let me love you, my love

i’m scarred, sri. oh i lack the colors.
the pages to me are torn and the magic in me,

oh my love

i’d feel what i feel, even if you my love were colorless there

torn; but i still can read the innocence to you

for oh my love,

if i’m a magician, then oh you my love, is the only spell i know that is whole

if i’m a lover, then it is you and you only

whom i love


  1. Sandra Morgan · 28 Days Ago

    I love love

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  2. Rajaneesh/insidemyheart · 27 Days Ago

    Beautiful lines. Loved it.

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  3. ssr98 · 27 Days Ago

    Beautifully written

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  4. Vagabonder · 27 Days Ago

    wow…well written

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  5. LesleighHart · 27 Days Ago

    So honest and bared to the bone. Thank you for sharing it with us. 💜

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  6. charef · 26 Days Ago

    C’est très beau


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  8. Kritika · 15 Days Ago


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  9. Ritika Sharma · 15 Days Ago

    Amazing felt it😍

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  10. kevinkaz4 · 14 Days Ago

    This is such a gorgeous post! The feeling we get from having only one lover, uniquely for us and only us, a soul mate, is a very special feeling. I feel this in your poem. Thank you for sharing!


  11. Vincent Ehindero · 13 Days Ago

    Nice blog you have here. It’s so superb ✅


  12. juanmiguelesteban · 9 Days Ago

    me gustan tus versos, siempre son delicados, gracias por editarlos.


  13. Haley Scully · 4 Days Ago

    This is lovely and beautiful, and so many other wonderful things. I love it! 💖


  14. Jake Cosmos Aller · 4 Days Ago

    very powerful love poems good read


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