somewhere beautiful

oh my love, i did feel the weight, that oh you seem to carry
as i read, in between the lines; to you

oh there’s not a page to you, that oh my love
i would want to rewrite

let me carry you in my arms, as we walk together
in this journey oh so fresh

oh my love, feel as i share the shadow behind you

oh feel, my love; as oh my tips, traces your skin

feel my love, seep within you

let me, my love dissolve myself with you

oh let the love in me, heal all that, pains in you

oh no history to you, can make me feel otherwise

or stop me, my love

to write for you

for oh i’ve felt you; i’ve read you

and oh i seem to love, every bit of it

broken; crooked; shattered

oh i’ll continue

for i’ve hope, it’ll lead to somewhere beautiful