love; my only religion

i was born a hindu,

who oh fell in love with the one oh so kind and secretly beautiful;

only to marry her, as she smiled at me looking oh so exquisite while wearing a hijab

only to then, hear our kids singing carols in the church

and oh how beautiful was it all?

for i had my love, in my embrace

and daughter’s as adorable as their mom

oh i found her, and oh all of it was but my destiny

for she was all i ever needed



  1. Navya · 18 Days Ago

    This inclusiveness gives me hope of a better world… Beautiful!❤


  2. Mihail Toma · 18 Days Ago

    When you were born were you not, simply: human?


  3. vishalbheeroo · 18 Days Ago

    Love has no color and what makes it a truly beautiful feeling. Profound!


    • srijan · 18 Days Ago

      love is colorless yet it is what paints us, only to leave us smiling. that is what is love. thankyou so much.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. luisa zambrotta · 18 Days Ago

    Beautiful poem!


  5. Annu Muun · 18 Days Ago

    Love is my religion🌞🌚✨


  6. Kalyan Parimi · 18 Days Ago

    A beautiful way to portray something complex. Keep up the amazing work.


  7. sheetalgarg · 17 Days Ago

    Amazed by your words as always !! It gives hope !! 🌼


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