an unworthy son

i’m but an unworhty son, ma and baba
please forgive me, for all the pain, i’m causing you
for i am not able to follow the path, one is used to take

i’m sorry, ma and baba
but oh i can’t just let my dreams and desires get snatched away
no matter how far they still seem to be
for please believe me, when i say it
as to how much i really believe in this
and want this, only

oh i’m sorry, ma and baba
for i know, as to how all of this is selfish of me
when you two have spent all that is to you
for the sake of all that i’ve today

oh ma and baba, i’m sorry
i couldn’t be like my sister
and just caused you trouble; pain

a torment, you’ll always keep to yourself

oh i’m sorry, ma and baba
for i’m choosing to depart
for the greater good, for both of us
only to make both of you, proud one day
while living the way, i always wanted to
doing what i love
for me and for all

oh ma and baba, i’m sorry
for having a home; but still being homeless to you
disregarding all that i was blessed

but please believe me when i say
that oh i’ll make it, one day

a day that will be joyous
no matter how many tears
i’d have to shed

oh i’ll embrace my pain and struggle
until i make it

oh ma and baba, please if you can
forgive me

oh ma and baba, please
please forgive me
for i’m but an unworthy son
deserving not the two of you

wishing that you be blessed with the best
in the future