the one who caught my eye

i was at the botanical station, while oh sea’s of metro’s passed by, as i sat there, strumming in a world of my own, knowing nothing, other than what i feel, scribbling music on a piece of paper, that sounded pleasing to me.
oh i’m not really the one, to be intrigued, by all that i may glance upon; but oh at times, i seem to can’t help, but glance more than just a while, on a few rare’s one’s i see. oh how, to my eyes, they seem beautiful in ways, that seem so simple, but oh that is really just what i need, beside me.

and oh as i sat there, with the guitar on my lap; i saw a girl, walking towards. oh there was something about her, that oh just felt different to me. oh how really beautiful, was the sight to her, as she walked to the women’s section, with a bag in her hand. i couldn’t help, but glance longer, as she sat, far away.
oh how i saw her hair tied, in a way, i’ve always dreamt to try, on the lady, i’d marry.
oh how her eyes, made me wish to myself, that oh i could, see her everyday; and not limit this visit, to her eyes; just for today.
oh it was 2 mins to the arrival, of the next metro; and oh that is when i decided to go and talk to her.
it came already; i broke the protocol, stepping in the women’s, only to find her going in
oh the doors closed; thought it’ll now but fade away

but oh i still; hope

i asked a lady, looking at me, to call her; oh she looked at me, with those dreamy eyes; as fast as i could, through the glass

oh i didn’t know, if she would or not, but oh i didnt want to regret not trying

the next 3 mins, felt longer.

oh i got off the metro, in the next; looking for her
she was there.
oh she walked towards me, while i walked towards her; nervous

oh i told her everything; every bit of all that i felt. she smiled; blushed

looked straight into my eyes, while we walked together, talking on the platform
again, they passed by; giggling

oh i didn’t regret, trying

for that was what enveloped me, with her

and that was all, i really needed; close, forever.

with love