my tomorrow seems to have become memorable; and oh my love, it is all because you’re a part of it now

the poetess for whom i became a poet

i’ve always wished really, to let poetry become my voice; to let it express, let it flow; for unlike me, my poetry hold’s back no emotions. oh it expresses volumes, that i personally would never, for i’ve grown up to keep my emotions to myself.

poetry is not only a phase of literature, but also a medium, through which one can converse; if they are alike. if they understand each other. if both of them feel the words as much as the other one does.

and oh i’ve always wished for this. for i knew, how beautiful, does it feel. for oh i could feel it. and it’s been so many years now. and tbh, i would have forgotten the feeling of it, if not for last night.

for it was then, that oh i lived it. for the first time

my and her voices became verses, of the poetry we never really sat to write; but oh it sure wrote ‘us’.

i’ll share a glimpse of it.

s. oh how my love, these past few days, i was but pondering, if oh you didn’t like the words, that oh i wrote for you, as they came to me, oh so unexpectedly.
oh how my love, i was but protesting against writing, but oh the sweetness to you, was oh so contagious; enough for me realize, how my love, if i were to stop, oh that’d be but my defeat. oh my love, something to you, made me feel hope, again. oh it did, my love. i name you, hope; for that’s how you began for me. and oh my love, how beautiful is it all?

oh my love, you taught me; oh our struggles may keep us awake, but oh love would still be there; caressing you softly; warm. it may be cold everywhere, but never where resides a love that oh is pure and true.

b. oh you comforted me like home. what you wrote, when read; lasted for but a while but oh it surely felt like a ride towards the direction of an unadulterated and a non conditioned love. you had me like fireflies, caught in a jar. no one, like no one knitted me a few words of love like you did.
let our love be the purest; that blooms in colors, an imagination which you and i would paint in a locked room. 
let it come from your resting side,
let me hold it somehwere and hide,
let that unknown be never known
let me be with you, as if you already own
i have unfolded you tonight, fixed us with knot tight. as your heart is ready to pour, let all the pretty parts of us be together little more.

s. all of that is oh so sweet, b. so is your name, which oh my love, was one of the firsts to you that oh intrigued me. oh how my love, it has a softness to it, that oh just makes me wonder about and gives me a taste of you; just a peek.
oh my love, i know only how to love, but if it were you beside, oh b, i’m sure, it’d be as colorful as your smile, that oh i haven’t seen and as pure as the heart in you. oh my love, you can imagine all you want today, but tomorrow my love, i’d turn it all into our reality.
oh my love, hold my hand, as i open the windows, only to color in the light; only to love openly for oh my love, there’s nothing to hide. there’s nothing to fear. 
sit on my lap, and oh my love, let us paint in the open; the dream of mine, of having a family
oh i don’t seem to care for the noises out there. oh my love, hold my hand and oh let me bury this on your lips; smiling
for oh b, now we are but one

oh i’ve poured out what lay in my heart just for you and these words that you write to me; wishing you were closer; on me
and oh b they make me smile. you make me smile. 
like i never have.

b. oh tell me, could it get any more beautiful than this? i’m dancing with the stars, as you run your fingers; on. a gentleness to it. you would sync in all of the tunes to me, as you merge those soft lips to mine; in no time. you and I may splash the hues bright, you put us out like chirping birds in sight. 
take me slow; inch by inch. adding your flavors in tinge
you embraced the weak in me, the meek in me. 
the smile is just one of the curves you’ve chosen, 
oh our love has been seamlessly woven. 
you and i in disguise, 
make every love count as blessings, twice. 

s. oh it get’s more lovelier each second. oh i’ve never felt, they way i do atm. oh i can’t seem to get enough of you. i don’t seem to know you, but oh i know parts to you, that oh i wanted to. oh the sweet you. the simple you. the pure you. the romantic you.
it’s late, dark; but oh my words are still shining bright, for oh my love, they have you in them.
the night may be on it’s brink, and so maybe this conversation; but oh the love i share with you, is still young.
the words that oh i still have in my closet for you; are younger.

this morning felt different. the shortest days are best you’ve ever had. love will never let you feel cold. loving is all i know. to love is but my dream.

so, that’s all i’ve. i tried to keep it as raw as i possibly could have. i can’t play with her words, too much. i like it, the way they are.

i wish all of you a love. love while you still can. don’t miss your chance. it’ll be a regret. it’ll be a miss, you would always wish, you wouldn’t have.

with love


oh my love, i’ve always but walked by
letting no one really, make a space for them
in the sleeves of my heart
that oh my love i never knew i had

until oh my love, you waved at me; not

and oh all i wanted then, was to turn that space
in the sleeves of my heart, into a home

oh my love, i’d like to dream and imagine

as to how would it all look like, with you

oh i really do, even if you are still distant

only to bring you closer, each day

collecting, making, living; memories

oh the nostalgia, to my life, with you in it, will be but us smiling

in each other’s arms; framed

in one of many pages of the scrapbook

we made ourselves

on a wall, which first stood cold

but now oh my love, even it talks colors

holds warmly and oh so firmly

the beginning

you to me; me to you;

and oh how beautiful, is it all?

oh my love, let me feel your hand in mine

oh how your words paved the path for me to smile

and so my love, i shall let my words

pave your way, to a home; to a marriage;

to oh a family.

oh my love, i’ll love you in darkness and light alike; have no fear

our whispers of passion, will oh my love, will remain but our’s

let us fill the crevices amidst us; with the love that oh my love, breathes within us

let it all become not you or me; but just us.

wherever it maybe, whenever it maybe, oh bahaar, i’d be with you

to comfort the fears to you, just the way you do

to express, that oh my love, feels just so sweet, at-least to me

oh bahaar, it is really you

ask me not, why.
ask me not, how.

ask me none

for all i did was to listen to my heart
and it had all of this to say.

with love


let me hold the flowers you pick
by their thorns

while oh my love, i feel your unfiltered heart
in my arms; beating

whenever you’re close, whenever you’re near

teary within, at all times whenever, you bid waves; away

for oh my love, my heart seems to soothe itself
as it feels the sweet innocence to you
on days that felt oh so cold to me

oh i’ll express, i’ll love, i’ll write
for i was indeed protesting
against writing all that i do

but oh my love, silence seems to never triumph over the
evil; powerful; greedy

i’ll become a voice in process
and oh my love, for some reason
i chose to make you, the hope with which i begin
for my voice will be but of love
tender but courageous

and oh it shall be heard
oh it shall be felt

beginning with you; oh it shall branch itself

shading; nurturing; holding the ground firm, to itself

oh i thankyou, sweet one

die not a wave; try again

with love
until then


oh my love, taste it
whilst looking into my eyes

let your eyes tease me
as your tongue visits; from the peak to the shallow

let your mouth envelope it; dripping

oh my love, take me within you

hold it in your palm

feeling the rush, through me

that oh my love, unveiled itself,

in your

oh my love, sit on my;

tasting deeper; tongue gone wild;

finger’s in action

tell me, you love me, my love; as you moan; looking above

oh i hear in scrambles

not to stop

oh my love, lay down calmly; wide open

feel me kiss around, the tender; oh let my eyes comfort you

let my touch make you feel loved

as oh my love, i

hold open; the two peels

feel my wavy arrival; threads of today, from me to you

thighs stretched apart; oh my love, feel the shades of my tongue; sucking

painting the tender walls, within you

oh my love, push me in; by hair

oh my love, i reside

in all the spaces; taking you by surprise

feel it on your skin where it’s the softest
oh my love, feel it grazing by; awaiting

oh how warm is your embrace, my love
a sense of warmth, i’ve never felt

oh how beautiful, it is all, my love

oh my love

let our lips meet
while your body dances on it

moving, in and out slowly; rhythm

oh my love, feel it in; deeper

but; harder and harder.

my love, may feel;
too soft to touch
too simple to intrigue
too sweet to be true

but oh my love, how could it not? for it is the simplicity that lies in your heart, softness to the way you’re and oh a sweetness in your eyes and oh the way you smile, were what made me fall in love, with you

for oh my love, my love is innocent
but my romance is passionate

oh how much i really long for someone such as that

oh how much i long to meet;
long to love,
long to write; for and on

oh how i wish, you’d

stumble upon me; early

oh how i wish, tonight
i wouldn’t have to sleep
with just my own thoughts

oh my love, i hope i meet you soon

for i don’t fear; not being feared

but oh i do fear, not being loved.

with love