i’ve immersed myself in the art, i seek to create. oh it really does feel beautiful
for as each day passes, i realize, how this is where i really belong

to be able to love, and be loved; in ways that seems oh so dreamy
is the truth, one is still unknown too

oh name me a love, that doesn’t have it’s seasons

to cross the synthetic oceans and the barriers of the wilderness;
is oh a beautiful feeling

for oh the dark night’s of our past, that felt sour

will become, the sweet nectar; of the mornings, that are still to come

on meeting, someone simple and true

with whom oh you’d live a dream

and oh all of it would be, exquisite.

what is coal today, will become diamonds tomorrow
if you keep the fire to your hope, ablaze
and oh just love

love is the essence of my dream.
it may seem, as if she and i were, apart. but oh she still was always a part my art, in all the forms, she taught me. oh the pain, that i feel, might pierce through my body; stabbed. but oh it shall never stop me from loving. or to believe that there isn’t a form of love, i write about. oh it is there.
i’ve lived it in pieces, and oh there will come a day, when i’d live it whole.

oh i do not lose myself to nostalgia; for the one’s i lost
but just for the memories spent, with them
around them.

oh they are all precious to me. and oh i meant, all of it
in the most truest way

oh i smile at these memories
to myself
and walk the same path, i’ve always

oh how i’m gambling my, life and future, to what i believe in. for it all is but me. a part, i read out to no one; keeping it to myself

oh it is but worth it, for all i want is to live a life, filled with such passion. to have some one, lying in your arms; warmth.
when it always have been, cold for you. since you were young. just the eyes to you, amidst this coldness.

oh how beautiful, does it feel; to have a hand, to hold on to. oh all empty; fitted perfectly

oh it’s the sweetest, when she’s shy. and oh just so lovely, when she giggles.

oh how her innocent eyes, her kind heart, her warm hand, her strong self; oh i feel it all, deeply. and fall in love; again.

oh i would cuddle, with her from the morning’s to the evening’s
oh time flies; longing for more, of each other; still

oh my love, i’d miss every way, i felt your lips, while holding you, oh so close. oh my love, how i would miss, even the silences, within the time, i spent with you. oh i’d miss teasing you, in every way and oh my love, how really beautiful was it all?

oh how exquisite, is the feeling as i’d feel her naked body, on mine. oh the warm mornings, as i would make love to her. oh how i would let my hands explore her body, as if knitting the threads, to a sketch of passion, that oh the i share just with her. oh how beautiful, does it feel? to taste deep within her, as she moans. circling inside, with fingers. oh i’m inside, she smiles; shyly.

news. nine months.

oh she gives birth to our child. oh as i held them both, i smiled.

oh to have a family, in a small house. some where, quiet and calm.

oh for all of this, i’ll gamble my life or die trying. but oh i won’t live a life, devoid of love

with love