i painted the paper with you, and oh it seemed to live forever

oh how my love, my heart pauses at the mere thought of you, for it dreams to feel the echoes of your beating, within it as you’d lay oh so warmly on me, while oh my love, i’d feel oh so safe, but oh it will all be, just because of you. 

i seem to have become familiar, with the way you smile.

all that is to you, is now threaded to the veins, in all of me, for oh my love, every time you tried to kill yourself, it was i who bled. 

the dreamy one

oh my love, i seem to dream these days, of dreaming along with you. to share a dream with you, that oh we can call ours, is all i want, for oh how beautiful would it be, as oh we would lay under the sky, scribbling our hearts to each other, like oh my love, we never have.

oh how i adore the lady, that oh my love, you’ve become, even after going through so much, for oh i still see your eyes speaking of hope. oh i know, my love that you’re working tirelessly, to return from the dim and oh my love, i wish, my mere words, can help lighten up world you live in, until forever.

oh how i wish for you to have a day, just to yourself, where oh sidrah, you shall sleep until late, only to wake up in a soft bed, while trying to open your eyes. oh how then, you my love, would tie your hair in a bun, only to feel the breeze, on the 44th floor, while you enjoy a cup of coffee, while smiling to the scenery, that oh my love, lay ahead of you. oh how then my love, i shall surprise you from behind, only to hold you by your waist and kiss on your cheek, as i rest my head on your shoulder, only to feel your hand on my cheeks. oh how my love, we’d embrace for a lil too long, only to then have you picked up and cuddle with you, on our bed until oh my love, evening knocks in, to find us in each other’s arms. oh how i served you a late lunch, only to my love, prepare a bath for you. oh how i helped you lay, in the bathtub that oh my love, was all flowery, with petals all around. oh how my love, the candles all around it, lit up the only flower, that oh my love, i find beautiful, only to leave you to yourself, as you closed your eyes, while listening to the music, you love.

oh my love, how i wish, you wouldn’t suffer no more, for i’m tired to witness, the most naive always getting hurt. oh i wish, there were more of those, who love innocently, care selflessly and stay’s forever.

but oh my love, do not lose hope, for like i always say; it’ll be better, love.

smile, my love. for your smile reminds of my mother. and oh so do you.
naive. selfless. constant. only to tell me, that oh my love, you’ll be a mother, every kid would want to have and a wife, everyone would dream of.

my words, her smile;her words, my smile

and that is why, my love. because of you who you’re and what you will become, i wish for your smile, to be a part of me. for you’re beautiful, just the way, you’re.

and oh sidrah, how your smile engraved, adorned the very few first words, i ever wrote, for oh my love, it seems as if you’re the lyric to my music. today for these few, tomorrow for all of it.

with love


  1. quicky tweaky · Sep 5


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  2. weedjee · Sep 5

    A thing is sure, you could be a poet about feelings… enjoy 👍👍👍🎸🎸🎸

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  3. luisa zambrotta · Sep 5

    So nice…

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  4. alexraphael · Sep 5

    Just gorgeous

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