivating

such as her mom’s

with an innocence to all of her, that i first felt

when she was still kicking within, whilst the innocence beating

as i held myself close to her, listening

to the ones that oh I love the most.



oh my love, i imagine you

giggling with our daughter, with a pink hijab on each of you

and oh how adorable were both of you looking

while I lay scribbling at a distance

and oh my love, what I started writing as a diary

now became a novel

and it read oh so beautiful, for it had you in and all that we gave birth to in it


i wrote this a lil something for someone. an old friend. her name means, for the stars.

i don’t know how it came out to be, but I spoke and wrote what i felt. she has been through a lot. she’s a lovely lady. she always has been the innocent one. she speaks her heart out and is a very romantic lady. she is also very emotional. i still remember the last time I talked to her. it was about an year ago. she’s very sweet. i wish her an eternity of happiness. 🍀


love; my only religion

i was born a hindu,

who oh fell in love with the one oh so kind and secretly beautiful;

only to marry her, as she smiled at me looking oh so exquisite while wearing a hijab

only to then, hear our kids singing carols in the church

and oh how beautiful was it all?

for i had my love, in my embrace

and daughter’s as adorable as their mom

oh i found her, and oh all of it was but my destiny

for she was all i ever needed