oh my love, i ask for you to reside in my eyes
for oh how long it has been, since i’ve wore the sight of you, lying in arms

oh my love, ‘you were all that i ever needed’
would be my love, the first few words, of the book i wrote for you
while falling in love with you

oh how my love, i’ve felt you cry enough
now let me, my love
wipe the tears of the past
and kiss the one’s of present
while oh my love, you’d read the letters
where in, i wrote my heart to you
only to have them, make a home for themselves
close to you, in a small shoebox; hidden

oh my love, let the sunshine to you
that oh dresses as the constellations
be known to all, after all my love
it is but you, that gives her light
to the mornings
for oh the sun is but the moon; you are but the sun.

shining oh so bright, for she’s the only light to my darkness. for even in pain, i write the love i’ve for her, and oh i smile, at the thought of loving all of her

oh my love, i ask you to come home
for it has been long enough
and oh i don’t think, i’ll be able to have one
without you beside me

oh i promise to love
for it is my heart, that oh my love, lies in you
and that’s when i knew
i’m here

“home is where the heart is”

with love



  1. adiscardedplant · 16 Days Ago

    Beautiful!! 🙂


  2. myunsaidthoughts · 16 Days Ago

    beautifully written


  3. Awh I love how you wrote this and connected your piece to the pictures! Is this a special someone, may I ask?😇


    • srijan · 15 Days Ago

      thankyou so much! and well, she’s a lovely lady and is indeed a special one. but we are just friends. i wrote all that i did, to let her know, as to how beautiful and special she is. she deserves a lot more 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. freaksneha · 15 Days Ago

    Whoever she is, she is lucky as u have weaved a beautiful poetry. Keep writing 🙂


  5. Chandni Asnani · 11 Days Ago

    Woohoooo! This is so beautifully written! 🌼 Looks like you found the girl of your dreams huh? This is a happy surprise! 😃 She looks so adorable, haha. ❤


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