writing all that lies in my heart

i stumbled upon this poem, this girl wrote on syria. it was written beautifully and a few seemingly simple lines, expressed a form of pain which was a lot deeper than it all looked like.
the link to it, is below. read, if you may; https://hafweb.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/the-syrian-child/ .

it really did hurt.
i’ve read quite a lot on what’s happening in syria. but if i were to be honest, syria is really just one of them.
india, libya, uganda, iraq, italy, spain, mexico, venezuela, pakistan, afghanistan, saudi arabia and oh so many more.

oh there’s no end to grief in today’s world.

the reason i began writing, in the first place was because i had no one to talk to or anyone to share my pain with.
and so well, that just made sure, that i never ever let anyone see me cry. and i would abide by the same, even when i was with my family

but this changed, when i came here

this lil space is where i let my emotions go free. i cry my heart out, whenever i’m on the brink. i still keep the details with me, but atleast i’m sharing some of it

i cry all that lies to me, as and when something, that i saw or heard, breaks the thin line to my innocence and sensitivity.

oh every part of me aches. for all those, i didn’t even know. i never even met. never talked to. oh i feel for all of them, for they all feel like my own

the lady who lost her unborn child; the girl who lost her mom; the one who lost her dad; the lady who was cheated on; the innocent guy, whose innocence was snatched away, disowned by his own family, abused; those without a home; those who are alone, while giving birth; alone on their birthday; those married young, raped; those who lay in cold; those who couldn’t study further; those who saw their mom get hit; those who were betrayed be one of their own and oh so on.

i’ve known many stories and oh i’ve felt for all of them. wishing that i could have been there, for them when they were alone. wishing they’d believe in love and that the good does exist. wishing i could make them smile, everyday. doing thing’s small, but that matter. wishing i could make a home, with whom i just met, only to live as a family. oh i wouldn’t mind, having more family than i already have; the more the better, always

and just maybe one day, i’ll. inshallaah.

pain feeds pain.

it began with one. then it became a few. a few turned into a city. then an entire nation.
and oh i don’t wish to wait silently, to let the same to happen to this world, and cry. but do something and oh i’ll. i’ll bring a change and help all who lost something to them; rebuild.

oh i’ll stop for no one.
even in my death, oh i’ll make sure, i leave a few behind to do the same. the few will turn into a city. then into a nation. and then, the whole world.

my dreams are not mine alone. they will be passed on, until there’s peace, across all.

i made sure to keep something to me, anonymous; always. on this blog.

one may read me, know things, but they will never knew, even if i pass by them.

for i wish to do all that i said, but i don’t want to be known by it. i’m as ordinary as one can be, with a few simple dreams, to him.

as much as i wish, that i could write, love. oh i just can’t. for i promised myself to not, until i fulfill the time, of a cause, that will be a big step to me doing something for all and not just watch in silence.

if there’s a thing as god, oh i ask him not to give me all that i ask for, but just the means to do the same.

let there be peace. let there be love. let there be a tomorrow, where everyone is smiling and have some place, they can call home.

with love

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  1. Muntazir · 16 Days Ago

    Thank you for sharing this. Jazakallah Khair

    Liked by 1 person

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