loved it ago; loved it since

i’ve always said, as to how beautiful it is to wake up to someone you love, laying beside you, while you both are wrapped, under a blanket that oh have seen it all. be it the love that the two of you share. or the day you shared all the fears you had to you.

it is a beautiful feeling. to actually have someone next to you who loves you even in the early mornings or at late nights. the couples who are married or the ones who live in, are rather lucky for they get to spend so much time with their loved ones. they get to come home to someone that gives them comfort and makes them smile. no matter how long of a day you’ve had, you’d still want to spend time with them. keep them close in your embrace, for a time so long. have their lips color yours and oh how beautiful would it be?

i’ve not heard many morning voices, but oh i did hear a very lovely one recently and oh i realized i wasnt wrong to think that it is indeed beautiful a beautiful feeling. to be waking up not alone. but oh to a voice that oh sounds so sweet. a hand so warm in that of yours. a kiss so innocent and oh a love so pure.

oh how as you’d hear her voice, you would just be oh so full of love, no matter if it has been just an hour, since oh you were making love to her.

oh how you’d pull her close, caress her hair and kiss once only to have her lay on top of you while oh you talk to her and tell you all that you feel towards her. oh how I would let her know, each day the parts of her i found her so beautiful, how much I seem to love her and oh that I’m the luckiest of them all.

oh how love is all you need. believe me when i say it and oh witness it when you live it.

that is all I really wanted to say

with love


  1. Roshni Manghani · Sep 9



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