a few mins to sunset

i was just talking to someone and a lil glimpse of a precious moment came to me. it’s really a brief dream but I love the feeling of it.

now this is something I’ll definitely do with the right one beside me. and it’d be lovely.

winters are the season of romance. i love these few months. they are really the perfect theme for oh so many cozy moments. and all of them feel equally beautiful. one of them, is as follows.

oh how i can imagine as i met her a few mins to sunset at the terrace of my building. oh how i had her sit on my lap, above the water tank, in a lil place where no one ever came from where oh how beautiful did it feel, to gaze upon the saffron sky, while feeling her smile, oh so closely.

oh how beautiful was her gaze? and oh her smile? oh how we saw the clouds, a few trees, a few small houses yet all I seem to remember seeing that day was her. her innocent eyes; how they made me kiss her cheek, as she blushed and called out my name only to lay on my chest while stretching her legs and peeking above only to ask me, as to why did i want to meet her a few mins before the sunset? oh i remember smiling, only to have my hand hold her by her waist and whispered as i held her tight.

oh my love, i couldn’t be there, when the sun rose, so as to hold you close and keep you warm.

so oh my love, i made sure, i was there, just with you, so as to feel my lips caressing yours, as you’d be in my arms, whilst the sun was setting, for oh my love, it may get dark but oh we’d never realize it for oh how my love, we were lost in a world of our own. oh my love, i felt your tongue, tasting mine in glimpses and oh how the passion between our’s grew, only to my love, have you kiss harder and oh even in the coldness of it all, i only reminisce feeling your warmth, in my mouth and oh the way, you grabbed on to my hair and pushed me in you.

oh how since then, my love, my lips were fragrant with the smile of you and oh how they my love, never got dry, for they always had you by their side making them wet.

oh how my love, as we opened our eyes to lights so many; some lighting the streets, some lighting the houses. some lighting the roads, and just one, lighting the sky.

oh how my love, i still had you in my arms, only to feel the weather getting colder while oh my love you rested your head on my chest. oh how I had you sat up, only to ask you to raise your hands, while closing your eyes.

oh how you wondered why as I removed the hair from your neck only to kiss there once after which oh my love, i slowly took off my sweatshirt and had you wear it.

and oh how adorable did you look my love, in an oversized sweatshirt. oh how you smiled at me, only to give me a kiss while smiling oh so bright and oh my love, i loved it all.

and so this is a lil glimpse of that evening. now there is so much more i could have added to it, but I’ll save it for someday. don’t just be there for your people only when all is well, but also when it gets tough.

love is beautiful. may you all find a love that is honest and true.

with love