i look for forests, in the sky
for that’s how my love seems to be; to the nearby
but oh how i wish, i could let them know
and oh this is really the way i love
this is really the way i feel
this is really the way i’m

i do not know why, i do not know how
but what i write today is; but how i want to live tomorrow

the way my words love, will begin new everyday
but oh the way i feel for her, will always be the same

for this is the only way, i really know how to love
starved expectations; whilst dreaming to always make her smile

with love


something came to me. a dream of loving someone in a way, she would never expect. how i wish, i could live it, but oh i have to be patient, for i still don’t see the one beside me

also, sometimes things might not work, even if you would have loved deeply. would have told her, as to what you’ve really felt. but maybe she didn’t just feel the same. maybe she found someone better. maybe she’s happy and that is all that matters. it might hurt, but bear and regret nothing for atleast you loved with all of you.