oh my love, i’ve always but walked by
letting no one really, make a space for them
in the sleeves of my heart
that oh my love i never knew i had

until oh my love, you waved at me; not

and oh all i wanted then, was to turn that space
in the sleeves of my heart, into a home

oh my love, i’d like to dream and imagine

as to how would it all look like, with you

oh i really do, even if you are still distant

only to bring you closer, each day

collecting, making, living; memories

oh the nostalgia, to my life, with you in it, will be but us smiling

in each other’s arms; framed

in one of many pages of the scrapbook

we made ourselves

on a wall, which first stood cold

but now oh my love, even it talks colors

holds warmly and oh so firmly

the beginning

you to me; me to you;

and oh how beautiful, is it all?

oh my love, let me feel your hand in mine

oh how your words paved the path for me to smile

and so my love, i shall let my words

pave your way, to a home; to a marriage;

to oh a family.

oh my love, i’ll love you in darkness and light alike; have no fear

our whispers of passion, will oh my love, will remain but our’s

let us fill the crevices amidst us; with the love that oh my love, breathes within us

let it all become not you or me; but just us.

wherever it maybe, whenever it maybe, oh bahaar, i’d be with you

to comfort the fears to you, just the way you do

to express, that oh my love, feels just so sweet, at-least to me

oh bahaar, it is really you

ask me not, why.
ask me not, how.

ask me none

for all i did was to listen to my heart
and it had all of this to say.

with love


  1. sheetalgarg · Jan 8

    What a lovely poem it is. 💟


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